Hogwarts Legacy, the Complete Guide

Hogwarts Legacy, the Complete Guide

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a mammoth title, just like the saga from which it is inspired. Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, are just some of the many locations, full of collectibles, missions and puzzles, which you will have to face to complete the game 100%. Reaching maximum completion will therefore not be a walk in the park and will really take a long time. As happens within the game, we decided to create a guide to consult whenever you find yourself in difficulty. Indeed, not just any guide but the best complete guide of Hogwarts Legacy that you can find on the Italian network.

IMPORTANT: We remind you that this complete guide is continuously updated minute by minute!

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Hogwarts Legacy guide: 10 things to do right away

As we said at the beginning, Hogwarts Legacy is an immense title with a truly boundless number of collectibles and puzzles and which, at first, could make you feel lost. To guide you, we have prepared this list of 10 things to do immediately so that you are always ready for anything and can start exploring without problems.

Unblock Alohomora

Before getting lost in the exploration of the vast game world it is good to continue in the main missions until you unlock Alohomora. In fact, this spell serves to open the padlocks and give you access to many areas that would otherwise be closed to you. Furthermore, getting to the point where you learn Alohomora, or with the main mission "The Guardian of the crooked moon" you should also have learned all the other spells you need to take the collectibles around the game map and you will also have the broom to move faster.

Help Zenobia with her gobstones

Zenobia's side quest is one of the first subquests you'll be able to take on. Our advice is to do it now to learn about Hogwarts and its secrets. It is in fact an introductory mission to the great magical castle. If you're having trouble finding goblets, remember that we've created a guide for them.

Buy seeds, potions, plants and recipes in Hogsmeade

The town of Hogsmeade will be accessible almost immediately as you continue in the narrative principal. There will be several shops in which to buy seeds and plants, for herbology lessons and recipes and potions for the potions lesson, in fact. During the story you will also unlock side quests to learn new spells. Professors will ask you to use potions and plants before giving you access to new spells. Buying what you need in Hogsmeade will greatly speed up the process.

Always use Revelio

Revelio is the first spell you will learn in Hogwarts Legacy and also the most important. In fact, this can be activated with the left arrow and does not require recharging. You will need it to reveal doors, locks, puzzles, how-to guide pages, enemies, chests and much more in the game world. Use it without hesitation otherwise you will miss everything the game has to offer.

Empty the inventory by selling items

As for equipment, you will have 20 slots available in your inventory. A big problem, especially in the early stages of the game. Due to the large amount of equipment found everywhere, the inventory will tend to fill up often and you will no longer be able to collect objects. We therefore advise you to move to Hogsmeade and sell the ones you no longer need. In case you are unable, you can always press L3 to destroy the objects you don't need. In this second case, however, you will not get coins.

P.S. Rest assured about the skins: even if you destroy or sell the item itself, its skin will remain unlocked and you can select it whenever you want.

Learn the meaning of the symbols on the puzzle doors< /h3> In the world of Hogwarts Legacy there are puzzle doors that contain treasure chests. We have prepared a special guide as you have seen in the list above, but if you want to solve these puzzles on your own you must know that each symbol corresponds to a number. It is a scale of increasing numbers that goes from the lower left symbol to the lower right one and goes from 0 to 9. You can find this described on a piece of paper in the Arithmancy classroom.

Use talent points to buy at least a second set of spells

One of the most annoying things in Hogwarts Legacy is that you will have to change spells often and if it is not present in the set of 4 you have at the bottom left of the screen you will be forced to block the game and add it. In the main talent tree, however, you can buy up to 4 new sets of spells that will allow you to expand your moveset without having to go through the menu. Useful, isn't it?

Look for the Demiguise figurines

Alohomora is really very useful because it allows you to access the most secret places of Hogwarts, but Alohomora level III is much more. To enhance the spell you will therefore have to look for luminous statuettes of Demiguise and take the moon inside them. These are found throughout Hogwarts (usually in classrooms or professors' offices) but also in various Highland villages. We advise you to find them as soon as possible so as to have access to all areas locked by a padlock. Find our guide in the list at the beginning of the article.

Open the chests with the eye

During your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy you will find really many chests with an eye that, if they see you coming they become inaccessible. However, the protection mechanism of these chests can be circumvented thanks to the disillusionment spell to make you invisible. Approach a chest with the eye once you've made yourself invisible and you can open it. They always contain 500 coins so it's a great way to make money.

Learn about Hogwarts

Finally, knowing Hogwarts is essential to obtaining all the collectibles in the game. You will find so many strange things in the castle, but here's what you have to do to access all the puzzles prepared for you:

Use Revelio to find the Pages of the Practical Guide in front of historical places of the saga; Use Alohomora on locks; Use Lumos on the black butterfly frames to reveal their contents. Then you just need to reach the painted image and use Lumos to bring the lost butterfly back to the frame; Use Levioso on the orb statues to free up a Practice Guide Page; Use Incendio on nearby dragon braziers and Confringo on distant ones to free up pages of the Practice Guide; Use Accio to lure any item or collectible you don't get to; Mixing spells to get anywhere, for example: remember that you can get on the crates that you levitate with Levioso.

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