Laptop Bags | The best of 2023

Laptop Bags | The best of 2023

Laptop bags allow your notebook to be transported comfortably, as well as increase protection against bumps, scratches and other damages during transport. They are therefore important accessories for anyone with a laptop, especially for those who usually travel with this device.

Read also: The best cheap notebooks under 500 euros Furthermore, laptop bags help to keep the notebook organized, thanks to the presence of several compartments, useful for inserting accessories and other objects such as mice, power supplies, pens and more. In some cases, a good bag might even prevent your PC from being stolen by offering an extra layer of security. If we add to this the fact that there are elegant and functional models on the market at the same time, you understand well that buying one can only be a wise choice, regardless of whether you are a student or a worker.

Today, in fact , technology has also become important during the training of a student, as has been seen especially in recent years. When you return to school, in fact, you will have to deal with presentations, insights and notes, therefore you need the help of a notebook and, consequently, a bag in which to put it in order to be able to transport it safely. And that's where the usefulness of this article comes in, with the best solutions for carrying your laptop with maximum comfort.

Numerous elements have been taken into consideration in creating this guide, such as waterproof and shock-resistant materials , and capacity that can also contain books, as well as a series of objects, thanks to pockets and optimization of space. What we propose is therefore a collection of computer bags designed for students and workers of all ages.

The best laptop bags


HP Prelude

Among the safest and most reliable laptop bags the shoulder model made by HP stands out, to say the least perfect for school and work. Featuring a traditional design, this bag has a top opening, which leaves room for the main pocket, large enough for notebooks up to 15 inches . On the inside there are 3 other pockets, in addition to an external one, so you also have space for a smartphone, headphones, mouse and power supply. The fabric is waterproof, so your laptop will stay safe during rainy days. For about 20 euros, this HP solution is really excellent!



If you are looking for elegance in addition to capacity, this bag has exactly these characteristics. It is a model suitable for carrying around laptops up to 17 inches in total safety. In addition to the padded compartments, with space for accessories and personal effects, it is worth mentioning the handle covered in soft leather, for comfortable and long-lasting transport. The bag also includes a comfortable adjustable and removable shoulder strap, useful for those who prefer to carry it by placing the weight on the shoulder. The peculiarities of this article are completed by an external USB charging port built-in charging cable, with which to recharge your device more comfortably.


Amazon Basics< /h3> If you have a 16-inch laptop (but 17-inch laptops are also fine if they have optimized edges), the Amazon Basic branded bag will be right up your alley. Although it is larger than the previous ones, the price is even lower, since it will take less than 20 euros to buy it. Furthermore, just like the previous models, it guarantees excellent protection in all compartments, and therefore not only in the main one, as one might expect from such an affordable item. Present the shoulder strap, which you can remove if you prefer to use the handle to carry the bag and its contents. Even if you insert the largest notebooks, there is still room to store accessories, such as mice, MP3 players, phones and pens.



Se If you need a bag that supports laptops up to 17 inches and a significant amount of other items, then here's the model we suggest you buy. Although the price is not too much higher than the models mentioned so far, this bag boasts a really high number of compartments, making it suitable for those who usually carry objects and accessories of all kinds with them. As a result, it's perfect for school, travel and business, as well as for him and her. In addition to standing out for its capacity, this model will also be appreciated, as anticipated, for the presence of a luggage strap, with which to connect the bag to the suitcase for a comfortable journey.



If the computer bags listed so far are not for you, this model could attract your interest due to its high-capacity vertical shape, numerous pockets and for the inevitable impermeability. It is not the most capacious ever, but there is room for many objects and the bag remains comfortable even if you fill all the compartments. A simple but elegant product, also equipped with a connector for charging via USB.


How to choose a computer bag

Before buying a computer bag you need to take into consideration a series of factors, some of which are not at all obvious, if you want to make a targeted purchase. So let's find out what elements to pay attention to when buying.

Computer bags: how big should they be?

This is the first question we need to ask ourselves and the answer is very simple. The size of a computer bag must be such as to accommodate your laptop, i.e. the device that will take up the most space inside the bag. But be careful not to overdo it by buying a bag with a high capacity, especially if you have a 14-inch or smaller notebook, since you will take up unnecessary space, compromising comfort during transport.

The ideal is to buy a bag corresponding to the diagonal of your notebook and this is very easy to do, since in the description of each bag it is clearly stated for which types of laptops it is designed. You will almost always come across solutions suitable for laptops up to 15 inches, as they are the most popular, but it is not difficult to find models suitable for larger or smaller screens.

What materials are they made of? made computer bags?

When it comes to materials in a computer bag, it is good to separate the external ones from the internal ones, since they must have different fabrics to ensure that the bag is of quality. The inside should be padded, possibly high-density, if you want the PC to be properly protected and should be accompanied by one or more elastic bands, which are essential to keep the device stable during transport.

The protection of the computer also passes through the external fabric, but in this case priority must be given to waterproofing, an element that must not be missing if you do not want to risk damaging the computer during rainy days. Sometimes even too much humidity can be enough to damage an electronic device, which doesn't necessarily have to be a notebook, given that this type of bag is also used to store smartphones and headphones. In addition to waterproofing, it is also good to evaluate the resistance, which will come in handy in the event of knocks.

Often underestimated, zips and buttons can add value to the bag, also because they are almost always the first components to break. which is why we suggest looking at models with metal zippers.

What are the best materials?

Computer bags come in a wide variety of materials. The most common are leather, neoprene and nylon, each with advantages and disadvantages. Leather tends to be the heaviest, but also the most resistant, as well as the one that boasts the best waterproofing. Neoprene also has good waterproofing and has the benefit of extra cushioning, while still retaining the shape of the bag. Nylon tends to be less reliable when it comes to rain, but it has the advantage of being very light, strong and easy to clean. When evaluating the material of a computer bag, also consider the stitching, which adds to the overall strength of the bag. All of these features are almost always found in the product description, so it should be easy to judge the quality of the product you are analyzing.

Computer bags: the importance of ergonomics

Also if you buy a bag suitable for the size of your laptop, with enough space for accessories, ergonomics could suffer, since we are still talking about devices that, together, can weigh more than 2 or 3 kg. And that's why other factors should also be considered, aimed at making transport less tiring. Among the accessories that can help you in this regard, the shoulder strap is undoubtedly the most relevant component, as it allows you to adapt the bag to your height. To be efficient, however, the shoulder strap should be padded, so that the weight can be better discharged on the shoulder, without creating redness. Furthermore, the presence of the shoulder strap could facilitate access to the compartments and pockets.

Computer bags: practicality

In addition to having the right dimensions and materials, a computer bag it should also be practical to use, given that it is an article that accompanies us for most of the day. Special attention therefore goes to the pockets, which must be numerous, but also spacious and with a good level of protection. In this regard, the best are the RFID ones, i.e. those designed to protect your contactless cards from the bad guys, who could use the technology in their favor. However, it must be said that RFID pockets are usually integrated mostly in travel backpacks, therefore it may be necessary to evaluate the latter if safety is the priority for you. These pockets have a kind of metal chip, which acts as a protection against any external electric fields, thus preventing data theft. What makes a computer bag more practical is the trolley loop, a band that will allow you to completely free yourself from the weight of the shoulder strap, which is very useful in airports and stations.

Computer bags can be washed ?

The answer to this question can only be found on the product label, where the washing instructions will be given, where foreseen by the manufacturer. However, it is advisable not to wash these bags in the washing machine or, possibly, to do it with very low temperatures. In doing so, you also need to consider the possibility of zips and zippers becoming damaged.

Is the brand important?

For accessories of this type, the brand does not play a decisive role. Indeed, you will almost certainly end up buying a computer bag of an unknown brand, since it is precisely the emerging manufacturers that are most appreciated in this sector, offering quality products at competitive prices. The best-known brands in the sector, such as Acer and HP, could offer better guarantees or assistance services, but here we are not talking about notebooks and PCs, but about carrying bags, which obviously do not require special guarantees. In short, the brand can only be important if you want the bag to be made by the same manufacturer as your notebook.

Can the shoulder strap be transformed into a backpack?

Some computer bags allow you to slide the shoulder strap through a dedicated loop, literally transforming the bag into a backpack. It is a very rare feature to find, therefore if you have this need we advise you to do extensive research on it. The advantage clearly concerns practicality, allowing you not to unload the weight on just one shoulder for long hours.

How much do you have to spend on a computer bag?

The price of a computer bag It really depends on the material the bag is made from. There are also models on the market for more than 100 euros, with a massive use of high quality leather. Obviously it is not essential to spend these figures, since a bag of around 20-30 euros already offers everything you need to protect your notebook and possibly the various accessories. In some cases the price is also influenced by the design of the bag and here the same argument made earlier applies, i.e. if you are looking for an article that aims only to satisfy the main needs (protecting the contents from bumps and rain), there is no need to exceed certain figures.

Can computer bags be taken on a plane?

Computer bags can be taken on a plane as hand luggage, but the dimensions and weight must comply with the restrictions established by the company airline, which may vary depending on the airline. Usually it is not allowed to exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm, with a maximum weight of 10 kg but, as mentioned, each company may apply its own restrictions. It is therefore advisable to check the regulations of your airline on their website or ask their customer service directly. Don't expect favoritism in this regard, as airlines tend to be very strict on the size and weight of hand luggage, as this helps ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers. It is also important to consider the contents of the computer bag, which should be limited to electronic devices, such as notebooks, tablets and cameras.

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