Travel suitcases | The best of 2022

Travel suitcases | The best of 2022

Having the right suitcase with you when traveling is essential. You may need a suitcase for a business trip or vacation, for a two-day or an entire season trip, or simply a reliable luggage to keep ready in case of need. Relying on a good suitcase is the basic need of every responsible traveler. However, not all models you will find around are the same. There are numerous options and types of suitcases on the market, designed to meet different needs and requirements.

Choosing the right model for you can be complicated. If you are not informed enough, you risk spending money unnecessarily and turning your trip into a real nightmare. That's why we've compiled a guide to the best travel suitcases. The models we present to you have been chosen by type, size and value for money, and will allow you to complete the best possible investment.

The best suitcases

Eastpak Tranverz S Berliner Bags New York Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L MasterGear Tsa American Tourister Bon Air Spinner L

Eastpak Tranverz S | Best in fabric

The Eastpak brand excels in manufacturing super-tough school bags and backpacks. However, when it comes to suitcases it is no different. The Eastpak Tranverz S replicates the famous nylon (60%) and polyester (40%) weaving of backpacks, but transposing it onto a large, comfortable suitcase full of interesting features. The removable handle can be adjusted to different sizes and the handles on the top and right side will allow you to handle the suitcase in the way you prefer. The double internal compartment features compression straps that will keep the load always in order, while the solid system of sliding wheels will adapt well to both the smooth floor of airports and the more erratic floor of city streets.

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Berliner Bags New York | Best in leather

The Berliner Bags suitcase stands out for its elegant and retro design but does not neglect practicality and safety. In addition to being made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, it has an adjustable shoulder strap, comfortable handles, a sturdy bottom further reinforced by metal feet and two useful external pockets. This balance between style and accessibility makes it suitable for any occasion, both for short and long trips, both by car and by plane. The interior is lined in soft cotton and has a resealable pocket in which to safely store valuables or even a tablet. Those who need more space can opt for XL or XXL variants.

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Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L | Best Big

When it comes to travel suitcases, the Samsonite knows few rivals and the Base Boost Spinner L is a perfect example of this. It is a large suitcase, designed for long journeys, but far from bulky. Sturdy and light at the same time, this suitcase is the best you can look for in terms of simplicity and performance. The interior contains a zippered mesh divider, a pair of elastic straps with a Smart-Fix buckle system and a side mesh pocket, which allow you to keep even the largest loads in order. The exterior is equipped with a built-in TSA combination lock, top handle and a large front pocket. The result? A solid, strong and safe large suitcase that can be transported like a medium sized trolley.

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MasterGear Tsa | Best economic

If you are planning a trip of a few days and you absolutely need a suitcase, you cannot do without the MasterGear Tsa set. This suitcase will arrive at your home in a set including rigid hand luggage with 4 swiveling wheels and a very practical nylon backpack, all at a bargain price to say the least. The hard suitcase is approved as hand luggage for numerous airlines, has handles for easy transport and even has a combination lock. The backpack supplied has two pairs of adjustable shoulder and torso straps and, if necessary, can be quickly folded and stored in its ultra-compact bag to save space.

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American Tourister Bon Air Spinner L | Better rigid

American Tourister's range of Bon Air hard cases could be effectively summed up in three words: strength, lightness and capacity. With its outer covering made of polypropylene and the 4 wheels with 360 ° rotation, the Air Spinner L ensures a smooth and smooth transport even during the most demanding journeys. The zip closure with 3-digit combination is reinforced by the TSA function, while the textured outer surface helps protect against scratches: the maximum security you will find in circulation today. Those of you more look-conscious can also choose from seven different colors, ranging from classic black to bold hues like magma red and turquoise.

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How to choose your travel suitcase

When traveling there are many variables to consider: the reason, the way, the duration, and more. And each of these variables will greatly affect the choice of the right suitcase to take with you. Traveling by car, train or plane is not the same thing. Likewise, a small two-day trip is definitely different from a trip for a couple of weeks. Some people also prefer to have only what they need with them, while others are unable to leave home without first emptying the wardrobe. For this reason, choosing the right suitcase can be difficult.

If you do a short web search, you will be inundated with extremely different models, which can be very useful for your needs, but also completely unsuitable . That's why, before settling for the cheapest suitcase on the market or spending a fortune on a mammoth full-featured suitcase, you should ask yourself what you actually need to pack and what kind of trip you are about to embark on. Below we will give you a hand to clear your mind, explaining what are the crucial characteristics to keep in mind when buying a suitcase.


The first thing to ask yourself when you are look for a suitcase is: how big should it be? Know that there is no one-way answer to this question. Neither of you will want to walk around with a half-filled bag or an overloaded suitcase. Regardless of the reasons for your trip, the watchword of every traveler is "comfort". Consequently, the suitcase must be of the right size for your specific needs. Fortunately for you, the market offers you a lot of choice in this regard. The suitcases you will find on the market are usually available in small, medium and large sizes - but there are also extra-small or extra-large exceptions to satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Small suitcases measure approximately 40x55x20 cm and are particularly suitable for trips of a few days, during which you will not have to carry too many things with you. They are easily transported by dragging them on wheels or, if equipped with a comfortable handle, even by hand. They are the typical option for short summer trips, in which bulky clothes such as sweaters, sweatshirts and coats can remain in the closet. Alternatively, they are also useful for minimalist travelers who don't pay too much attention to wardrobe replacement.

Medium suitcases are approximately 45x64x24cm. Their standard size makes them great for longer summer vacations or a few days' winter outings. Of the three available sizes, they are undoubtedly the most balanced variant, offering an intelligent combination of load capacity and practical transport. The medium-sized suitcase models with adequate load compression can also be suitable for those traveling as a couple and do not want to carry two or more bags. in a cold location, planning a family outing or just used to carrying your entire closet wherever you go, you can't do without a large suitcase. The dimensions of 50x74x29 cm of these models certainly make them less practical to handle, but they allow you to insert almost anything. It is also a congenial choice for those who indulge in long shopping sessions during their holidays and like to stock up on souvenirs for relatives and friends.


When it comes to suitcases, size matters but that's not everything. Another and fundamental characteristic to consider when purchasing these products is in fact the type of suitcase, an umbrella term that includes the invoice of the materials, the options and, above all, the load distribution capacity. As most seasoned travelers know, packing is not just about how much stuff you put in it, but also how you arrange it.

Soft suitcases are the most traditional type of suitcase. They usually have a rectangular shape and can be made of canvas or leather. In terms of design, they are the favorite choice of vintage lovers, with all the burdens and honors that this entails: they offer few comforts (no wheels or mechanisms to facilitate transport), but are extremely useful for traveling by car or for move to all those places where it is not required to drag the suitcase on foot for long distances.

Trolleys have now become the most widespread and common type of suitcase. They are rectangular, more or less soft and highly malleable. They are characterized by the removable (and sometimes even adjustable) handle, ease of transport and the omnipresence of wheels. These are useful suitcases for almost any occasion, capable of compressing the load in order to make it lighter than its actual weight. You will also find them sold in real sets, with small, medium and large models. Given their high versatility and the wide range of prices available, trolleys are practically a category of their own.

Rigid suitcases are equipped with 2 or 4 wheels, usually have resistant handles and a very solid structure. From an aesthetic point of view, they resemble trolleys, but are less elastic: in other words, you cannot force the load excessively, unless you prefer to go around with a suitcase that risks opening at any moment. Nonetheless, they are very suitable for air travel, especially for business trips. Their compact structure will keep clothes well stowed and ironed even after the typical tossing of airports. Of all, they are the most resistant and safe variant, as well as the most suitable option for those transporting fragile or valuable items. Obviously, all this implies a significant price increase.

If you are looking for a middle ground between the soft and the rigid types, you can consider purchasing a hybrid, that is, a semi-rigid suitcase. Although you will probably have fewer models to choose from, you will be rewarded with a good compromise between practicality and resistance.

For those who focus on comfort and don't pay much attention to safety, there are bags. Composed of canvas or plastic, the bags prefer cylindrical or tapered shapes and have rounded edges that will give their contents a practical dose of elasticity. Being soft and with many pockets, they are perfect for casual and short trips, such as camping and day trips. Most of the models are in fact equipped with handles, shoulder straps and (in the more sporty variants) shoulder straps to carry them like a backpack.

Finally, there are the iconic 24 hours, the so-called travel briefcases of managers . As the name suggests, these are suitcases for extremely short journeys, carried out for study or work reasons. The 24 hours are very short and are not suitable for those who need a lot of clothing changes when traveling. The structure of these micro-suitcases is in fact designed to mainly house laptops, tablets, documents, notebooks and other technological or stationery gadgets. On the other hand, they are very comfortable to carry, have many small pockets and, thanks to the numerous protections of the internal compartment, they guarantee maximum safety of the load.


The last of the main variables to be consider when buying a suitcase is the type of material with which the luggage is lined, which will affect the price, durability and handling of the product.

The leather covering is the most elegant and refined option. Even if it scratches or peels easily on the surface, it is a very resistant material, which also gives the suitcase good stability. Its high workmanship and the equally demanding price now make it a choice for nostalgics or for those who rely on design first of all.

Fabric is the distinctive material of bags, the sporting choice par excellence. As a rule, fabric suitcases are highly waterproof, roomy and well organized. They are easy to clean and, thanks to the large number of handles present on most of their surface, they stand out as the ultimate in practicality. There are also variants of fabric suitcases that are real replicas of the models in leather or plastic. Unlike the latter, however, the suitcases covered in fabric are expandable and made up of many more external compartments: ideal for always having everything you need at hand.

At the moment, the lining plastic is the most popular on the market, and not for nothing: by sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the other two types of coating, plastic suitcases represent an unparalleled compromise between practicality, price and safety. Most of these models are equipped with adjustable handles, shockproof wheels, packing straps and padlocks. The other strong point of plastic suitcases is the possibility to choose from a practically infinite range of colors and sizes, ranging from the smallest (hand luggage) to extra-large (giant suitcases for long journeys).

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