These Older Games from Around the World Have Moved onto the Internet

Playing games seems to be a universal human activity. We have been doing it for as far back as we can tell, and people from every region of the world have developed some sort of play. This is a universal human experience, but with seemingly infinite varieties. This beautiful diversity is what makes us all human.


What has made our modern era different is that these games are quickly traveling all around the world. Thanks to the internet, what were once local idiosyncrasies are suddenly available online all over the globe. This is a really beautiful thing that we can make the most of if we know how!


Here are some of the places where global games are arriving and from where they are being exported. These cultures are quickly integrating into the global sphere and sharing their game cultures with the wider world!





Thailand is a country with a rich history of gaming. This rich tradition is quickly going global and also receiving games from around the world, making for an exciting mix of table games going on the internet.


A popular Thai game is called Len Choa. It is a tabletop strategy game between two players. This game emerged in the 19th century. In Len Choa, one tiger goes up against six leopards. The tiger seeks to immobilize three leopards, while they seek to team up to trap the tiger. It is played on a triangle.


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India is a big hitter when it comes to global gaming culture. Some of the biggest and most important games globally are of Indian origin. Now, with the internet, these games are more accessible than ever to players around the world.


Did you know chess originated in India more than twelve centuries ago? While the origins and history of chess is difficult to pinpoint. The earliest confirmed direct ascendant of modern-day chess is called chaturanga and was played during the seventh century in the subcontinent.


Today it is one of the most widely played games worldwide! In fact, chess has even played a large role in international politics during the Cold War. You can now play chess online against computers, against specific friends, or against strangers from around the world based on player level.


United States

The United States is another important center of gaming culture around the world. We can pinpoint many different origins or moments in history when table games were popular in the United States and how these have traveled around the world.


One example of games that have been able to spread even more during the internet age are those that we would now call old school games from early consoles. These games were already digital, but were still confined physically. You had to have both the console and the game in order to play it. This was quite an investment.


Now these games, such as versions of Snake and Space Invaders, are available around the world wherever you have an internet connection. This is a big expansion for games that come from the culture in the United States.



Many people think of Chess as the quintessential difficult, strategy game. It seems like geniuses face off in the ultimate battle of minds. But what they do not know is that the Japanese game called Go is even more difficult.


While the game rules are simpler, the board is much larger and the games are much longer. This means that there are thousands more possibilities for game play.


Go is finally available online. This allows any of us to login and start mastering this game. While it takes a very short amount of time to learn the basic mechanics of the game, the number of strategies for offense and defense are endless. Having it online gives us the opportunity to master it with anyone online from around the globe!

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