Discovering chess with the strongest players in the world and the QLASH Chess Team

Discovering chess with the strongest players in the world and the QLASH Chess Team

Enjoy the spectacle of a tournament, with world-famous players, learning the game together with the Italian champions. In the wake of the growing interest in chess, the QLASH team launches its first initiative to open the world's oldest strategic game to the general public.

Starting Friday, March 19 and throughout the weekend the fledgling QLASH chess team will comment on the first stop of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour on the Twitch channel.

The pandemic has blocked major live competitive tournaments. However, the world champion Magnus Carlsen did not lose heart and so he decided to launch an invitational online format to continue promoting the challenge among the greatest minds of this sport.

This circuit was born. of 10 appointments, where 16 selected players compete in each tournament (including Carlsen himself) to decide who is the strongest online chess player in the world. The final stages of the first stage of the circuit can be followed in Italian with an exceptional commentary, which will allow fans and the curious to better understand the game in all its facets.

The QLASH team, after opening entrusting the chess section to the Italian GM Roberto Mogranzini, he completed the team with other top national players, who are now also streamers, having all opened a Twitch channel to make the game more and more known.

The team QLASH is therefore formed by Tea Gueci, the youngest absolute Italian champion ever; Alessio Valsecchi, Italian online champion 2020; Danyyil Dvirnyy, Italian champion 2013 and 2015; Lorenzo Lodici, multiple Italian champion and Luca Moroni, vice-champion of the under 16 world and Italian champion in 2017.

The manager, as mentioned, is Roberto Mogranzini, among other things also bronze star of Coni sporting merit in 2018 .

“The Meltwater comment - says Roberto - is only the first initiative of the QLASH Chess Team. In the team with me there are the best, the Italian champions of recent years and with them we will discover the world of chess! We are working hard to provide the best chess content within the esports world. I am very excited for this first adventure, the first of a long (endless) series! ".

The appointment is therefore on the Twitch channel for 19, 20 and 21 March, starting at 5pm.

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