To win at the Australian online casino

To win at the Australian online casino, - avoid these games

The era of Internet came, and so gambling entertainments moved online as well. Every day, the number of virtual gambling fans increases, especially if we talk about the Green Continent. It is home to the most gambling people and more than half of Australian adults compete in Poker and Roulette every weekend.

Some gamers perceive real money online casinos on Spin-Paradise as just a place for fun. And others see it as a way to earn extra money. If you are interested in online casinos primarily because you can win cash here, then you should know which games give the worst odds of winning.

What do you mean - bad odds?

There are hundreds of different games at the Aussie casino sites. And they all differ from each other in design, plot, number of options, size of stakes, and so on. Another criterion that is important for a user who plays for real money is the odds of winning.

Different casino games give you a different probability to achieve victory. There are entertainments where the advantage of a casino is pretty small. Such slot machines are profitable for gamers. Among the casino games with the low advantage of the gambling house is Blackjack.

But there are also such types of games that have a bright plot, simple rules and interesting gameplay. But here you will lose more often than win. Unfortunately, the most dynamic and exciting online casino games have the highest advantage of a gaming house. It means that the player's odds in such games are negligible.

A list of the worst games

You can try all the online casino games and make your own conclusions about where to play and where not to play. And you can read the review below, which contains information from professional gamers who have evaluated the odds of every casino game.

Online slots

These bright and exciting slot machines with stunning design, cool sound and lots of options! They have become a real decoration of any land-based casino. Novice gamers always choose these games when they take their first steps in playing. Experienced gamers are also delighted with video slots, because here they can not only enjoy the game, but also win the jackpot.

But there is one negative circumstance. For all the appeal of these slot machines, you are unlikely to win a lot of money at them, especially the jackpot. The chances of winning the jackpot even at the best video slot are incredibly small! You can bet for months and years on end, but you won't get the jackpot. So, slots is one of the worst casino games, where it is very difficult to earn money.

Sic Bo

Another game that is good enough for fun, but definitely not for making real money - Sic Bo. Here everything happens randomly and you do not need any skills to somehow influence the gaming result. You just roll three dice on the table and guess the numbers.

The payouts in this game are pretty small. Even if you guess the number you bet on before the roll, you will receive a payout with a coefficient of 1 to 1. Why do you even need to play this game? Just for fun and that's it! There is one payout here that is more or less high (180 to 1), but it is very difficult to get it (the chance is less than 0.46%).


Its majesty - Roulette! It is hard to imagine a casino where there is not such a luxurious table covered with expensive green cloth and a magic wheel with 36 cells. Many gambling beginners fall under the spell of this exciting game, hoping to win. But, unfortunately, most of them leave the casino with empty pockets.

The odds of a casino are quite high, but the odds of a gamer on the contrary are low at the Roulette. Of course, you can bet on equal odds or use the Martingale strategy, but as practice shows, Roulette players lose much more often than they win.

Virtual Keno

This game is also unlikely to please you with high payouts. Some novice gamers choose Keno, because there is almost no need to think at all - the rules are elementary. Just guess 20 numbers out of 80 and win prizes! That's just a lucky chance to fall out in this game will be very rare. Even if you guess the minimum set of numbers, the size of the payouts will not please you. Therefore, if you do not want to get into the game with a worse result - avoid online Keno.

Online Poker

Poker is considered the smartest casino game for a reason. In order to achieve success in this card competition, you may need more than one year of practice. There have been cases where professional Poker players have earned fortunes on this game in the long run. But this applies only to Poker experts.

For beginners, this game will bring nothing but frustration and an empty wallet. Without knowledge of strategies and a high level of skill, you will not be able to win at Poker. The advantage of the casino in this game does not matter, but the chances for a young player here are also not high. All that matters in Poker is the level of skill.

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