The strange story of the man with 3 green passes

The strange story of the man with 3 green passes

How a Wired journalist found himself having three Covid-19EU green certifications at the same time

(photo: Getty Images) “Favor the green pass, please”. “Of course, which one do you prefer? Qr code number one, number two or number three? ”. From today, the writer is in the strange condition of being able to exhibit three different green Covid-19 Certifications (or Eu digital Covid certificate), all perfectly valid and functioning. How did this happen?

Let's go in order. On 6 July I received the second dose of Pfizer vaccine, which is why, with great punctuality, the next day, via text message, I received the code of the first green pass, valid for 9 months. Not even the time to show it proudly to friends and family who, the same evening, my fever rises to 38. It will be the effects of the vaccine, I tell myself: the second administration, in the small statistical sample of my acquaintances, always gives some reaction in more than the first (which for me was as smooth as oil).

After two days, however, odors and tastes disappear and, no, this is not exactly one of the side effects of the vaccine. Worried about the situation, and mindful of a very recent international air trip in which very few passengers wore the mask correctly (I had a double one), I go to get a swab. Positive. I took Covid-19, evidently just before taking the second dose. I warn the ATS and the general practitioner and I spend 17 days in solitary confinement, until, finally, I deny myself. On July 27, I get my second green pass, the one for healing, valid until January 3, 2022 (but wasn't it supposed to be 6 months?).

Ok, come on, that's it, end of story. You are immune to the square, you will say, stay good and calm. And so it is, I spend a relaxed August: always respectful of the rules and sensibility of others on distance and masks, but aware of not being able to infect myself even in an infectious ward. Back from vacation, however, I discover that I have to do a pcr tampon, which is mandatory in order to carry out a small surgery that I had planned for a few months. And so I carry out the test: it is obviously negative and leads to yet another text message from the "Min Salute". Another round, another code, another green pass, this one valid for 48 hours.

According to the directives of the ministry, I should have exhausted the ways in which to obtain the fateful green certificate. Too bad, I had a taste for it. For the sake of scruple, I check the validity of my three green passes with the special Check C19 app: they are all fully functional. For two days, therefore, I will only have the triple embarrassment of choice when I have to show the QR code to the restaurateur, the conductor or the airport assistant on duty.

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