Star Wars: Hunters, information and details of the Star Wars for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

Star Wars: Hunters, information and details of the Star Wars for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

Star Wars

Zynga, a popular American software house based in San Francisco, is known to all fans as one of the most active companies in the creation of video games for mobile devices, also present with a large amount of titles both on the Google store and in the device one. Apple.

With Star Wars: Hunters the company begins to make the most of the acquisition of the NaturalMotion team which took place back in 2014 for the beauty of half a billion dollars. The studio, among other things, is by no means new to the world of Star Wars as it is responsible for programming the physics engine of The Unleashed Force and the one used in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The prerequisites for an interesting Jedi-based title are all there. Let's find out everything we know about Star Wars: Hunters!

A new formula for Star Wars

One of the official posters of Star Wars: Hunters Among the many new features of Star Wars: Hunters, one of the biggest ones is certainly the chosen formula, or that of free-to-play. While it will certainly be attractive to be able to access the video game in a totally free form, we must also consider the other side of the coin which is a certain fear and distrust of the possible pay-to-win drift.

With this last definition we mean all those free games which, by unlocking particular paid contents, tend to unbalance the forces at stake in favor of those who spend money in purchasing upgrades or weapons. Zynga has to work well from this point of view because their new game dedicated to Star Wars is presented as a competitive online team title, the very type of software that requires a great balance in playability.

Through reservations on the official website we can have a partial idea of ​​what the paid contents will be. In fact, those who pre-register for the game will be granted skins for bonus weapons and characters. If the downloadable content is limited to aesthetic trappings, there is a good chance that the title will be able to take full advantage of the license and become a success.

The Star Wars universe gets richer

One Gameplay image of Star Wars: Hunters On August 18, 2018, Zynga and Disney announced the partnership to create a new video game based on the universe created by George Lucas. A lot of time has therefore passed from the initial design and there are now a few months to go until the launch, scheduled for the first months of 2022. The material released through the social channels and the company's institutional website is already numerous, so that through photos, videos and statements we can get a clearer idea of ​​what awaits us.

First of all the setting, as always one of the most important elements of any story linked to Star Wars. In Hunters we find ourselves between Episodes VI and VII of the saga and the protagonists of the video game will be unpublished, and will form a heterogeneous cast of bounty hunters, droids, Jedi, alien warriors, soldiers of the alliance and of the empire. The multiplayer will allow us to choose our own team and start a game with 3 other players, with a persistent and dynamic online PvP that will make us enter or exit matches very quickly.

The game structure

A detail of the Star Wars: Hunters arenas The online multiplayer of Star Wars: Hunters will be totally centered on clashes in combat arenas, all set in places very familiar to fans of the saga. "We have created Star Wars: Hunters for every fan who has always dreamed of engaging in intense action game set in the Star Wars galaxy, and we are thrilled to see Nintendo Switch players welcome our entry into console video games." said Bernard Kim of Zynga.

In addition to the versions dedicated to Apple and Android, in fact, the title will also be released on Nintendo Switch, also in this case playable even without an online subscription. One of the videos presented shows us an arena on the planet Vespaara where bounty hunters from all sides of the galaxy face off in a 4 vs 4 with third person view.

Now let's see in detail the selectable characters: Zaina, warrior of the Alliance; Sentinel, soldier of the Empire; Uutoni, a pair of two small Jawa breakers armed to the teeth; Imara Vex is a bounty hunter; Grozz represents the Wookiees; there is also a Mandalorian, equipped with two pistols; J-3DI is a Jedi droid; Rieve is a true Jedi but switched to the dark side; finally Slingshot, an alien creature.

The making of the game

We have analyzed the time frame and the setting of Star Wars: Hunters, its structure and the protagonists. Let's also take a look at the overall realization from a graphic point of view. In addition to the spectacular cinematic trailer shown recently, we were also able to enjoy short clips of the game live that showed a really interesting gameplay. Star Wars: Hunters is fast-paced, but the characters are excellently characterized and recognizable on screen at all times. Each uses particular skills, weapons and objects useful to defend or attack.

The technical implementation is certainly first-rate, also considering the scalar and extremely complex nature of cellular devices and their thousands of possible configurations between hardware and operating system. During the official presentation, Zynga promised maximum performance on all types of devices. The accompanying music, still not fully revealed, we trust to be in line with the very high quality that distinguishes every Star Wars production.

The new Zynga production based on one of the most important Disney licenses fascinates us and we do not see the 'time to try it directly. The free-to-play formula, combined with the online competitive factor could represent two winning cards for this new Star Wars video game. The introduction of many new protagonists is also very appreciable. On the other hand, the impact of online purchases on the balance of weapons and objects should be evaluated.


Lots of new characters to discover It won't cost anything to try it The technical realization seems to be of the first level DOUBTS To evaluate the possible importance of the paid elements Have you noticed errors?

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