Battlefield V - Reloaded

Battlefield V - Reloaded

Battlefield is about to return as the absolute protagonist of this autumn that is slowly emerging. If the temperatures of September are dropping, those that will be reached from here until the Christmas period in the videogame world will explode the thermometer of the hype of fans of the Electronic Arts saga. With the exciting Battlefield 2042 trailer still in mind and a probable beta on the horizon, today we retrace the fortunes and slips that marked the previous chapter.

We're talking about Battlefield V, out. on 4 September of the now distant 2018, a chapter that did not shine for its originality but that was able to be appreciated for its concreteness and for the unmistakable style that DICE and Criterion Games are able to recreate in each of their works. And given the path that seems to have traced the next game in the series, some of the characteristics that have distinguished the title in question could be lost forever.

Yes, because Battlefield V was in all respects a game of transition towards more ambitious projects, with the developers already at the window to observe the arrival of a new generation of consoles and graphics cards, trying to make the most of what the Xbox E PlayStation midgen had to offer. The composition of this iteration in fact has not upset the canons of the genre but has gone, with time and certainly not at launch, to satisfy the requests of the community, not always succeeding completely.

The incredible Battlefiled V scenarios made with Frosbite were the highlight of this chapter. Let's start the analysis from what in 2042 will be completely absent, at least on Day One, or the single player mode. In the last chapter of the saga there was no traditional campaign, setting aside the concept now from Battlefield 4, the latest exponent of a plot to be lived alone or in company between explosions, evacuations and firefights. As for Battlefield 1, War Stories returned, contained missions that told some war excerpts and operations carried out by those who tried to turn the tide of World War II in their favor.

These excerpts of the campaign were still very well done but remained only one extension of the offer, unfortunately making them easily forgettable in comparison with the massive missions undertaken in 3 and 4. But DICE was well aware of this and decided well to play the sentimental card in one of his latest Battlefield 2042 trailers, Exodus, bringing back two of the characters who kept us company years ago. That the V was an important lesson to learn?

Probably not, because as we said a little while ago, fans of the genre will inexorably have to surrender to the fact that the last single player has lived with Battlefield V, and that Exodus is just a gimmick to grab the attention of even longtime fans. Once the single player mode has been archived, it's time to retrace the phases that marked the progression of multiplayer, the beating heart of the DICE offer, of the 2018 title.

Watch on YouTube. From DICE in fact, famous for the talent of the developers that compose it, it is reasonable to expect a lot, sometimes even more than possible. Even if some products did not shine for structure and mode choices, one above all Star Wars Battlefront II, also thanks to the controversy over the loot boxes, it certainly cannot be said that the Norwegian team is unprepared on the technical front. All their products, thanks to the Frostbite Engine, have been excellent, with a graphic rendering and attention to detail to make the competition pale, almost assuming that on this front we will hardly receive burning disappointments.

So it was also for Battlefield V, which gave us wonderful maps, obviously some more successful than others, one above all Devastation, set in a Rotterdam heavily affected by the conflicts that made up the Second World War. From urban areas we have moved to immense countryside with the possibility of using heavy vehicles, this time also with limited and not infinite ammunition, such as Panzerstorm, which received a substantial update during Chapter 2.

The maps There were many available, all designed for specific modes, designed to offer the possibility of rich gameplay, capable of preventing the possibility of getting bored in the day of a few months. As a trademark of Battlefield, everything has never been limited to deathmatch clashes in small portions of the scenario, albeit highly appreciated. The strength of this saga also rests on modes that have made their return in time, remembering that Battlefield V in its debut was far from being a complete and satisfying chapter, a status that it has subsequently achieved thanks to the many updates and variety of Chapters.

Massive vehicle use has made battles even more devastating in multiplayer. But the obvious visual prowess is usually not enough and Battlefield V experienced it firsthand in the first months of launch. The title at launch presented the known problems that afflict such imposing shooter, with small and large bugs but above all with various critical issues regarding the balance. With the patches, the technical problems have slowly been resolved while the contents that expanded the offer took a little longer.

Support for new content officially ended in 2020 with the release of the sixth chapter which saw us take the field in treacherous Pacific scenarios, In the Jungle, with the latest weapons and gadgets introduced together with the Elite operator Misaki. In fact, the progression of these chapters and the related rewards introduced after 2019 are the only reasons that have kept fans of the series clinging tooth and nail. Because even if there was great content on the plate offered by Battlefield V, keeping such a title alive with constantly overcrowded servers is not an easy task, not even for DICE.

Not only that, the latest BF actually found himself in the crossfire of the Battle Royale phenomenon which reached the peak of its success, which then became almost a standard, and the community asked for its introduction loudly. Electronic Arts responded for its part with Firestorm, Firestorm, the first hint of BR mode that appeared in Battlefield's long career.

The gunplay remains one of the best of the genre even in Battlefield V, with a concreteness and enjoyment of the highest levels. Although it might seem like a timid attempt, the solidity of this modality surprised us positively, even if it did not bring with it such revolutions and innovations as to achieve a success that most likely it would have deserved. The mechanism did not deviate from the typical dynamics of the current Battle Royale, with a single or team free-for-all without the possibility of respawn. The playing area was going to shrink with pre-established times, bringing fire, literally a firestorm, which destroyed everything in front of it, engulfing homes and shelters from opponents. To the test of the facts, the Battlefield BR has enjoyed us a lot, thanks to its concreteness based on an excellent gunplay that distinguishes the fifth chapter and also its predecessors. Too bad, however, that actually it was just a flash in the pan linked to the popularity of the title and little else.

We therefore find ourselves, a little more than halfway through this 2021, with a Battlefield V that has played all the cards that he had in the deck, at the sunset of a not really glorious mark left in the history of the saga. Probably, to date, we can certainly say that the game we have retraced the steps will not be one of the first titles that will come to us to mention when thinking back to this iconic franchise. Instead, his successor seems to have the premises to achieve this goal, who must arrive at the starting blocks in excellent shape to make up for the time lost in recent years against his historical rival.

Call of Duty, even if with a feedback from the community fluctuating between one chapter and another, it continued to hold its own, without ever stopping it presented itself to the autumn appointment with a new product. And despite more or less large flaws and gaps, the counterpart's receipts under Activision's icy wing have continued to bill stratospheric numbers in sales and microtransactions. In the meantime, Electronic Arts has always decided to take time to amaze and amaze, setting new standards in the genre, timing the releases with breaks of two or three years.

Watch on YouTube. Although the genre of reference is the same, the two giants are different from each other, so much so as to create very numerous communities that fly one flag rather than the other. In 2021 it is time for a new showdown, exactly as it happened in 2018 where one came out a little more burnt than the other. Unlike a handful of days we will first have Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard, the first futuristic while the second will follow the historical period that saw Battlefield V. as protagonist

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In conclusion, we can only advise you to return to take up arms on the latter, for a melancholy farewell to the brutal scenario of the Second World War, before finding yourself in dangerous sandstorms in Doha. Because yes, despite everything it is absolutely worth returning to Battlefield V for the excellent gunplay and the extraordinary technical and artistic realization of the maps that compose it.

At the moment it is clear that the presence on the servers and the count of active players is at a minimum. Basically we are talking about a product that has 3 years on its shoulders and has stopped publishing new content for a year. Sure, with slightly longer waiting times it's still possible to find games and keep having fun in Battlefield V but the glory days are long gone. The PC community remains the most populous, of course, and not surprisingly, it's also the platform where Battlefield V gives its best in terms of yield.

The product by DICE remains firmly on the stores at a price of € 39.99 on consoles but with a slight discount if you subscribe to EA Play. In the latter case, if you have the EA subscription, you can play it without having to buy it, easily downloading it from the library. The PC version instead saw him protagonist among the free games of Amazon Prime Gaming last month, giving the change to another important title of the saga, Battlefield 4.

Is it still worth taking the battlefield? Yes for now. Despite the initial flaws and a current low number of active users, the allure of Battlefield V is struggling to wear off. Practicing with a precise gunplay is almost an obligation at the moment, October 22 is almost upon us and you must not be caught unprepared.

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