An Italian startup has brought the online sale of cannabis light to the app stores

An Italian startup has brought the online sale of cannabis light to the app stores

The Milanese startup JustMary was first accepted, then removed and finally reinstated on the Google stores. And now he's looking for capital to grow

(photo: Norman Posselt / Getty Images) Selling marijuana online isn't easy. Even if marijuana is legal, that is a type of cannabis with a concentration of psychotropic substance, the Thc, which must not exceed the threshold of 0.2%. JustMary, the leading cannabis light delivery service in Italy, is well aware of this, which in recent days debuted with the app both on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. Google, however, did not like it and on 1 September suspended the app from its store, because it was "inappropriate" with respect to the platform's policies. JustMary immediately made an appeal and already on 7 September the app was back available for download.

On the other hand, the stormy relationship between the Milanese startup and Google had already begun in December 2018, when the first JustMary's app was removed from the store because it was alleged that it "facilitated the sale and purchase of illegal drugs or the prescription of drugs." In that case JustMary sent a warning to Google, entrusted to the lawyer Elio Viola. Distrust then withdrawn before going to trial.

Grow again

But the app chapter is only part of the recent evolution of JustMary. The startup is engaged in a financing round, with a collection target set at 440 thousand euros. The round will end on September 17 and around 390 thousand euros have already been raised, mainly from private investors.

“We are exploring new resources to continue our expansion. Even if it's not easy, because banks and funds snub us and the whole cannabis light sector - explained Matteo Moretti, founder and CEO of JustMary -. Fortunately, several individual investors are trusting us. By 2021 we want to activate our service also in Bologna, Verona and Genoa (the service is currently active in Milan and hinterland, Monza, Florence, Turin, Rome, Catania and Naples, ed). Reaching a total of 10 Italian cities. We will also move abroad, focusing on France and Germany, two very promising markets. We also have some hiring plans: we will need one more person for our customer care and another to strengthen digital marketing activities ".

The goal is to increase sales and turnover, both of which grew a lot in 2020, especially as a result of the prolonged lockdown. "Last year we went from a 2019 turnover of 220 thousand euros to 1.6 million euros - continues Moretti -. In large part we owe it to those customers who were used to turning to the illegal market, but who, unable to leave their homes, decided to buy light products online. This year we aim to replicate the numbers of 2020. But fortunately the general situation linked to the pandemic is very different, so it is difficult to achieve the same turnover. With the idea of ​​increasing channels and sales volumes, in August, we landed on Alibaba, which is an incredible showcase for our business. From there we received contacts and inquiries from virtually every continent. Too bad, however, that very often light cannabis is still illegal in many countries, so obviously we cannot ship it ".

In short, there is market demand, but cannabis light is and remains a complicated product to sell online, due to obvious regulatory barriers, which differ from country to country. Not to mention the broader issue of decriminalizing marijuana at home. There the clash between parties is very heated, with all the center-right on the barricades against the basic text recently approved in committee in the House.

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