The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, fourth episode: all references and quotes

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, fourth episode: all references and quotes

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, fourth episode

The whole world is watching us is not only the title of the fourth episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, but also an important warning, especially in relation to the exceptional ending of this chapter of the two Avengers saga. The Disney + series, in fact, is working incredibly in-depth on the emotional construction of the characters and the world in which they move, emphasizing the loss of innocence of the superhero world of the MCU, letting the bitterness and despair following the final events emerge. by Avengers: Endgame. Sam and Bucky, together with Zemo, are not mere pawns of this new reality, but they are spectators, also becoming our privileged point of view. As happens in The whole world is watching us, an episode that allows us to go beyond simple good and evil, bringing out the humanity of the villains and depriving the alleged heroes of their masks. All this, in a story in which there is no lack of quotes and references that cheer the vision to Marvel Fans.

ATTENTION: the following contains a series of important spoilers on the fourth episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Return to Wakanda

In the first scenes of The whole world is watching us, we are accompanied in a flashback dedicated to the period of Bucky in Wakanda. At the end of Civil War, the former Winter Soldier was taken to the kingdom of Black Panther, where the T’Challa scientists would attempt to undo Hydra's conditioning. We have never seen the moment when Bucky was released from this mental captivity, at least until now. In this memory, in fact, we witness the precise moment in which Ayo, one of the Dora Milaje, shows him that he is now finally free.

Accompanying this revelation is a painful journey into the past sins of the Winter Soldier, an occasion in which we see moments such as the fight with Steve Rogers or the memory of the murder of the Starks spouses seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Speaking of Wakanda, it is impossible not to mention the Dora Milaje who accompany Ajo during the attempted capture of Zemo. Yama and Nomble are not newcomers to the MCU, but they are Ajo's two fighting companions since Captain America: Civil War, and with whom they also fought during the Infinity War. For these three Wakandans, respect for their traditions is everything, to the point that they have decided to capture Zemo to avenge the death of their T'Chaka.

Also note how Yama has a particular interest in the shield of Captain America. Understandable, considering that it is a weapon made of vibranium, the rare mineral heritage of Wakanda. It has never been revealed how Stark came into possession of enough vibranium to make Steve Rogers' Shield, but since Avengers: Age of Ultron he has seen how the Wakandans are particularly jealous of their treasure, as Ulysses Claw knows. br>
For the record, in the comics Captain America received the vibranium for his shield from the hands of Azzuri the Wise, father of T'Challa.

The past returns

In this episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier there are not many easter eggs, but the ones included help to remember what are the wounds of the protagonists. If on the one hand Sam tries to find a dialogue with Karli, mindful of his experience as a consultant for veterans (remember Captain America: The Winter Soldier?), On the other hand Zemo does not avoid remembering his hatred for superheroes and letting it emerge. his painful nostalgia for the son who died during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

A little gem, more appreciated in the original language version. The tea that Zemo offers to Sam and Bucky, in English is a Cherry Blossom, a name that will remind readers of Marvel comics of a lethal killer in the service of the Hand, known as the Claw, who gave a certain Cornetto a hard time. New Yorker.

Being Captain America

The emotional heart of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is to discover what it means to be Cap. If for Sam it is a value that goes beyond the uniform and the Shield, for John Walker it is doing the right thing, at any cost. But what is the right thing? It is the focus of the conversation with Lemar, when John wonders if it would be right to take the Super Soldier Serum.

The scene recalls the confrontation between Dr. Erskine and Steve Rogers the night before the young man underwent the administration of the Super Soldier Serum in Captain America: The First Avenger. On that occasion, Erskine, recalling the traumatic experience with his first attempt, revealed to Rogers that the Serum would only enhance what he really was. A merit that Steve deserved, so much so that even Zemo must admit that he was the only one subjected to this treatment without betraying his principles.

When John Walker finally decides to take the serum, he decides to take a risk, convinced that he deserves it. and to be able to manage it correctly. But when during a fight with the Flag Smasher, Karli kills her friend Lemar witnessing this traumatic event pushes John over the edge and the newly hired Serum presents the bill to the new Captain America, who does not hesitate to chase one of Karli's men and brutally kill him in an overcrowded square, which takes over everything, sharing it with the world (hence the title of the episode).

The real Captain America would never have gone that far, but this moment of the episode is inspired by a similar moment in comics. In Captain America # 345, under the management of Mark Gruenwald, a terrorist group known as Watchdogs kidnaps Battlestar's parents, but during a poorly orchestrated rescue attempt by Walker himself, the Hoskins die, unleashing the ire of the new Cap. that does not exist to mercilessly kill criminals.

The scene of this episode is inspired by this moment, with the difference that contrary to the comics, poor Lemar is killed. In comics, however, Lemar has the opportunity to distance himself from Walker, when he leaves the role of Cap to become the U.S. Agent.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: The Whole World Is Watching us

Two episodes from the end of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, it becomes evident how emotional enhancement is at the heart of this production. We do not choose to create a story of contrast between good and bad, but we tell a human story, in which black and white leave room for gray areas. Flag Smasher, although portrayed as terrorists, react to an exasperated situation, further exacerbated by an alleged hero who proves not worthy of the Shield.

It is no coincidence that more than one occasion to refer to how the Shield is the symbol par excellence, to be destroyed for Karli or used as a weapon for Walker. The last scene of this episode is the emotional climax of what has been built so far, the dark and distorted version of what Steve Rogers embodied, a cathartic moment that launches The Falcon & The Winters Soldier towards a promising ending.

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