The 10 worst Xbox exclusives ever

The 10 worst Xbox exclusives ever

Cross and delight of the Xbox world, exclusives are a hot topic these days. In fact, in recent years it has not been easy for the consoles of the Redmond house, between periods of emptiness and some subdued titles. Very subdued. With the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft aims to unseat Sony with its first party titles and make up for lost time. Waiting to see the fruits of this move, however, we have decided to remember one last time those games that deserve oblivion. So here are the worst Xbox exclusives ever, from the first Xbox to some unworthy experiments for Kinect on Xbox One.

Azurik: Rise of Perathia - Xbox, 2001

During the stages pre-launch, someone had tried to pair Azurik: Rise of Perathia with none other than Soul Reaver. Just like the Crystal Dynamics series, this first Xbox exclusive belonged to the 3D action-adventure genre. Too bad, however, that the points in common ended here. There was indeed nothing good about Azurik. The story wasn't, the gameplay wasn't, and neither was the graphics. We'd really like to find something positive about them, but if the developers haven't found anything better than spending part of the budget on just pathetic dubbing ... then they deserve no mercy.

Kabuki Warriors - Xbox, 2001

The fighting game genre can boast series of great depth. From Street Fighter to Tekken, from Mortal Kombat to Killer Instinct, passing through the works of Arc System Works, there has always been spoiled for choice. For this we hope that no one has chosen to spend their money on Kabuki Warriors. A bad game, devoid of variety and unable even to reproduce the basics of the genre, like, I know, maybe setting more than one button for attacks? It is not surprising that it is considered one of the worst ever, so much so that it led the Edge magazine to reserve it the first 1 in 10 in its history. Epochal.

Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal - Xbox, 2002

Another fighting game with an unlikely title, Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal was born as a graphic tech demo for the new Microsoft console, but for some reason at some point it was decided to turn it into a full game. But few have noticed the difference. Apart from the technical sector, in fact, Kabuto Chojin was not only a vulgar rip-off of Tekken, but also one of those made badly. With little content and a superficial game system, he even managed to get himself removed from the market due to some religious disputes.

Dino Crisis 3 - Xbox, 2003

After concluding Dino Crisis 2 with a mega cliffhanger, with the third chapter Capcom should have simply continued the story where it left off. br>

Bomberman Act Zero - Xbox 360, 2006

With more realistic graphics and a grim setting in a dystopian future, Bomberman Act Zero stood out strongly from the typical atmosphere of the series. And it did it in the worst way, as this nasty reboot featured long load times, bad physics, repetitive gameplay, unbalanced AI, recycled graphics, and even a bad soundtrack. Is it enough to connote it as one of the worst exclusives ever?

Too Human - Xbox 360, 2008

Too Human was an ambitious game, an action RPG reinterpretation of the ancient Nordic myths in key futuristic and cyber-punk became famous for being in development for about ten years: initially planned on PlayStation, then on Game Cube, it eventually arrived on Xbox 360 after Microsoft acquired the rights in 2005. An investment that is far from it. that prudent: criticized by several parties, it led to a legal dispute between the developers and Epic Games for the improper use of the game engine Unreal Engine 3, complete with a fine of about five million dollars which led to the bankruptcy of the software house and the cancellation of the next two chapters. Eventually it was even removed from the Microsoft store. In short, a kind of E.T. today.

Ninety-Nine Nights 2 - Xbox 360, 2010

Microsoft has tried in many ways to counter the supremacy of Nintendo and Sony in the oriental market. And games like Eternal Sonata or Blue Dragon are positive, if not very lucky, examples of this push east. Ninety-Nine Nights, on the other hand, is not. With a Dynasty Warriors-style musou, this Microsoft experiment had very little success, and with the second chapter it led to an untimely, but well-deserved, death of the series.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect - Xbox 360 , 2012

Ah, the Kinect. Peripheral of the devil born in the wake of the Wii Mote mania, with its mere existence it has sunk an entire generation of Xbox. Before putting a spanner in the works on Xbox One, however, he gave us some terrible pearls on 360 too, which we still remember with terror today. Games like Dragon Ball Z Kinect, in fact, had deluded us with the promise to fulfill our childhood dreams of launching a real Kamehameha, before brutally bringing us back to reality with full-price tech demos that barely managed to make us throw punches. in the right direction.

Crimson Dragon - Xbox One, 2013

Crimson Dragon shares some unfortunate characteristics with Scalebound. It was developed for the Xbox One; it used a version of the Unreal Engine; and had dragons in the center. Unlike the Platinum Games game, however, it had more bad luck. Yes, because while we are all still fantasizing about how great Hideki Kamiya's game could have been, even without proof, of Crimson Dragon we know perfectly well how terrible it was. This binary shooter presented as a spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, in fact, had problems in every department. At least, however, he was lucky enough not to have to use the Kinect as a controller.

Fighter Within - Xbox One, 2013

Surprise surprise, let's close with another bad fighting game. Also this on Kinect. In fact, Fighter Within is remembered not only as one of the worst fighting games ever, but also as one of those Kinect games that marked the Xbox One generation. Originally conceived for 360, the greater power of the then next-gen did not help the game, which also had to suffer internal competition from Killer Instinct, a completely different fighting game, although largely incomplete at the time.

With this last pearl our selection of the worst Xbox exclusives concludes. Were you able to forget them all? And what other Xbox games would you like to bury in the desert? Please let us know in the comments below.

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