Tesla Autopilot wins over GM Supercruise: here is the reason

Tesla Autopilot wins over GM Supercruise: here is the reason

Tesla Autopilot wins over GM Supercruise

Many articles appeared on the web where the performance of autonomous driving systems - or advanced driving assistants - was compared with the now famous Tesla Autopilot; the main rival is certainly the system developed by the American General Motors which, if tested in the correct environments, identifies itself as a valid contender for the crown.

One of the main differences between Autopilot and Supercruise is availability, in fact While all vehicles manufactured by Tesla from October 2016 onwards are equipped with hardware technology for Autopilot, General Motors Supercruise will only work on vehicles manufactured from 2021 onwards.

The key point that distinguishes the two systems, however, lies in the conditions in which they can be activated; In fact, Supercruise is based on pre-approved and mapped areas, in fact it can only be activated in "compatible roads" while Autopilot can be activated anywhere, analyzing the situation in real time and making decisions independently. The current version of Autopilot allows its use only in extra-urban situations, yet the beta versions that are available show that there is now the full capacity of the system to manage difficult and unpredictable situations even in city areas, managing to navigate around to double-row vans, obstacles, right of way, roundabouts, traffic lights and any possible situation on normal roads.

The beta program is fundamental because it is able to make Tesla understand what the errors and the parts of the software are modify to make the system more reactive and safe.

Whoever uses it must always be attentive and able to take control at any time in case something goes wrong.

The comparison in the video below shows how and why Autopilot is still the reference system and how Supercruise instead is only at the beginning of its career, allowing a limited and restricted use only to the areas previously approved by General Motors .

Tesla, therefore, is reconfirmed as champion in this department waiting for a version 2 of SuperCruise which, probably, will also put Elon Musk in difficulty.

Is Tesla Autopilot Better Than GM Super Cruise? Watch And Decide

a close up of a car: tesla autopilot vs gm super cruise © InsideEVs tesla autopilot vs gm super cruise

It's a loaded question, but this guy shares why he thinks Tesla Autopilot gets the win.

We've seen this comparison and debate many times. However, it's been a while since someone dived into the details related to Tesla Autopilot and GM Super Cruise. Tesla constantly updates its features via over-the-air software updates, and it's moving forward with major updates to its Full Self-Driving Beta software, which is available on every car in its lineup and includes cars that aren't brand new.

Meanwhile, GM is launching its driver-assistance tech more quietly, and it's only available on new and upcoming models. A year ago, it said the feature would be available on seven new vehicles this year, and 12 total within two years. It also said that it would add 70,000 more miles of roads that allow the tech to be engaged.

Sadly, we couldn't find any specific, reputable information regarding exactly how those plans are working out. However, the Super Cruise section of Cadillac's site provides the following details:

'Offered on the 2018-2020 CT6, 2021 CT4, CT5 and Escalade, and forthcoming 2023 LYRIQ, available Super Cruise is the first true hands-free driving-assistance feature for compatible roads (2021 CT4 and CT5: late availability starting early 2021).'

Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Black Tesla believes Tesla Autopilot is the better option, which is probably what you'll hear from just about any Tesla owner. However, he put together the video above to show precisely why he thinks Tesla has the edge here.

Black Tesla explains that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, he feels like Tesla's Autopilot is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the media. For example, while Super Cruise is a 'hands-free' system, it only works on the highway, and more specifically, it only works on 'mapped' and 'approved' highways. 

Rather than simply saying Autopilot is better since it works on city streets, too, Black Tesla simply focuses on highway driving, since GM's tech can only compete with Tesla on highways at this point. More specifically, he highlights Tesla's 'Navigate on Autopilot' features as it compares to the competing Super Cruise technology.

Tesla Autopilot doesn't rely on mapped, approved roads, but rather, it can be engaged virtually anywhere. This is because it deals with semi-autonomous driving and situations in real-time, using vision and artificial intelligence.

Check out the short video for all the details. Then, let us know what you think: Autopilot or Super Cruise? Have you experienced both? Share your wisdom and insight with us in the comment section below.

Source: Black Tesla (YouTube)

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