Days Gone: no sequel due to stingy gamers

Days Gone: no sequel due to stingy gamers

Days Gone

The Days Gone case continues to hold sway. The impossibility of having a sequel in your hands is now an increasingly distant hypothesis and the words of former creative director and writer John Garvin are really harsh on the players. In fact, in addition to Metacritic, according to Garvin, the IP will not see a follow-up due to the behavior, in his way of saying incorrect, by the Sony users.

Garvin intervened in David Jaffe's podcast, explaining in its own way the vision of the market. According to the developer, players shouldn't complain about the absence of Days Gone 2. This is because the game was not purchased at full price. "If you love a game, buy it at full price," said Garvin, who then added that he had heard players say several times that I had bought a game when it was on sale or even tried only thanks to the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Obviously David Jaffe's response was not long in coming, raising an important question: but how do I know if I like the game until I try it? A question that was partially answered in Garvin's subsequent statements, once again vitriolic. "I'm just saying, don't complain if a game doesn't get a sequel if you didn't get to support it at launch." Garvin then made a very apt comparison: Days Gone did not sell millions of copies at launch, while other IPs such as God of War did, although he admitted that he did not know in detail the sales since he no longer has relations with Sony or works at inside the company.

Garvin then wanted to add some details of when his development team is working on Siphon Filter Dark Mirror, the PSP version of the popular series. The former director said Sony at the time had absolutely no understanding of what damage the piracy was doing to sales, so much so that a very popular torrent site had 200,000 copies of the title in download. Of course, Days Gone was certainly not undermined by piracy but more by poor sales at launch and by the reception of the press, perhaps a little too tepid but it is still a very interesting element of discussion regarding the internal mechanics of the publishers. br>
Days Gone is still available on Amazon with a discount of over 55 Euros on the list price!

Days Gone Director on Skipped Sequel: 'If You Love a Game, Buy It at F***ing Full Price'

Days Gone Director Sequel

Oh boy, this whole Days Gone thing just won't stop churning, will it? Speaking in David Jaffe's latest interview video, Days Gone director John Garvin has strong feelings on the sequel situation — as you'd expect. Garvin left developer Sony Bend around two years ago, so he's free to speak his mind on Jaffe's show.

And it hasn't taken long for Garvin's impassioned comments to do the rounds online. 'I do have an opinion on something that your audience may find of interest, and it might piss some of them off,' Garvin admits, as transcribed by VGC. 'If you love a game, buy it at f***ing full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever.’'

Garvin's argument is that by buying a game at full price, you're showing direct support for the developer — you're doing your part to maximise profit. And in the case of Days Gone, Garvin's suggesting that if more people grabbed the game at launch, Sony may have been more open to a potential sequel.

Jaffe asks how buyers would know if they love a game before they've even played it. Garvin replies: 'I’m just saying, you don’t, but don’t complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch.'

Garvin continues: 'I think the uptick in engagement with the game is not as important as, did you buy the game at full price? Because if you did, then that’s supporting the developers directly.'

Of course, it's not always that simple. The obvious truth here is that not everyone can afford to buy games on release. For many, gaming is an expensive luxury — and suggesting that these people are, in part, at fault for Days Gone's lack of a sequel is a slippery slope. We would hope that Garvin knows this, and he's just trying to make a point, but it doesn't come across particularly well.

What do you make of these quotes? Watch out for freakers in the comments section below.

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