Sonic Colors Remastered in development, according to a leak from Germany

Sonic Colors Remastered in development, according to a leak from Germany

Sonic Colors Remastered in development

Sonic Colors Remastered is in development, according to a leak from a German dubbing studio, which seems to have brought the work back into its portfolio.

Released on Wii in November 2010, Sonic Colors is an adventure based platform made by the Sonic Team, which at launch received generally positive ratings.

Interestingly, the game did not originally include a German voice acting, so it is possible that for the remaster SEGA wanted to add more languages ​​so as to make the experience more accessible.

If we consider that the film Sonic 2 has just entered production, it seems that the Japanese publisher is planning to relaunch the character, starting precisely with a re-release.

For the moment the remaster of Sonic Colors does not yet have any reference platforms, even if a French retailer has included the game in its list citing PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch .

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40 Best Xbox One Party Games To Play In 2021

Remember gathering together? It was something we did before 2020 and now we’re still stuck with keeping our distances. However, there are still plenty of party games available to play with families locally or even your friends online. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of the very best party games available for the Xbox One console platform. Now since these games are so different with genres being mixed around fighting games, puzzles, racing titles, so on and so forth, we’re not listing these picks in any rank. Instead, these are just some solid video game titles that we think you might want to check out.

#40 Overcooked

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One 2 August 2016

Nintendo Switch 27 July 2017

XSX|S 10 November 2020  / PS5 12 November 2020

Genre : Simulation

Overcooked is a solid party game as it puts players into the role of a cook. With several dishes to make and little time to get them down, it’s a game based around teamwork as you attempt to fix up the dishes using an assortment of stations located around the kitchen. However, the kitchen is constantly evolving with new obstacles popping up that prevent players from accessing a certain area of the kitchen. This will force players to quickly adapt to whatever the dish calls for whether it means shifting your focus to another dish or helping someone else out by finishing what they started.

#39 Overcooked 2

Platform : Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS5, XSX|S, Amazon Luna

Release Date : August 7, 2018

Genre : Simulation

With Overcooked 2 you get even more unique locations to play within and different environmental hazards. The game is overall featuring the same mechanics and goals, but you’ll have a bit more content to play through. With that said, most might find the sequel a bit easier to manage. Still, that doesn’t mean there are no changes made, with one of the mechanics being able to throw food around to get the job done a bit quicker.

#38 Moving Out

Platform : PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Release Date : April 28, 2020 

Genre : Puzzle, action

Moving Out is quite a bit like our previous Overcooked picks. Rather than working in a kitchen, players are instead working as a moving company. Tasked with clearing out buildings with all their furniture, players have a time limit to get everything out of the building and into the moving truck. However, just like with Overcooked, there are plenty of hazards and oddly shaped furniture or corridors. Players will need to carefully get the objects out of the home without damage and in time. To help out with the move, multiple players can join in and aid each other by lifting large furniture to navigate the building easier or throw objects to one another.

#37 Brawlhalla

Platform : PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Release Date : PC, PS4, macOS October 17, 2017 

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch November 6, 2018 

Android, iOS August 6, 2020

While Nintendo has dominated the platform fighter genre with Super Smash Bros, we have a pretty solid alternative. Brawlhalla is a platform fighter that offers players the same kind of experience with a variety of characters, item drops, and a plethora of levels to battle within. Best of all, this game is free-to-play so it won’t cost players anything to try it out today. Again, Nintendo has a pretty stacked roster of characters to pick from when they are battling against each other and while Brawlhalla has some unique characters of their own, they do have crossovers featured. In the past, the game has brought out characters from Tomb Raider, WWWE, Rayman, Shovel Knight, to even The Walking Dead.

#36 Crash Bandicoot Nitro-Fueled

Platform : PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : June 21, 2019

Genre : Kart racing 

Again, similar to the platform fighter genre, Nintendo has also been dominant in the kart racing genre with Mario Kart. Originally, Sony opted to bring out an alternative with Crash Team Racing which launched in 1999 for the PlayStation. Now years later we received a remastered edition which is available on the Xbox One console platform. Much like the Mario Kart series, players are racing through a variety of courses and collecting power-ups along the way.

These power-ups will either give players a slight boost in speed or can be used as attacks against other racers on the map. Again, similar to how Mario Kart uses characters from the Mario IP, we’re getting different characters from the Crash Bandicoot franchise such as Crash, Coco, and Doctor Neo Cortex.

#35 Jackbox Party Pack

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android (selected systems), Apple TV

Release Date : First release The Jackbox Party Pack November 26, 2014

Latest release The Jackbox Party Pack 7 October 15, 2020

The Jackbox Party Pack franchise in general is a solid party game series. This is a title that offers a collection of minigames which range from games similar to charades, making jokes from a selection of words, to coming up with a rap battle by filling in lyrical gaps. Not to mention that this game is suitable for online play with only the host requiring an actual copy of the game. All secondary players can log into the game through web browsers or their smartphones by entering a unique code supplied by the host.

#34 Rocket League

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS5

Release Date : July 7, 2015 

PC, PS4 July 7, 2015. / Xbox one February 17, 2016 

macOS, Linux September 8, 2016

Genre : Sports 

Rocket League is an indie title that blew up at launch. This is a makeshift soccer game that has players using supped-up futuristic cars that are equipped with rocket boosters and the ability to jump into the air. Meanwhile, there is a giant ball that players must hit into the opposing player’s goal post. It’s a pretty difficult game with players needing to go through a learning curve on the game physics. Still, it’s gained a massive following and best of all since Epic Games had acquired the indie development team, Psyonix, Rocket League has since gone free-to-play allowing players to form up teams and go through the competition.

#33 Minecraft

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Raspberry Pi, Windows Phone, PS3, Fire OS, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Universal Windows Platform, Wii U, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS

Release Date : 18 November 2011

Genre : Sandbox, survival 

Everyone knows what Minecraft is at this point right? The video game was a huge worldwide phenomenon as players were given a randomly generated world full of different biomes, creatures, villages, and hostile enemies. From there it’s all about trying to survive by building up your base, gathering resources, and keeping your vitals in check. There’s also the creative mode which offers players the ability to freely build up and explore their world without the need of managing their hunger, health, or battling against enemy monsters. With the developers over at Mojang still updating this game, there’s always something new coming out whether it’s a biome, a unique item, or a critter. Likewise, because of the nature of this list, there’s also the possibility of just logging online with friends and going through a world build together.

#32 Gang Beasts

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : 12 December 2017

Xbox One 27 March 2019

Genre : Beat ’em up, party 

Gang Beasts is a hilarious brawler game. Players are stepping into the role of a humanoid-like character that’s dropped into a hazardous level. From there, it’s a brutal fight to kill your opponent. This is done by wobbling over to them and beating the snot out of each other. When a player is knocked out, the opposing fighter can grab onto their body, lift them and attempt to throw them into a hazard such as off the ledge of a huge skyscraper or into a pit of fire. Meanwhile, those that are knocked out can attempt to wake their character up and jump out of harm’s way.

#31 Broforce

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date :PC, OS X 15 October 2015

Linux 17 October 2015 / PS4 1 March 2016 / Nintendo Switch 6 September 2018

Genre : Run-and-gun platform 

Broforce is an indie title that might have flown under the radar for some of you. This is a side-scrolling run-and-gun title that has players battling against evil forces across foreign lands. With the hope of liberating the area, players must fight off all kinds of enemy troops and bosses, but the one thing that will keep players hooked is the different protagonists that can be unlocked and used. As players rack up kills or rescue hostages, the game will reward them with different 80s and 90s action heroes to step into. Players could take the role of characters like John Rambo, Chuck Norris, Indiana Jones, or the Terminator, just to name a few. Each character has their unique weapon attribute as well such as Indiana Jones using a whip which requires a bit closer range of attack.

#30 Castle Crashers

Platform : Xbox 360, PS3, PC, macOS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4

Release Date : Xbox 360 August 27, 2008 / PS3 August 31, 2010 / PC, macOS September 26, 2012 

Xbox One September 9, 2015 / Nintendo Switch, PS4 September 17, 2019

Genre : Beat ’em up, role-playing, action

Castle Crashers is a pretty iconic beat ‘em up a title that gained some massive attention when it first launched as an Xbox 360 arcade game. Since then the title has been remastered and released on other platforms. Here players are taking the role of a knight that has to battle an evil wizard along with his minions and monsters after kidnapping the kingdom’s princess. This is a side-scrolling title that has plenty of action crammed into a seven-hour game. Whether you played Castle Crashers when it was first released back in 2008 or just getting into the title for the first time, this is still a very solid arcade game.

#29 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Platform : Android, PC, OS X, PS4, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Release Date : Gear VR 16 July 2015 / PC 8 October 2015 / OS X 14 December 2015 / Oculus Rift 26 March 2016 / PlayStation VR 13 October 2016 / Google Daydream 10 November 2016 / Linux 19 December 2017 / Oculus Go 1 May 2018 / Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One 16 August 2018 / Oculus Quest 21 May 2019 / iOS, Android (non-VR) 1 August 2019

Genre : Puzzle 

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is strictly a multiplayer puzzle game. In this title, one player is in a room with a bomb while the other players have different manuals. Without the ability to see the bomb, the player stuck in the room must go around the entire bomb and explain what they are seeing. From different symbols, wires, and other modules, players with the manuals must determine just how to safely defuse the bomb. Meanwhile, there is a time limit so players will need to keep a stable line of communication otherwise when time runs out if players are wrong about a module, the bomb will detonate.

#28 Just Dance

Platform : Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Stadia

Release Date : First release Just Dance 17 November 2009

Latest release Just Dance 2021 12 November 2020

Another iconic franchise that is a fun party game is the Just Dance series. This is a game all about dancing to the beats while mimicking the moves displayed on the screen. With a selection of popular songs and dances choreographed with professional dancers, fans can go through this game either as a beginner or a dancing enthusiast thanks to the various difficulty levels. When it comes to the Xbox One, players can use the Kinect which will capture their body movements. While these games can be finicky when it comes to body detection and moves, they’re still proven to be a hot seller with every installment release.

#27 Lego Games

Rather than do one specific game or get too repetitive with this list, another game selection to check out is the various Lego video games. Lego titles have done incredibly well as they often offer a parody of the source material narrative while keeping the gameplay mechanics based around brawling and puzzle-solving. There’s a wide range of Lego games to pick out and they differ in how many players can join in. With that said, they are typically a good pick for younger audiences as well. What it boils down to is deciding a video game based on source material that interests you. There are video games based around Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and The Lord of the Rings just to name a few.

#26 The Dark Pictures Anthology Man of Medan

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One 

Release Date : 30 August 2019 

Genre : Interactive drama 

After the success of the Until Dawn franchise, developers Supermassive Games opted to bring out a collection of horror titles that offered the same style of gameplay. This collection of games would be based under The Dark Pictures Anthology. Their first release was Man of Medan where a group of friends set out on a journey in search of a missing shipwreck. However, the friends soon discover that something far more sinister lurks below the ocean among the wreckage.

Just like Until Dawn, this is a narrative-focused title with plenty of choices to make that alter the storyline along with QTEs to complete. For the multiplayer aspect, players can join in and take control of a character giving you the ability to make their choices and QTEs which may help or hurt the other group of characters.

#25 The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One 

Release Date : 30 October 2020

Genre : Interactive drama, survival horror

Speaking of The Dark Pictures Anthology we should also make mention of Little Hope. At the time of writing this description, Little Hope is the latest installment available for the IP. Here players are once again following a group of characters although, in this story, it’s a group of college students and their professor. Stuck in a town that’s dense with fog, the group realizes that they are not alone with plenty of supernatural and creepy moments players will have to navigate through. We won’t spoil much more than that since these games are pretty short to complete, but again the same multiplayer aspect from Man of Medan can be found here.

#24 Halo Master Chief Collection

Platform : Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming

Release Date : Xbox One November 11, 2014 / PC December 3, 2019 

Xbox Series X/S November 17, 2020

Genre : First-person shooter

The Halo franchise is a staple IP for Microsoft and is one of the video games to help move console units. After so many installments for this franchise, 343 Industries opted to bring out a remastered collection giving Xbox One players a chance to relive these incredible video games again. With the Halo Master Chief Collection, players are getting  Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and Halo 4. All the games have been tweaked to fans some new visual enhancements for the modern platform. Likewise, players can still enjoy this game with a friend either during cooperative campaigns or join in with multiple players as they battle against one another through online matchmaking. Each game has its multiplayer counterpart so those specific maps you might have remembered from playing these games originally are still intact and ready for players to drop down into them once again.

#23 Ultimate Chicken Horse

Platform : PC Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : PC, Linux, Mac 4 March 2016 / PS4 12 December 2017

Xbox One 15 December 2017 / Nintendo Switch 25 September 2018

Genre : Platform 

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a platform racer. In this game, players are supposed to go through a level filled with obstacles that are placed by the players. Here’s the catch, if too many players can get through the map in time then players are forced into placing more obstacles around the map until it proves too difficult for some players to complete the course. At the end of the game, the player with the most amount of points racked up wins the game. It’s a simple game to pick up and play with new players being able to pick up how the title is played quickly.

#22 Party Golf

Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Ouya, Xbox One

Release Date : PS4 October 26, 2016 / PC October 26, 2016 / Nintendo Switch October 19, 2017

Ouya October 2015 / Xbox One 25 May 2019

Genre : Party Game, Sports Game 

Party Golf is another very simple party game to understand and addicting to play. In this game, players are going through an intense putt-putt game. With a time limit counting down, players have to try to sink their ball into the hole. However, with as many obstacles and ledges placed around the hole, this game provides a challenge. Not to mention that there are plenty of map variations so players will have to hit their ball over big gaps and onto elevated ledges almost as if you’re going through a bit of a maze.

#21 SpeedRunners

Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, iOS

Release Date : PC, OS X, Linux 19 April 2016 / Xbox One 1 June 2017 

PS4 5 July 2017 / Nintendo Switch 23 January 2020

Genre : Platform 

SpeedRunners is a fast-paced platform racer. In this game, players are attempting to be the last player standing in the course. Each character is given a grapple system and a few power-ups that can be triggered on the course as they attempt to race throughout it. However, the only way to take out opponents is to be so far that they fall behind the camera point of view. It’s all about speed and as players barrel through the level, the camera begins to focus on the frontrunner. Meanwhile, the player leading the pack will have less viewpoint ahead giving them less time to get around obstacles compared to the players behind.

#20 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Platform : Linux, PC, OS X, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Release Date : PC, Linux, OS X, Xbox One September 9, 2015 / PS4 February 9, 2016 

Nintendo Switch October 3, 2017

Genre : Action, platform 

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime offers up to a four-player co-op. Within the game, players are floating around in space within a spacecraft. However, to get around safely, players will need to go through the different stations of the craft to perform certain tasks. For instance, to just name a few, located around the ship are stations that correspond with the shields, engine, and weapons. Players will work together to go through the levels as they rescue different animals or defeat enemy creatures. It’s all about teamwork as you work on the different stations located around the ship.

#19 Rayman Legends

Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, XSX|S

Release Date : PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 3 September 2013 / PS Vita 3 September 2013 

PS4, Xbox One 18 February 2014 / Nintendo Switch 12 September 2017

Genre : Platform 

In Rayman Legends, Rayman and his friends discover mysterious paintings that have transported them into a new mythical world. To get home, Rayman and his company of comrades must jump, run, and slap their way through each world. What makes this a particularly fun game for local multiplayer is that Rayman Legends features a four-player co-op. At any point within the game, three other friends can jump into the campaign seamlessly or there’s even a series of different challenge-based modes.

#18 It’s Quiz Time

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One 

Release Date : November 28, 2017 

Genre : Trivia 

It’s Quiz Time is a fun trivia game that can be played with multiple players. Connecting to the games is pretty easy as well with the game being a bit like Jackbox Party Pack. Through the use of an application, players will use the room code supplied by the host and from there you can compete against each other in trivia questions. The gameplay is very simple, with players simply tapping the answers to the question. Fortunately, this game is still supported, for instance in 2021 we got an update that added a thousand new questions based on a wide range of topics whether they were movies, music, or news.

#17 Mortal Kombat 11

Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One April 23, 2019 / Nintendo Switch April 23, 2019 

Stadia November 19, 2019 / PS5, Xbox Series X/S November 17, 2020

Genre : Fighting 

The Mortal Kombat franchise is a massive IP that’s been around for years. After initially getting its start within the arcades, Mortal Kombat has since blown up to be a hit multi-platform release. These games are iconic and over the years we’ve seen several new characters get added to the roster and it’s proven to be a fun party fighting game. Players can make up their tournaments and compete to see who comes out on top.

Currently, the latest installment for the franchise is Mortal Kombat 11, which adds a play on timelines so we can see some of the more classic characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise and their costume setup. At the moment, Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest installment available for the IP and it’s also one to come packed with some guest fighters as well. For instance, with Mortal Kombat 11 players are given access to the likes of Spawn, The Terminator, RoboCop, and The Joker.

#16 Marooners

Platform : PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 

Release Date : September 15, 2016 

Genre : Party 

Marooners is a collection of minigames for players to play which are suitable for a younger audience. Throughout the games, players are typically attempting to capture more gold than the other players. This may be in the form of mining underground while avoiding any loose rocks to smash down, killing your character, or grabbing coins from a platform that will randomly break away beneath the players. It’s family-friendly and can support up to six players online or four players locally.

#15 Hyper Jam

Platform : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC 

Release Date : February 12, 2019 

Genre : Fighting 

Hyper Jam is an arena brawler which puts players into a map that spits out not only some hazards for players to avoid but some weapons to pick up and use against your opponents. From there it’s a battle to be the last player standing, but there is a catch at the end of each round. After the round, a random collection of perks is presented to the players. Each player can select one perk but the way these perks are handed out is by going in order of deaths. So the first player that dies will be the first player to select the perks which you can continue to stack up as the game continues.

#14 TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension came out in 2013 and it continues to be a solid action platformer. In this game, players are battling against each other using an arrow. With only one arrow needed to kill an opponent, the game quickly gets tense as players rush around the map and firing arrows. Meanwhile, arrows can be picked up giving players multiple shots to use against another player or by collecting a power-up that will randomly spawn throughout the map. These power-ups will give players some additional buffs such as wings to fly or a shield to break an arrow. However, if the round takes too long to end, the map will shrink down in size forcing players closer together.

#13 Cuphead

Platform : PC, Xbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4

Release Date : PC, Xbox One September 29, 2017 / macOS October 19, 2018 

Nintendo Switch April 18, 2019 / PlayStation 4 July 28, 2020

Genre : Run and gun 

Cuphead is a game that took the internet by storm simply because of its visuals. This game looked like it was an old 1930s cartoon with hand-drawn animation and faded colors. This is a run and gun side-scroller with some slight platforming levels to perform. In the game, we follow two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman who loses a bet to the devil. Now owing him their souls, they manage to strike up a deal, if the two can go out and collect souls that are owed to the devil then they can keep theirs. It’s a brutal game that mainly focuses on boss battles. A lot of the game revolves around memorizing the moves of the enemy and unloading attacks at their opponent that will eventually shift into different enemy phases with new sporadic attacks.

#12 Injustice 2

Platform : Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release Date : May 11, 2017 

Android, iOS May 11, 2017 / PS4, Xbox One May 16, 2017 / PC November 14, 2017 

Genre : Fighting 

From the same development team that brought out Mortal Kombat 11, we have Injustice 2. This is a follow-up to the Injustice video game which pins DC Comics characters against each other after Superman strikes up a new strict regime. While this campaign continues with the narrative, the main reason we have Injustice 2 on here is again much like Mortal Kombat, it’s a fantastic fighting game.

This one-on-one title has players using a wide range of DC Comic characters both heroes and villains against each other in a wide range of themed map locations. Likewise, this is still a brutal game with some over-the-top action sequences that players can pull off against their opponent. Not to mention that some characters will have special interactions with each other at the start of the game. For now, this is a game that has a pretty active community, but it’s likely only a matter of time before we get the official announcement for Injustice 3.

#11 Team Sonic Racing

Platform : PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Amazon Luna

Release Date : PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC May 21, 2019 

iOS September 19, 2019 / Amazon Luna March 12, 2021

Genre : Kart racing 

Another kart racer to look into is Team Sonic Racing. This is a game very much like Crash Bandicoot Nitro-Fueled and the Mario Kart franchise. With this game, as you can likely already guess from the title alone, players are going through a kart racer with the iconic Sonic characters and themed levels. With characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, and Dr. Eggman, players will be using their karts and racing down some memorable themed courses from the past Sonic video game installments. Again, similar to the other kart racers, as players race through the course, they’ll grab up different power-ups that will either buff them in terms of their speed or items that can be used against other racers.

#10 Rock Band 4

Platform : PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : October 6, 2015 

Genre : Rhythm game 

The Rock Band franchise was a mega-hit when it launched originally but years later we finally got a new installment for the franchise. Rock Band 4 brought out the same gameplay mechanics with players using plastic guitars, drums, and a microphone to provide players the thrill of being in a band. Here players can join in together with the different instruments and attempt to complete a rhythm-based game which at the moment, is the last mainline Rock Band video game to have released. If you haven’t played this game series since the early days of the IP back in 2007 then dust those peripherals off and try the game out again with some friends during your next hangout.

#9 Minecraft Dungeons

Platform : Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming

Release Date : May 26, 2020 

Genre : Dungeon crawler 

Minecraft is a game that you’re already familiar with. It’s a title that’s been out for years that caters to players both young and old. You can easily get lost in the adventure of building up resources during the day and fighting off baddies at the night. With that said, there is plenty of creative minds out there that spend countless hours working on new builds or even reproductions of cities, buildings to even art through the Creative mode of Minecraft. Now a new title spin-off title is available to pick up. We’re referring to Minecraft Dungeons, a title that is based around classic dungeon crawling.

Instead of placing blocks or building worlds, the development studio at Mojang is building up the game to be a dungeon crawler where your goal is to head deep within the ruins in search of loot. Players will find that the game offers procedurally generated worlds so you’ll constantly guess where to venture off into the abyss. There are some differences in this particular installment that you would find in other dungeon crawlers. This is a very easy starter experience for players new to the genre. You won’t have any class-based locks which mean that any equipment you come across is usable with every member of your party.

#8 Fuzion Frenzy

Platform : Xbox 

Release Date : November 15, 2001 

Genre : Party 

Fuzion Frenzy is an older title that launched in 2001 for the Xbox, but it’s a backward compatible title and one that should be looked into. It’s a four-player minigame title with over forty different games to play through. From having to ascend a tower and being the last players dodging obstacles that endlessly come your way or getting in giant caged balls as you knock each other off a platform, this game is just a blast to play. Thankfully, with this backward compatibility, players can enjoy this game with some slight enhancements visually along with improved framerate so you’ll still have a blast playing this game today.

#7 Borderlands 3

Platform : macOS, Stadia, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5

Release Date : PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One 13 September 2019 / Stadia 17 December 2019 

Xbox Series X/S 10 November 2020 / PlayStation 5 12 November 2020

Genre : Action role-playing, first-person shooter 

The Borderlands franchise is an iconic looter shooter. Just as with the earlier installments, you’ll find Borderlands 3 to be a bit more fun to play with others. Here players are once again battling against enemies across different environments while taking on quests and aiding those in need. However, at the heart of this game, players will still find this to be a thrilling action RPG FPS. Here players are mainly taking the role of a vault hunter who is seeking out powerful tech. Fortunately, if you’re new to the franchise then you don’t have to worry about playing the past installments to enjoy Borderlands 3. This game does feature some past characters, but Borderlands 3 is suitable for newcomers without having to play the past installments.   

#6 Call of Duty Warzone

Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : March 10, 2020 

Genre : Battle royale, first-person shooter 

Call of Duty Warzone is a great party game if you’re playing online with friends. The Battle royale franchise is still growing in popularity and with Call of Duty having a free-to-play title available in the marketplace, there’s a very active community for players to face against. In Call of Duty Warzone, players can join online in squads where you’ll drop down on a large map in search of loot and better weapons. From there, it’s a battle against other squads until eventually there is just one group remaining.

This is an intense FPS game with plenty of perks, weapons, and gear scattered around the map. Players are rewarded for exploring the different areas, but you’ll want to be extremely careful as you never know if another group is waiting inside a building or has placed down traps. Likewise, similar to other battle royale games, the map will continue to shrink down forcing players to get closer together until again only one group is left standing.

#5 Apex Legends

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One February 4, 2019 

Switch March 9, 2021 / Android, iOS 2022

Genre : Battle royale, first-person shooter 

Speaking of online battle royale games there’s always Apex Legends. This was a surprise battle royale release from Respawn Entertainment, the folks behind Titanfall. In this game, players can go in squads of three with the roster featuring hero-type characters. Each character has a hero ability which will add something to further aid players in battle, however, this is still an FPS game where players can drop down, gather better weapons and gear. To go off on a few characters, players can pick out someone like Caustic who is a tank that toys around emitting poisonous gas attacks, Horizon who can manipulate gravity, or Lifeline which adds some healing potential to your downed characters.

#4 Drawful 2

Platform : Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC 

Release Date : June 21, 2016 

Genre : Puzzle 

Drawful 2 is a standalone release sequel from The Jackbox Party Pack’s Drawful. It’s a game that again only requires the host to have a copy of the game before a code is set out that allows other players to join in on the fun. Within the game, players are given a wacky phase to draw with other players forced into guessing what the drawing is from the assortment of phases presented. Players are only rewarded points if the group selects the correct phase. Much like the other Jackbox Party Pack games, this is a very simple game to understand and a hilarious one to play with friends. With that said, because this is a drawing game, the gameplay works best if everyone can connect to the game with their smartphone which would allow an easier time to draw out an image.

#3 Fru

Platform : Xbox One 

Release Date : 13 July 2016 

Genre : Puzzle-platform 

Remember the Kinect? Developers didn’t make too much use out of that device in a way that had players all that excited about it. However, Fru is an exception to that because this is a fun little platformer. The game is played with two players where one player is using a controller to maneuver a character around the platforms while the secondary player is on the Kinect. With the secondary character’s body, they can make or take away different platforms, causing a bit of a puzzle game to figure out just how to get around the levels. This is one Kinect hidden gem that’s worth the purchase.

#2 Fall Guys

Platform : PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : PC, PS4 4 August 2020 /

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Q2/Q3 2021

Genre : Battle royale, platform 

Fall Guys is a game that took the world by storm in 2020. During the time where we were all locked indoors and just getting through the start of these quarantines, Fall Guys offered players an escape from reality. This is a wacky battle royale title where players are battling against other players in a series of minigames. From having to race through obstacle courses to competing in randomly generated teams, players are going through this game with the hopes of being the last player standing.

While this game always allowed players to join in together and grouped them in teams when possible, there is a new squad-focused mode in the works. This would allow all members of a squad to win a crown if one of the team players manages to finish the game as the last player standing. It’s still a game where each player is looking out for themselves, but at the end of the game, all you need is just one of the members of your team to win to reap the glory as well.

#1 Cake Bash

Platform : Stadia, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch 

Release Date : October 15, 2020 

Genre : Party 

Cake Bash is a fun little brawler that puts players into the role of tasty little pastries. During this game, players are given different minigames to compete in such as duking it out as they scramble to get as much candy on their bodies as possible before time runs out. With the ability to punch and use weapons against each other, players can knock the candy off of an opposing player to collect as well. Not to mention that the game will drop different hazards within the level that will again knock the different little candies you’ve managed to pick up during the round.

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