Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 2

Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 2

Sea of ​​Thieves

On January 28th, a major event landed within Sea of ​​Thieves, revolutionizing and innovating it once again, and bringing the Rare title to an impressive game content offering. In fact, about three months ago, a three-month seasonal formula was included in the pirate title, complete with a free and paid pass, both surrounded by many new activities and improvements made to attract as many players as possible to sail the lively seas.

The balance of the first season can be considered more than satisfactory for the British developers, who have been able to witness a large number of players return to driving galleons in search of fortunes in the islands and welcome many new users intrigued by the new ones mechanics put in place. After this success it was reasonable to expect continued support for this formula, changing the rewards within the Season Pass and alternating the global events to keep the interest in the completion of the new season alive.

And it is right here which Rare surprises us. From April 15, not only are new rewards introduced in Sea of ​​Thieves for the most loyal and aggressive pirates ready to redeem all cosmetics within three months, but it adds an impressive amount of activity that we honestly would not have expected. The game world is now so rich that at every start of a game you are spoiled for choice as to which mission to undertake, where you just need to raise your eyes to the sky to see that there is an event or an active raid in progress in which to put yourself. to the test.

Let's start rattling off the new additions from this type of event: the raids. The old sea wolves will be reminded of the debut of Sea of ​​Thieves, in which there was a single raid signaled by a large skull-shaped cloud that stood above the skeleton forts scattered around the map. The difficulty, now three years ago, did not lie in the fight with the waves of enemies and the final boss, but on how many other parallel fights we had to face with the other players on the server. This activity, thanks to its prestigious rewards both in terms of gold and in terms of reputations for the various companies, attracted other users to rush to the raid position, also giving life to grueling battles between pirates rather than with skeletons.

The new Raid Forte della Fortuna has certainly evoked those memories but above all those battles. The start of this activity is anticipated by the sound of an audible horn throughout the map, more clearly if you are close to the fort that will be the location, and by the formation of a skull-shaped cloud with three scars in the part. highest. Why is it worth taking part in another kind of battle of this kind after years of waves of skeletons already faced to exhaustion just to progress in reputations? For the glory, it's obvious!

This new Raid presents itself as the most difficult and longest lasting ever inserted within the Sea of ​​Thieves, made up of 18 waves of increasingly stronger opponents, captained in the final phase by the Ashen Lords, powerful bosses with an incredibly long health bar and truly devastating area attacks. During the first 15 waves you will find yourself facing the classic ranks of skeletons of shadow, gold or covered with foliage with a random spawn of mini bosses that once eliminated will leave a very important map on the ground. Thanks to the latter, we will find vital resources inside the fort to continue the fight, such as crates of ammunition, incendiary bombs, coffers of anger or barrels of gunpowder of the fortress. All this effort, however, if you are wondering, will be amply rewarded.

The Fort of Fortune is not only the most complex and arduous activity, so much so as to make the Fort of the Damned pale just to name one of those present so far, but it is undoubtedly the raid that will pay you more handsomely. The treasure hidden under the fort is truly prestigious, and includes a chest of legends and ancient black powder guaranteed to consistently level up Athena's reputation. The loot once resold can yield an average of 120,000 gold coins, making it the most profitable event at the moment on Sea of ​​Thieves.

The news certainly does not stop there. Rare has decided to give a change to the Commercial Company, the one who turned out to be the weakest and most soporific from the first days of the game's life among all the activities present, up to the point of being the most lively source of missions. In the previous season we saw the introduction of a new type of mission purchasable at each outpost that put us in search of a missing cargo of a sunken merchant ship. Starting from April 15, once the merchant's emissary flag has been raised, through a book placed next to the merchant we will be able to discover new trade routes with which to round up our pirate current account. In this report we will be able to find out which resources are in surplus in the various outposts in order to be able to buy them at an advantageous price and then resell them at the outpost where instead they are requested and where they will therefore be well paid.

Watch on YouTube. Of course, this is perhaps not the biggest addition of this second season but the introduction of a basic structure of an economic model within Sea of ​​Thieves could over time lead to major changes that are deeper and more specific. As for the merchants, it is also possible to buy in exchange for gold the crates of resources that we usually see stranded on the islands, in order to immediately have a supply of wood, fruit or ammunition before leaving for an adventure.

In addition, the emissary ledgers introduced with the Ship of Fortune update are returning this season, updating them with new rewards that can be obtained based on our loyalty to the various companies. Rare has also seen fit not to cancel the rewards of the past but to make them still available even this season to allow the pirates not to lose any cosmetics or recognition if they have not reached the necessary value.

The biggest addition is undoubtedly the Fort of Fortune raid, the most complex and difficult NPC combat that Sea of ​​Thieves has ever accepted. Most read now

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The latest news to mention that will play a very important role within Sea of ​​Thieves is the Emote Barrel, with which it will be possible to hide inside this object. It may seem like just a nice addition but veterans of the seas know what its use can entail. Initially the sleeping animation was a lethal and strategic move to hide aboard enemy ships due to the fact that it hid the gamertag of the player. With this new emote, the omen of a return to plumb every corner of our boat with the feeling of having an unwelcome and malicious guest on board returns to the foreground, making our every action even more dangerous. As if that weren't enough, this animation is easily accessible, so much so that you just need to reach level 13 of the free Season Pass.

In Sea of ​​Thieves it is now possible to sail towards 6 different raids, the Companies in the outposts offer two types of missions each, you can enjoy trading routes in search of the best income and finally fly the flag of one of the Alliances for get more and more prestigious rewards. Put on your blindfold and screw your hook tight, the seas teem with chests of gold and forts filled with loot just waiting for greedy pirates to claim and conquer them.

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