Resident Evil Village | Performance compared on PlayStation

Resident Evil Village | Performance compared on PlayStation

In addition to offering a short preview of the final version, the first Resident Evil Village demo also allows us to learn about the performances on the PlayStation console. The trial version is in fact available, at least only for now, on PS4 and PS5 but that's enough to understand if the performances declared by Capcom are actually true.

Let's start with the classic elephant in the room, that is the loading times . Resident Evil Village takes over 35 seconds to load on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, while on PlayStation 5 the custom NVMe SSD chosen by Sony reduces loading time, taking it to practically 2/3 seconds. A net result, which elects the new Sony machine as the “winner” in this respect.

As for the graphics and frame rate side, the development team has worked very well. On PlayStation 4 Standard the resolution of Resident Evil Village travels on 900p offering between 52 and 60 frames per second, while on PlayStation 4 Pro in 1080p mode the build never drops below 60 frames (different speech instead for the 4K mode which allows you to reach a maximum of 40 frames per second on average). On PlayStation 5, on the other hand, with Ray Tracing active you get just under 60fps on average but by deactivating it the title will never drop below 60.

Texture, shadows and lighting effects are more or less the same on all three platforms but PlayStation 5 manages to give its best thanks to Ray Tracing. In fact, activating it Resident Evil Village shows some details that would otherwise remain hidden. Fortunately, the video comparison was made without any kind of spoiler, so you can view it without risk.

With the performance parameters met by Capcom on PlayStation family consoles, we can't wait to find out how the game will behave on Xbox One, Series X, PC and Stadia. In the meantime, to better prepare yourself to play the Resident Evil Village demo, we invite you to browse our guide: you can reach it by simply clicking here.

While waiting for the new chapter, you can play Resident Evil Origins: find the collection for PlayStation 4 on Amazon.

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