Pokémon, Misty's cosplay from Juligeek is as lively as the original

Pokémon, Misty's cosplay from Juligeek is as lively as the original


Pokémon remains a series particularly used by cosplayers, although human characters are perhaps less charismatic than creatures, in principle, however some trainers have become part of popular culture such as the mythical Misty, here interpreted in an excellent cosplay by Juligeek.

Misty is one of the historical characters of the animated series and video games: she is the gym leader of Celestopoli, who decides to follow Ash Katchum in his adventures by entrusting the gym to his three sisters, at least in the history of the first animated series of Pokémon, set in the Kanto region. She is a trainer who specializes in water-type pokémon and quickly becomes a great friend of Ash, effectively remaining one of the most well-known faces in Pokémon's extensive lore.

Juligeek's Misty is quite faithful to the original : Although the model clearly has a more adult aspect than the character of the series, the spirit seems lively and positive girl seems to have remained intact in this reinterpretation, retaining several original characteristics.

The showy hair, as well as the clothes, are inevitable typical of Misty in her most classic version with a yellow t-shirt and short denim shorts. If you want other cosplay, we refer you to Kairi from soryu_geggy_cosplay from Kingdom Hearts 3, the A2 cosplay from Mira Ladovira from Nier: Automata, that of Zelda signed Grusha from Breath of the Wild, Lady Dimitrescu signed Yaya Han from Resident Evil Village and the Asuka cosplay by Ulichan from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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‘Pokemon GO’ Friendship Day: How To Get Lucky Trades

Pokemon GO

Credit: Niantic

It’s a curious one, this Frienship Day event in Pokemon GO. Most notably, it’s a three-hour event, which we haven’t seen since Niantic extended Community Day in response to COVID-19 and related lockdowns. And it’s something of an adjustment: those six-hour events are a lot more forgiving, and one forgets how quickly three hours can fly by.

Regardless, there are a bunch of bonuses here with the event, which you can read about here. But the central mechanic revolves around lucky trades, and that’s probably going to be the most interesting thing here for high-level players: a well-placed lucky Pokemon can save you a ton of candy and stardust. A lucky Pokemon can only be acquired through trading, and it costs half as much to level up as a regular Pokemon.

So if you’re looking for luckies, you’ll want to spend as much of the day as you can trading with your friends: the best way to go is probably going to be powerful, non-legendary Pokemon that you either want to boost up with high levels and extra moves or that you still need to evolve. And it’s going to be a little easier to trade with your friends, because the trading distance is extended to 40km.

A little anecdotal evidence on reddit suggests something just a little bit north of a 10% rate of lucky trades, which is a massive improvement over the regular rates. Personally, I’m hoping for a Noibat, because that thing takes an absolutely insane amount of walking to evolve. If you’re a big PvP player, however, you might have some different priorities here.

The event, for me, is going to be a balancing act between trading and chasing experience: 3 times the catch experience means 6 times the catch experience with a lucky egg, which is no joke, and neither is 175,000 for the collection challenge. But trading takes some time to do, also, so it’s going to be a matter of making sure I’m getting as much as I can

Sort of a strange event overall, really. It feels like it’s setup to be a recurring monthly thing to augment Community Day, but even if that’s true it’s still in the testing phase.

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