Pokémon GO: Start of the spring event 2021 soon - that's what you can expect

Pokémon GO: Start of the spring event 2021 soon - that's what you can expect

Pokémon GO

The spring event is due to be activated in Pokémon Go: It will start on April 4th at 10 a.m. You will then have until April 8, 8 p.m., to take part in the hustle and bustle of the smartphone adventure. During the event you will increasingly meet Pikachu with flower wreath, Owei, Marill, Plusle, Minun, Haspiror and Scoppel in the wilderness. With a little luck you will also meet a Shiony Scoppel. In addition, Chaneira with a wreath of flowers appears in the wilderness, while Wonneira with a wreath of flowers hatches from eggs. If you develop a chaneira with a flower wreath, Heiteira also wears this pretty spring accessory. Shiny Chansey and Wonneira are also available.

Team GO Rocket uses Crypto-Owei more frequently for the spring event in Pokémon Go. Also hatch the 2-kilometer eggs to get Owei, Eevee with wreath of flowers, Pichu with wreath of flowers, Togepi, Azurill, Haspiror, Wonneira with wreath of flowers, Mampfaxo, Geronimatz and Scoppel. Also visit the Mega Raids, because this is where Mega Schlapor appears for the first time. There are also other "Pokémon that love spring". Meanwhile, in the in-game shop you will discover items in the style of Mega Schlapor. During the event you will receive exclusive spring-like stickers from PokéStops and gifts.

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The head of Niantic gave a preview of potential AR glasses for games like Pokémon GO on his Twitter account. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1369478,1369636,1369568,1369523'; Take part in the field research projects to encounter Pokémon like Azumarill and Geronimatz. If you master the collector's challenge for this spring event, you will receive a lucky egg, mega-energy for Schlapor and EP. You also get additional bonuses. There are double hatching candies and lucky eggs that stay active for an hour. Also, eggs that are placed in an egg hatcher during the event will hatch twice as fast. So it should be worthwhile to pay a visit to the Pokémon Go game world in the next few days.

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New Pokémon Snap event could be coming to Pokémon Go

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Diligent data miners group, Pokéminers, continue their efforts to peek through Pokémon Go’s code to learn about upcoming events. Today, the group announced that they discovered that Pokémon Snap-like quests were discovered, encouraging players to take numerous snapshots of specific Pokémon.

The quests shared by Pokéminers details how players will need to seek out and take snapshots of all Pokémon types, take snapshots of one of three Pokémon, take a snapshot of a specific one, and the event itself was datamined as being called New Pokémon Snap Celebration, which is telling.

The potential Pokémon Snap event has not been confirmed by mobile game developer Niantic. But Pokéminers have a reliable history, and it would make sense for Pokémon Go to have a Pokémon Snap tie-in event, as the popular Pokémon picture-taking game’s sequel game will be releasing on April 30. Pokémon Go developers have created similar events to promote new Pokémon games, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield’s release and its expansion packs.

We don’t have an exact date when this event will drop, but it’s likely the final Pokémon Go event of April 2021, as the events calendar for the mobile game is already full. The final Pokémon Go event for April will be Friendship Day, and it might occur right at the end, sweeping into May.

We’ll learn more official details when Niantic share them in the coming weeks if this information is correct.

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