PCG quiz on Sunday # 07: 15 questions, 15 answers - how many of them do you know?

PCG quiz on Sunday # 07: 15 questions, 15 answers - how many of them do you know?

PCG quiz on Sunday # 07

Note: The N-Gage question is unfortunately incorrect, there was indeed a Call of Duty for the device. Please click "Call of Duty" if you want to get the point counted, we will adjust the quiz as the day progresses. Please excuse the mistake!

You can also guess on Easter Sunday, in the 7th edition of the PCG quizzes on Sunday. By now you probably already know what to expect: 15 questions, each with four possible answers, but always only one that is correct.

In terms of content, we do not set ourselves any limits when selecting the questions. Well, except, of course, that it's about video games, at least in the beginning. Years, curious facts, knowledge of certain series, PCs, consoles, handhelds, genres, technology, retro - potentially everything can be found here. So you have to have a broad knowledge of the game market, or at least be able to work very well according to the elimination process.

In the meantime, there have already been some participants who have told us that they actually answered all 15 questions in one of the quizzes the past could answer. But the number is still clear - are you the next to get it?

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