Outriders: "still has a lot to tell, with standalone stories and big expansions"

Outriders: still has a lot to tell, with standalone stories and big expansions


In a recent interview with Forbes, the creative director of People Can Fly talked about the future of Outriders. A future that, given the success of these hours, seems increasingly rosy. fans, therefore, have nothing to worry about: People Can Fly "still has a lot to tell." The problem is figuring out how to distribute this content, since the game doesn't have a game as a service structure. But there is a solution to this too, the team is already thinking "with standalone stories and great expansions".

Have you read our first impressions of the final version of Outriders?

Bartek Kmita , in fact, he made it clear that the future of the game will depend, however, on its success. A success that at the moment is leading to several technical problems, such as servers that were unreachable even yesterday. But it also means that many are becoming passionate about the game and making it a valuable project.

"We never said we would abandon the game. It is true that the game is not a game as a service, but if people like it, we will definitely create more things in the Outriders universe. We have so many other stories to tell and many ideas we want to experiment, but these do not fit the original game. But we will be happy to create more content in the future. that we will do, however, will be in the form of expansions of significant size with self-contained stories ".

This statement fits with what the team had said in the past, which is that Outriders is a complete game and the DLC does not based on trimmed content.

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So How Is The ‘Outriders’ Endgame Looking?


People Can Fly

Well, after a few days of solid play, I beat the Outriders campaign and all its side missions, and have been trying to get into the endgame amidst different server issues. But I have done a good amount of it, and killed enough enemies in Expeditions where I got an achievement only 0.4% of the Xbox player population has, so I guess you could say I’m further ahead than most.

As such, I wanted to talk a little bit about the endgame so far, though some aspects of this may change as time goes on, given the recent technical issues of the game, and the fact that I’m further ahead than most people so player population at my Challenge tiers is…rough.

Without getting into story spoilers, the endgame of Outriders is opened up by the grand finale, and you will get access to 14 Expeditions, with the 15th being one you have to “save up for” by running the other 14.

Expeditions are effectively longer, harder versions of the types of missions you’ve already done. They have dialogue at the beginning and end indicating a mild story component to them, but that’s not the main focus.


People Can Fly

Once you hit Expeditions, World Tiers go away completely unless you head back to story content. They are replaced with Challenge Tiers, with different Challenge Tiers dropping different level gear and spawning different level enemies. The math is a little fuzzy on this but think higher level Challenge Tiers are the only way to get higher/max gear in the game, as World Tier 15 does not appear to drop 50 level loot, unless I’m missing something. I am honestly confused about the continued purpose of World Tiers in the main story, though you can go back and farm side missions for legendaries, and increasing World Tier will up those chances, even if the gear isn’t max level. And you may have to get WT up to equip higher end gear from Expeditions, but I haven’t reached that point yet if that does indeed happen.

Expeditions are…very hard, especially on higher Challenge Tiers. You can solo them, and I did solo my first few, but they spawn more enemies than any campaign mission you’ve ever run, including multiple bosses at a time, so taking on all that solo is pretty rough and ideally, you want a team. Your goal is to run through the mission as fast as you can hitting “gold” completion times instead of silver or bronze. This done as sort of a DPS check for your current Challenge Tier, and also making sure you don’t spend too much time dead. If your whole team wipes you will have to start over, but if you chose to continue you can get a box of “pity loot” back at the start, which can still be good. I got my first legendary set gear from one of those.

Ideally, however, you will complete the entire mission, and the faster you do so, the more rewards you’ll get from a drop pod at the end, what amounts to a giant chest. It’s a ton of loot and materials, trust me.


People Can Fly

You collect drop pod resources that will be used to unlock the final 15th expedition. I know some crazy players have already gotten that far, but I haven’t looked up what’s different about that one as I’m guessing it contains story spoilers. But your drop pod resources can also be used to purchase legendaries from Tiago, which cost a ton of them, but it’s a way to somewhat focus farm for specific gear if the drops are not going your way. But I’m not sure how often his inventory changes, so by the time you save for one thing, it might be gone.

The endgame is not just about random drops and drops alone, however, it’s also about investing in your gear. In order to take on higher challenge tiers, you will probably be needing to upgrade your current gear to your max equippable level, and of course making builds that synergize with your guns and skills.

For instance, I use Grim Marrow for mob clearing due to its ash/explosive effects. But running level 40 content with it at 36, it was hampering me, so I spend a few hundred Titanium to get it up to level 40 and now things are much better. And you can also invest in specific stat increases on gear too, rather than overall level. It’s expensive, but you’re meant to actually hold on to your favorite gear and upgrade it over time. This is especially true for rare legendaries as you may just flat-out upgrade some of them all the way to 50 in the end, rather than expecting a new one to drop at fifty. In short, save all your legendaries for now unless they’re duplicates.

The main problem I am having with the Expeditions endgame right now is matchmaking. It’s an incredibly convoluted system, hampered by the game’s ongoing server problems, and the fact that I’m too far ahead of everyone. In maybe 10 Expeditions I have launched with a full team of three once. That one went great, but normally the game only gives me one other person, and then there’s a 50% chance that as we’re running a mission, it may give us a third person midway through. But obviously this affects our ability to clear quickly, since we’re on a clock.


People Can Fly

I also wish matchmaking would just launch us straight into the activity, and instead there’s a lot of dead time waiting around camp as your party leader fiddles with their modifications instead of starting up the Expedition. It’s like trying to run the Destiny strike playlist only you’re sent to the Tower and you have to have one person manually select and launch each strike from there.

So far, I’ve seen a good amount of diversity in these. They have every enemy type in the game, and a few new ones, especially bosses, even if they are just bigger versions of old bosses (Brood Mother > Brood Empress). I enjoyed one Expedition where the final boss room was a bunch of bandits having a rave, complete with pulsing techno music that plays the whole time.

In short, I think these could be fun, but the system to launch them is clunky, and if you’re expecting something wildly different from the base campaign, it really isn’t that. Just more, harder enemies and occasional objectives like “stand on the plate,” but that’s about it. We’ll see how this goes over time. For now, until servers are fixed, I’m probably going to be switching to a Technomancer story playthrough.

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