Nintendo: Tonight livestream with new Switch games

Nintendo: Tonight livestream with new Switch games


It's that time again: Nintendo has announced another live presentation! After the first "real" direct for ages in February and a Smash Bros. presentation only shortly afterwards in March, the next live stream is due today, in which new and already known games for the Nintendo Switch will be presented.

Also interesting: Nintendo announces Switch Lite in a new color - release soon!

Tonight live

It starts at 6:00 p.m. sharp (German summer time) on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. This time everything revolves around indie games for the Switch, Nintendo describes the event as an indie world presentation. The Japanese company has already broadcast several livestreams under the title "Indie World" in the past.

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Focus on indies

"In the almost 20-minute edition, Nintendo is introducing new indie games that will be released for Nintendo Switch (buy now).", says the official press release from Nintendo of Europe briefly and briefly on the content that is shown in the livestream. What exactly awaits the audience on Wednesday evening is therefore unclear in advance. One thing is certain: there are only indie games to be seen.

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Links to the live stream

The live stream is shown in different ways and in different languages. The Indie World presentation is shown in German on Twitch and YouTube, for example.

Nintendo Germany on Twitch Livestream on YouTube The presentation is then also available on demand as a normal video on YouTube. So it is not absolutely necessary to watch live to see the presentation. If you're interested in Nintendo, we also recommend our weekly podcast on Nintendo: The Nintendo Podcast!

Source: Nintendo press release

Nintendo Hits NSFW Bowser Art Depicting His Private Parts With Copyright Takedown

Nintendo fans maintain a steady stream of fanart without fail, but one creation depicting Bowser’s penis unsurprisingly caught the attention of the gaming company and was hit with a copyright takedown. The 3D model creator AkkoArcade was responsible for creating the artwork in question and shared a screenshot from an email detailing the copyright claim levied against a “Bowser Standalone Prop” asset the user had shared on their Patreon page.

The model maker shared the email and a screenshot of the Bowser prop on Twitter to show what the creation looked like and what Nintendo had done about it. Needless to say, the image in question is NSFW as is most of the user’s Twitter feed outside of that sole tweet, so you can check out the tweets there at your own discretion.

The email from Patreon’s Trust & Safety team that was centered around the Bowser prop said that some copyright claims were received by Nintendo regarding the artwork.

“We recently received a copyright claim for works you are making available on Patreon,” the email read. “Specifically, the claim comes from Nintendo of America Inc., who owns the copyrights to the content being utilized in your posts on Patreon.”

Some joked that AkkoArcade went wrong by naming the prop specifically after Bowser. The user said on Twitter they assumed the copyright claim may have been the result of some automated searches for keywords pertaining to Nintendo. They also theorized that the claim might not have come from Nintendo anyway and that it was just someone who was pretending to be Nintendo, but the creation got a copyright claim levied against it either way.

Assuming it was Nintendo who issued the copyright claim, that outcome wouldn’t be difficult to believe. Nintendo has famously been more litigious when it comes to fan-made interpretations of its characters and properties in the past, so something like this that’s explicitly named after Bowser would be an easy target. Other examples of works that received Nintendo’s attention include a takedown of an NSFW game centered around Princess Peach. Less scandalous works that got taken down include a battle royale game featuring none other than Mario himself.

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