The zombie apocalypse-proof armored suv

The zombie apocalypse-proof armored suv

It costs 385 thousand dollars, resists bullets and is a perfect ally in the event of a possible invasion

Photo credit: Jeremy Rohrs Via Facebook If you are interested in buying an absolutely armored vehicle, there is an announcement on Facebook that it will surely suit you. The vehicle in question is nicknamed Gurkha and manufactured by Terradyne Armored Vehicles in Ontario, Canada. In production since 2011, it is used by law enforcement and other government agencies around the world, including countries such as Canada, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and some US states. The Gurkha sold by Jeremy Rohrs (name of the Facebook user who opened the ad) is from 2012 and, just like the others, it was built using the chassis and mechanics of a Ford F-550 XL, powered by an engine 6.7 liter V8 turbodiesel with 400 HP.

The interior of the armored vehicle. Photo credit: Jeremy Rohrs Via Facebook The vendor assures that the Gurkha has accumulated just 4100 miles (6600 km) and has less than 220 hours of operation. The bodywork has since been updated and can now count on a new paint and a specific coating from the military sector and made by Phoenix Coatings.

It is also equipped with specific tires and custom suspension with long travel from well $ 27,500. The user did not skimp on safety equipment, installing glass no less than three inches thick, as well as a complete update of the interior, which now includes an audio system.

The Gurkha is equipped with B7 armor and according to the seller, a .308 bullet fired from 20 meters bounces, literally, without causing visible damage to the bodywork. An armored vehicle with these characteristics would be a perfect ally in all post-apocalyptic scenarios where it is necessary to "make one's way" aboard an indestructible vehicle, or almost. The bulletproof bodywork, the shatterproof glass and all the protections represent a very difficult barrier for the zombies to unhinge.

The price? The user asks for $ 385,000. It's not exactly cheap, but as we know security comes at a high price.

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