McLaren Artura commented by former McLaren chief designer

McLaren Artura commented by former McLaren chief designer

British brand McLaren recently introduced its new hybrid car, the McLaren Artura; the Woking jewel is the first to be based on the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), developed precisely to accommodate the hybrid powertrain of the newcomer.

McLaren Artura was introduced in late 2020 and brings with it itself important news for the English house; in fact, the car combines a 585 hp and 584 Nm torque heat engine with a 95 hp electric motor, generating 680 hp and 720 Nm of total torque. The coupled electric motor and battery has a total weight of 130 kg which is partially offset by the lighter frame of 46 kg compared to its sister 570s.

McLaren Artura is the only car currently produced by Woking capable of being able to travel in Full Electric mode - like the legendary P1 - albeit for only 30 km; the performance is astounding, launching this little missile from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.0 seconds and hitting 200 km / h in just 8.3 seconds, reaching up to 330 km / h.

The weight is also contained thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon reaching 1498 kg in running order, a decidedly low value taking into account the presence of batteries and electric motor; the design is also interesting and has also been commented by the former Head of Design of the house Frank Stephenson.

The latter was responsible for very important projects such as the 12C, P1, 675LT, 570s and 720s having worked in Woking from 2008 to 2017; the comment is quite clear, Stephenson is impressed by the innovative design, cohesive at 360 degrees and able to excite the viewer, emphasizing how the side profile of the Artura is the part that he absolutely prefers.

They were not all positive comments, as many fans of the brand were in fact negatively surprised by the name given to this new model which is totally different from those of the rest of the range and much less captivating; moreover Stephenson did not particularly like the black outline of the front lights and the small air intakes on the front wheel arches which, in his opinion, could be improved.

McLaren Artura is presented as an exceptional product, we do not see the time to admire it on the road!

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