Lupine III - The Woman Named Fujiko Mine and the Castle of Cagliostro in 4k blu-ray from Anime Factory

Lupine III - The Woman Named Fujiko Mine and the Castle of Cagliostro in 4k blu-ray from Anime Factory

Anticipating by a few days the official releases scheduled for June, through its official facebook page, Anime Factory announced, a few minutes ago, that the next June 17 will be available, in a new 4K UHD blu-ray edition, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and The Castle of Cagliostro or two of the most popular productions linked to the historical franchise of Lupine III.

Obviously we should wait a few more days for the details of these new home video editions but for Il Castello di Cagliostro it is a first in this format.

The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is the spin-off of the anime series consisting of 13 episodes produced by TMS Entertainment and aired for the first time in Japan on Nippon Television from April 4th to June 27th 2012.

The series is directed by Sayo Yamamoto, the first woman to direct a product from the Lupine III universe, with screenplays by Mari Okada (AnoHana). The character design and animation direction were handled by Takeshi Koike (also responsible for the trilogy consisting of the films The Tombstone of Daisuke Jigen, The Blood of Goemon and The Lie by Fujiko Mine) and, according to the director herself, they aimed to be very more faithful to the manga than other anime on the character, accentuating the gloom and sensuality of the paper stories and taking up the drawings in the typical style of Monkey Punch.

Here is the synopsis:

The series is centered especially on the character of Fujiko Mine, talking about her past. The narrative part of her with her first encounter / confrontation with Lupine III, both interested in the secret formula of a powerful drug. Fujiko will then also meet Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa, future partners of her together with Lupine, and Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

The Castle of Cagliostro

It is the second feature film dedicated to the famous thief and is remembered mainly for two reasons.

The first is because it is the directorial debut of Hayao Miyazaki, recently splendid in his eighties and recognized as the greatest masters of animation ever. The director had in fact already worked in the sector and specifically directing some episodes of the Lupine animated series.

However, he had never yet given substance to a feature film and this film marks his debut , the first piece of an unforgettable series of masterpieces. The second reason why Cagliostro has broken into the hearts of enthusiasts is for the famous and iconic presence of the legendary yellow Fiat 500.

The all-Italian car has become a real cult associated with the gang of criminals more famous people of pop culture: a trademark that stands out on gadgets, t-shirts and various memorabilia and that started its journey from this film.

About Lupine III

Lupine III is a manga focused on the homonymous character, Arsenio Lupine III, created in 1967 by the mangaka Monkey Punch and freely inspired by the character of Arsène Lupine created by Maurice Leblanc. Various anime have been drawn from the comics, both television and film transpositions, live-action feature films and merchandising inspired by the characters of the comic series and their animated version. It debuted on August 10, 1967 on the pages of Weekly Manga Action, a weekly magazine from the Futabasha publishing house.

We remind you that classic anime has recently returned to newsstands, in this dedicated article you will find all the details!

Waiting for these new editions, recovered the first historical series of Lupine III in blue-ray on Amazon!

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