Jimmy H8 Pro and H9 Pro, top of the range vacuum cleaners, but not in the price | Review

Jimmy H8 Pro and H9 Pro, top of the range vacuum cleaners, but not in the price | Review

Jimmy H8 Pro and H9 Pro

We have already tried several models of Jimmy vacuum cleaners, and among the latest arrivals are the H8 Pro and H9 Pro models. Unlike companies like Dyson which focuses everything on a few models, creating only high-end products that can allow it to remain the market benchmark, Jimmy offers a vast catalog capable of satisfying all needs and, above all, different portfolios.

All Jimmy electric brooms are characterized by a similar design, and more generally not very different from all the battery-powered models available today. A main body integrates the engine, controls, filters, battery and collector tank. The differences are in the suction power, accessories, functions and size of the tank.

Jimmy H8 Pro, the main features

H8 Pro weighs only 1.49 kg, so it is easy to handle especially when you want to use it with short accessories that force you to support all the weight with one hand, while you move it between the various surfaces. Jimmy is keen to emphasize the refinement of the design, with the handle in the upper part, a different situation compared to the main competitors, including Dyson itself. This solution allows you to always keep your wrist in a natural resting position, even if it lowers the center of gravity and increases the leverage you will have to do while moving it.

The motor has a power of 500 watts, and the suction force is equal to 160 AW. The motor is rotated ninety degrees relative to Dyson and other solutions, so the cyclonic flow is horizontal. We don't know how much this solution affects performance; according to Jimmy, it allows for a higher overall efficiency, and in any case we are facing power levels that go well beyond what is necessary, so we don't worry further. The direct competitor of H8 Pro is Dyson V10 or Roborock H6, both beaten from the point of view of suction power, at least if we consider the data of the technical specifications.

The maximum autonomy, in Eco mode and without a motorized brush, is 70 minutes. This value drops to 30 minutes at intermediate speed and to 15 minutes at maximum speed. Using the motorized brush instead, ie in the most classic situation, the values ​​at low, medium and high speed are respectively 38, 20 and 13 minutes. Once again we must remember that in most cases the Eco speed is sufficient to vacuum most floors, while you will feel the need to increase the speed if, for example, you want to clean a carpet. The maximum speed will be useful together with short accessories, so if you want to vacuum, for example, a sofa, pillows or mattresses. In any case, an undoubtedly appreciable feature is the ability to change the battery, but few will really have this need. In addition to the three modes indicated, it is also possible to leave it in "automatic" mode, which is our suggestion: if a higher suction power level is required, the electric broom will take care of selecting it.

A screen at the top indicates the suction mode and the remaining battery life. It is also used to give you indications in the event of obstructions or possible malfunctions.

The method of emptying the dirt basket, with a capacity of half a liter, is a little inconvenient. It will open easily, but you will have to rotate the vacuum cleaner ninety degrees, a situation that is not easy to do without removing the hose and brushes. The size of the basket is not record-breaking and you will have to empty it often enough, especially if you want to avoid it becoming too full; in this case you risk that the dirt compresses too much and then the force of gravity will not be enough to empty it. The cleaning of the filters is instead simple and fast.

The range of accessories is vast and includes a soft brush, a motorized head, three short lances of different shapes and sizes, a soft tube, the battery charger and a stand with charging base included.

Jimmy H9 Pro, the main features

H9 Pro is an improved version of the H8 Pro model, in practically all respects. The motor goes from 500 watts to 600 watts, and consequently the suction power, from 160 AW to 200 AW. With these data it places itself at the top of the category, ahead of the Dyson V11 or the Roborock H6, to name a couple of models. But it does not do it to the detriment of autonomy, even this parameter is high from 70 to 80 minutes maximum. As for the H8 Pro, this figure is only the one in Eco mode without motorized brushes, and more specifically, using a motorized brush, the autonomy is 15, 25 or 60 minutes, respectively at the three speeds, maximum, average and Eco. Without motorized brush these values ​​become 17, 30 and, as mentioned, 80 minutes.

The design does not change radically, and we find the motor rotated by ninety degrees compared to Dyson or other brands' solutions, and also in in this case it is possible to replace the battery to extend the autonomy. Upper handle to improve ergonomics, LED display which shows the power level, the remaining autonomy and, if necessary, error codes. There is also the ability to identify the type of surface and independently set a higher suction speed, if necessary.

It is not only more powerful, but also has more accessories than the H8 Pro, and specifically a brush specific for carpets, a battery pack and a flexible tube, with which it is possible to slip under the furniture without having to break your back.

Experience of use

Experience of use is consistent across the entire Jimmy line of vacuum cleaners. The company's intent to offer a lot at a low price pushes it to save on some aspects, first of all the construction material. The plastic used cannot be defined as being of the highest quality, and the same can be said of the assembly. In other words, we are not at the levels of Dyson or Samsung, but the quality is adequate for the savings that this brand offers.

The level and quality of suction, on the other hand, are excellent. On balance it is difficult to say how much, both H8 Pro and H9 Pro, are better or worse than double-priced vacuum cleaners. In Eco mode you will be able to clean practically any surface, and for deeper cleaning, such as on mattresses, sofas or pillows, the maximum suction mode goes far beyond what is necessary. Consequently, the autonomy is also more than adequate, and the possibility of changing the battery makes both models ready to clean more apartments without stopping.

The quantity of accessories is also more than adequate and, indeed, some of those included we will probably never use them. Also in the accessories we find the feeling of build quality and inferior materials compared to the most famous brands.

H9 Pro is practically a product for cleaning professionals, but H8 Pro is not that far off. The user experience is virtually identical if you don't need the specific accessories included with the top-of-the-range model.

Which one to buy?

Jimmy H8 Pro, available on Amazon at the price of 339 euros and on the official website for 329 euros, it is a solution suitable for anyone who wants a product with which to clean the whole house, easily. The quality of the suction and the accessories are such as to offer remarkable ergonomics, at a much lower price than competing products.

H9 Pro perhaps goes beyond what is really necessary, and it doesn't make a difference. so much the superior power, but the equipment of accessories, among which a collapsible suction hose. All at a price of 429 euros (on Amazon and on the official JimmyItalia website), which we cannot consider high compared to what it offers and above all in comparison to other models.

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