IBM will buy an Emilian company to improve business automation

IBM will buy an Emilian company to improve business automation

Agreement reached between IBM and myInvenio, a Reggio Emilia-based company that, thanks to data-driven software, identifies opportunities to automate business processes

(photo: Matthias Balk / picture alliance via Getty Images) emiliano for IBM, which reached a preliminary agreement for the acquisition of myInvenio, a Reggio Emilia-based company specialized in process mining, i.e. the optimization of business processes through automation and artificial intelligence. The data-driven software of myInvenio allows organizations to streamline internal processes, identifying the most suitable areas to be automated, such as sales, purchasing, production and accounting, possibly freeing up time for more strategic activities, and eliminating costs and inefficiencies for companies.

The functionalities offered by the Italian company allow to evaluate the automation opportunities, measuring the benefits through simulations. With historical data on process execution and desktop behavior, this technology can help determine where to apply robotic process automation bots, automated decisions and AI models to impact business. For example, applications could streamline the debt collection process, examining interactions with Erp and billing systems, or IT ticketing systems, automating the resolution of the most common assistance requests and automating their resolution.

"Through the proposed acquisition of myInvenio by Ibm, we are revolutionizing the way companies manage their processes", said Massimiliano Delsante, CEO of myInvenio: "The ability of myInvenio to automatically analyze processes and creating simulations, the 'digital twin of an organization', joins IBM's AI-based automation capabilities to better manage process execution. Together we will offer a complete transformation and automation solution to help businesses turn insights into action. "

The operation is in fact part of IBM's strategy for hybrid cloud and AI, aimed at providing companies with a portfolio of automation solutions that includes not only robotic processes, with the recent acquisition of Wdg Automation, but also document processing, workflows and decisions. All of these capabilities are integrated with IBM Cloud Pack for Business Automation and powered by Red Hat OpenShift. The acquisition will be completed at the end of June, when the closing conditions are met.

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