Health: towards the Quantum Leap

Health: towards the Quantum Leap


AI for predictive disease analysis, healthcare chatbots for new care solutions, IoT to remotely manage previously unthinkable activities: the digital healthcare solution can be a quantum leap, the great leap of quality. An excerpt from Tentacle Magazine

(photo: Unsplash) Below you will find an article extracted from Tentacle Magazine, a publication dedicated to the world of digital business communication. Edited by Giulia Busca and Rosa Serpico

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has brought about an unprecedented evolution at the political, economic and social level, undermining certainties and consolidated habits: the government authorities have been forced to overturn their agendas, placing the protection of public health as an absolute priority. In a context in which the pressure on health systems is increasing, forced to respond to various critical issues, including the aging of the population and the growing demand for more sophisticated and personalized care needs, the coronavirus has surprisingly accelerated some trends, bringing out the need to define new paths for personal care and health. If until a few months ago only timid signs were visible, without an effective and convinced adherence to new models and technologies, now this immobility of the healthcare sector seems to be wavering. Barriers and challenges that it was believed to be able to overcome over decades, have now taken on clearer and more defined profiles, becoming knots to be solved immediately: in short, the health emergency is playing an important role as a catalyst for digital transformation, where phenomena that previously were only emerging on the horizon of the healthcare landscape are now immediate and manifest.

Technological innovation currently affects numerous sectors and markets, but it is precisely in the world of healthcare that this digital transformation is integrating in an incredibly widespread way in every aspect of patient care and health management . The digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem is in fact moving along three main paths: the patient experience, with a deeper knowledge of the patient and a revolutionary structuring of the patient journey; the reconfiguration of clinical and non-clinical processes, thanks to the use of flexible and integrative technologies, and the advancement of e-Health, or the process of digitalisation of healthcare, capable of making it easier to access diagnosis and therapies and connecting care services and health professionals. Shareable and traceable knowledge, sustainable and integrative medicine, efficient health systems capable of providing personalized care: these are the main objectives envisaged by the use of digital technologies, which are revolutionizing the world of healthcare, by the organization of the value chain. to the path of patient care.

Not only new therapeutic approaches: the digital transformation translates into the innovation of booking systems and access to services, the possibility of consultations and specialist visits in the absence of proximity, in assistants virtual and health chatbots, in the spread of non-traditional care models, in robotics and artificial intelligence to support clinical decision-making processes, in the Internet of Things with a series of interoperable technologies that recognize us and communicate with us, enabling new services and relationships between healthcare professionals and users. The future of healthcare seems to be marked by growing digitalization, decisive in facing the challenges of a season pervaded by unprecedented uncertainty. Digital innovation is now recognized by many as a central engine for pursuing sustainability and growth in the healthcare sector: this is the case of the Hospital Order of San Giovanni di Dio Fatebenefratelli Province of Lombardy and Veneto which, with 11 facilities located in Northern Italy, operates for over 500 years in the hospital, psychiatric, rehabilitation and residential world. Wondering about the value of digital transformation, Fatebenefratelli Plv has decided to undertake a strategic path to face the resistances and challenges of the complex reference context.

Despite the existence of centralized marketing and communication processes, the The hospital order lacked a digital presence, support technologies and a univocal and homogeneous coordinated image: each structure had its own website, operating independently from group dynamics. To enable targeted and personalized communication, it was necessary to set up actions aimed at generating target users, which have always been managed extemporaneously and offline. Beyond the critical issues at a macro level identified in the initial stages of the project, the change undertaken to align the corporate value proposition to the needs of the various stakeholders involved has collided with a further major impediment: the coronavirus pandemic. The health emergency required a direct intervention both on the organization and on the management of the various health structures, to ensure business continuity in the absence of proximity.

With the consultancy and technological support of Digital Dictionary, Fatebenefratelli Plv has launched a process of digital innovation on various strategic fronts: from the definition of a new coordinated image to the setting of systematic actions to attract talents, raise funds and direct patients to the structures of the Order. The health team, the confreres, the collaborators and the entire crowdfunding team worked with passion and tenacity during the serious emergency, giving their fundamental contribution in achieving an incredible result: the HubSpot Impact Awards 2020 in the Grow Better category: Marketing, which allowed Digital Dictionary to enter HubSpot's Hall of Fame, the all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, communication, sales and customer service processes. In detail, a strategy based on conversational marketing was adopted to cope with the emergency, capable of establishing an active and continuous dialogue without ever losing sight of individual local communities, especially those most affected in Northern Italy. To meet the need for medical equipment and the growing demand for assistance, this multi-channel and integrated approach has made it possible to achieve surprising results in terms of Fundraising, Talent Attraction, Engagement and Reputation Management. Over 4,000 people supported the fundraising and over 2.7 million euros were donated in just two months to support the structures of the Fatebenefratelli Plv.

It is clear that we live in a historical moment in which technological evolution runs at an ever-increasing speed, with benefits that can constitute a fundamental opportunity for improvement for the world of health. Looking towards the future of healthcare represents a push to focus on patient-friendly innovation, which calls for a weighted analysis of strategies and the ability to create synergies within the entire healthcare sector. A mindset open to change, together with the right technological support and a real culture of the ecosystem, are essential elements for digital transformation to become an integral part of the healthcare world, making our health take the much desired quantum leap

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