Ferragni's revelation: a disease changes her relationship with food

Ferragni's revelation: a disease changes her relationship with food

Ferragni's revelation

Valentina Ferragni's announcement sparked panic among the almost 4 million followers of the young influencer. Her surname reveals her as the sister of one of the most important personalities in the world of digital entrepreneurship and fashion: Valentina Ferragni is, in fact, the sister of Chiara, the Italian empress of Instagram.

If growing up alongside the first influencer that even Harvard has recognized as a great success story is already a challenge in itself, fighting against the ignorance of certain haters is no exception. Valentina, who in recent years has stopped being Chiara's travel companion to become the protagonist of her own career as an influencer, has recently published a story of her on her official Instagram profile where she talks about her illness.

After careful medical examinations, she discovered what she is about and told it with a video and a lot of naturalness, the one that has always distinguished her, to her beloved fans of her. "The tests did not go well ... I have a disease in a more serious form than expected," said Valentina in a video. Chiara Ferragni's sister then published a story in which she described her illness.

Chiara and Valentina Ferragni “An insulin-related disorder, to be precise, insulin resistance, an uncommon disease . Very difficult to diagnose. A condition that affects many girls who do not know they have it ”- says Valentina. The influencer suffers from insulin resistance, a disorder that, in the most serious cases, could lead to serious problems such as type B diabetes mellitus.

Already some time ago Valentina received yet another insult on Instagram, in which she was criticized (according to the haters) for her extra kilograms. On that occasion, the young influencer could not resist and revealed her insulin problems. “Stop asking me if I'm pregnant, I'm not! I have metabolic and insulin problems (and I also love eating), so the only belly you see is due to this. "

After learning the bad news, Valentina did not let herself be discouraged and showed herself once again strong and positive time in front of his followers “My doctor was very good, he understood something very big, that no one had understood. Let's start another life! " Valentina, as she herself explained in her stories, will now have to follow a new diet to stay healthy.

What is the relationship between social networks and nutrition today?

Eating disorders they are an ongoing concern for public health. Especially among adolescents, health promotion programs should require in-depth knowledge, but young people today make extensive use of social networks to gather advice, which is not always a suitable place for this type of information. In this spasmodic research, teenagers, but not only, are significantly influenced by the stars of the web, by the Influencers. Precisely for this reason, in the coming years, the dynamics of so-called "health" communication will be very important on the part of the influencers on the reference social networks, first of all Instagram. This role of awareness of what is published is required precisely in order of importance, by the targeted demand from users and by the attractiveness of influencer marketing by companies linked to the world of well-being.

The The most followed influencers are those who transmit psychophysical well-being, have sculpted bodies, eat well, do physical activity, emanate health from every pore of their skin. Several examples that over the years have come to the attention of experts for their "high" profile and which directly concern nutrition, first of all Cristiano Ronaldo with the campaign carried out together with the well-known company of "dietetic" products.

The fact is, therefore, that the power of influencers in the world of nutrition is very strong. This awareness, however, is a double-edged weapon: let's see why together.

The danger of social networks

Behind a single Instagram account there are thousands or millions of followers, people in the flesh and bones that hang from the lips of their idols. Idols who recommend every day through stories or posts the best fit recipes, exercise to firm up the buttocks, remodeling cream, nutrition to lose weight in a few weeks etc. But are influencers really wellness professionals?

Photo credit - depositphotos .com Obviously, companies in the most varied sectors are aware of the great influence that these characters have on society, for this reason they run to grab the best from use as a means of communication to reach the largest number of people. The wellness and nutrition sector itself, perhaps first, uses this method to reach its consumers. But there's a problem ! Which one?

This is certainly not the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has always shown himself as an excellent model to follow thanks to his healthy daily habits, but other characters from the world of social media, with profiles that are decidedly more "lacking ”, They are definitely not that reliable!

The answer is very obvious and simple: on several occasions the person behind the screen, the influencer on duty, has no knowledge of the product he is advertising. Before creating an advertising campaign, companies study very well the profile of their "ambassadors" and the followers they have, to make sure they stay within the target and hit as many users as possible.

Precisely for this reason, before looking information related to nutrition or health in general, on social networks, we advise you to make a good selection. Trust and look for the profiles of real experts in the various sectors, or in any case of influencers who carry out their work with a noble ideal, not just to make a penny.

With this article we do not want to condemn influencers, who are and will be the future of our communication and our world, we want instead to make users aware of the risks there are on the net and at the same time remind influencers that today they, like a teacher or a coach, have a great responsibility towards those who it follows them, especially towards the new generations.

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