Facebook is developing a speed-dating video app

Facebook is developing a speed-dating video app

Sparked is a videochat app that in 4 minutes wants you to find your proverbial soul mate: Facebook is developing and testing it, but it is not yet known whether it will be an application in its own right or will be part of the Facebook Dating project

The logo of Sparked, the speed-dating video app developed by Facebook (photo: Sparked) Facebook, after launching its section dedicated to romantic encounters Facebook Dating, is testing a speed-dating application via video call. Sparked is the name given to the application developed by the Npe Team of the Menlo Park company.

The Sparked web page is already active, but at the time of writing the article not reachable, and according to The Verge - who first identified it, describes the application as a system for meetings "between educated people". The site explains that there will be no public profiles, no Tinder-style swipe system, no way to exchange private messages and, above all, specifies that the service will be free.

The application will work by articulating short video calls from the duration of 4 minutes. If the spark between the two subjects - hence the name of the app - then the system will allow you to make a second video appointment lasting ten minutes. After the second appointment, users can decide whether to exchange contacts and continue the courtship outside the app.

For the moment, users who try to create a profile through the application's website are entered in a waiting list which will then open the doors to the registration process. During registration, the site reminds you to maintain polite behavior with other users: to complete the creation of their profile, users must enter a description that can certify them as Kind Dater.

Users will then have to decide with which subjects to combine appointments by selecting between men, women and non-binary people. A next step will ask users if they intend to include trans people among the eligible partners.

What is still unclear and how users will actually be able to participate in their appointments, or if they will take place via the web or if in the future they will be required to download an app that is not currently available on any of the Google or Apple stores.

Sparked may also be integrated into Facebook Dating, but until Menlo Park reveals more details on the news, for now on Sparked there are only speculations.

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