Drevo Falcon Wireless RGB - Review

Drevo Falcon Wireless RGB - Review

Not all gamers decide to opt for very high-end peripherals, especially the more occasional ones. When you find yourself having to choose a new mouse, in addition to the price, there are a couple of main features to consider: the weight, the PPE of the sensor, the type of connection and the ergonomics. Depending on the type of game (FPS, MOBA, RTS, etc.) one feature is more important than another, but often fans who like to range between the various genres struggle to find a device that is well suited to different needs, especially if they don't want to spend a fortune. Drevo with the new Falcon Wireless RGB tries to please these gamers, offering a mouse with a low price able to satisfy different needs.


The packaging is minimal, inside we find in addition to the mouse, the USB-C power cable with which the mouse can be connected and recharged to the computer, a Drevo sticker and an instruction booklet containing the procedures for the first connection. It is not necessary to install specific drivers, the mouse is Plug and Play both for the 2.4G wireless mode and for the wired one. The Drevo Falcon Wireless RGB is available in black or white, we tried the first.

Aesthetics and Features

The mouse is of medium size, it is 126mm long, 63mm wide and 39mm high, therefore it is suitable both for players who prefer a claw grip, and for those who prefer the palm grip. In addition to the wheel and the conventional left and right buttons, we find two side buttons on the left side and a button on the wheel, which allows us to navigate between the sensitivity profiles that we set in the Drevo Power Console. The upper body has a perforated honeycomb texture to bring out the RGB lighting and reduce the weight of the device. The mouse wheel has a soft plastic coating to increase its grip and it is not possible to unlock the rotation. In the lower part of the device we find the housing for the USB wireless receiver, the switch to use the mouse wirelessly and the 4 feet in PFTE to ensure minimum friction between mouse and pad.

Moving on to technical details , the mouse is equipped with a 16000 DPI Pixart PAW3335 sensor with a 1000 Hz polling rate. The battery is 800 mAh and Drevo indicates that a full charge lasts approximately 8 hours with RGB lighting on, 12 hours if off. It takes about 6 hours to recharge the mouse and you just need to connect the supplied USB-C cable to your PC.

User experience


As already mentioned earlier, the profile and size of the mouse make it suitable for all grip styles. The weight, on the other hand, is very important and stands at 90g; it is perceived less by all those gamers using higher sensitivities, but anyone playing at 400 or 800 DPI may find it harder to make sweeping movements quickly. The USB-C cable is very soft and does not hinder movement, as long as it is well positioned. As for wireless connectivity during gaming, we did not find disconnections or interference, the input was always fluid and responsive.


The ergonomics of the mouse are excellent, it is comfortable even during everyday use. The only defect found is that in wireless mode after about 15/20 seconds the mouse goes into energy saving, turns off the RGB lighting and disconnects from the computer. To reconnect it is not enough to move it, but you have to press one of the keys present. Unfortunately it does not seem possible to disable this setting from the Drevo program.

Customization: Drevo Power Console

The Drevo Power Console software allows us to customize and manage all the Drevo devices connected to our computer. As for the Drevo Falcon Wireless we find 4 different customization cards. In the upper part of the screen there are information about the battery, the polling rate, the behavior of the buttons and the ability to load profiles and switch between them.

In the first tab, called "Lighting" , we find the customization of RGB effects: there are 6 preset lighting effects, whose coloring can be manually defined by the user. In the "DPI" tab we can define up to 6 levels that can be selected using the appropriate DPI button on the mouse. In the "Parameter" tab we find the most important settings of the Windows mouse such as sensitivity, wheel speed and double click. The last tab is that of the "Macros" in which they can be created and stored.


The Falcon Wireless RGB is a good mid-range mouse that allows you to play even in wireless without too many hitches. Unfortunately it is not suitable for left-handers, as the side buttons become unusable when held with the left hand. The weight could be high for those who use low DPI values, as during large movements the device is unbalanced, too light in the area near the cable and too heavy in the back, making it difficult to aim accurately, a fundamental factor in competitive FPS.

The Drevo Falcon Wireless RGB is instead excellent for all those casual gamers who do not seek high precision in large movements, or for all those users who find themselves more comfortable with medium weight mice. The wireless connection is stable, we have not encountered disconnections of any kind. The ergonomics of the mouse are excellent, the Falcon Wireless RGB is also comfortable for rather long sessions of work or play. If you are interested you can buy it on Amazon at the price (at the time of writing this review) for 55.99 euros, a figure that seems right for the characteristics offered by the product.

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