Discord, ransomware attacks don't just ask for ransom in Bitcoin

Discord, ransomware attacks don't just ask for ransom in Bitcoin


Discord, one of the platforms most used by video game enthusiasts for the organization of chats and much more, according to various rumors, should soon be acquired by Microsoft for a substantial sum of ten billion dollars. Although official confirmation is still missing at the moment, it would be the second big commercial move of this year by the Redmond giant, which has already brought the entire Zenimax group, which also includes the well-known Bethesda, under its wing.

It seems that recently a new ransomware has appeared on Discord, called "NitroRansomware" which, in a completely similar way to other similar software, deals with encrypting the files inside the infected system, requesting later a cash ransom for their release. Usually, the payment is requested in Bitcoin, so as to be less traceable, but this time the creators of this virus have thought of asking for it in another form, that is a Nitro subscription.

Discord Nitro Benefits In case not you knew, Discord Nitro allows you to get some benefits, such as having better emojis, using a personal animated avatar, two server boosts and 30% discounts on extra boosts, showing off a special badge on your profile, uploading files larger size high quality, stream high resolution video, share your screen, and enjoy Go Live streaming. The cost of the subscription is $ 99.99 per year or $ 9.99 per month.

According to colleagues at Bleeping Computer, this ransomware, after infecting the victim's PC, requires a gift code for a one-month subscription to Discord Nitro, so the transaction would also be cheap, were it not for the fact that the software could, in addition to encrypt users' files, also use the machine to perform malicious operations or steal Discord tokens. Fortunately, after some analysis, it seems that "NitroRansomware" does not actually delete the victim's files when the time allowed for sending the subscription code expires and, moreover, it is unable to hide its decryption key particularly well, allowing to recover your files at no cost.

Credit: Bleeping Computer However, given the other possible dangers, it is advisable to change the password to your Discord account and scan with an antivirus / anti malware after the infection to verify that no other malicious software has been installed without your knowledge.

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Discord loosens NSFW server ban on iOS

a close up of an oven © Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Discord has loosened its ban on accessing NSFW servers from its iPhone and iPad apps. Now, only servers focused on “explicit pornographic content” will be fully blocked from being accessed through the apps. Other NSFW servers will still be blocked by default, but users will be able to opt in to viewing them.


The changes walk back a stricter ban on NSFW content that Discord put in place last week. On April 12th, Discord said it would require server owners to mark their community as NSFW if it was “organized around NSFW themes.” Under the original plan, any server marked NSFW would have been inaccessible on iOS.

Users were frustrated with the changes, though, since it limited their ability to communicate with others and moderate servers they were in charge of. The Verge has reached out to Discord for comment.

Discord hasn’t said why the restrictions were added, but it clearly has to do with Apple. Apple has firm restrictions on nudity in the App Store, and Discord may have risked an outright ban if it didn’t block content to come into compliance.

Apple does offer a partial loophole, though, which Discord is taking advantage of: “incidental mature ‘NSFW’ content” is allowed in iOS apps, so long as it’s hidden by default. Apple requires that users opt in via a website — not the app itself — and that’s exactly how Discord has set up its system to reenable access to NSFW content.

The changes don’t solve the problem for Discord users entirely, but they could offer continued access for some concerned roleplay and art communities that were unsure if they would be able to reach their servers because of the ban.

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