Call Of Duty Warzone | a much requested feature coming soon

Call Of Duty Warzone | a much requested feature coming soon

One of the most requested features by Call of Duty Warzone PC users is certainly the support for NVIDIA DLSS. The feature, although it has been present on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War since launch, has not yet been implemented on the battle royale. Today it seems that a small official confirmation has arrived on the arrival of DLSS support in Warzone, now that a user has reported a particular detail that even reveals the release date.

Twitter user @LeonardoLeal showed on Twitter a screenshot of a promotional email from NVIDIA, which has as its title “Overwatch with Reflex available now, Warzone with DLSS coming on 22/4“. Although only the title of the email reveals that this feature is coming, we can consider it as a half confirmation. No doubt this could be a glaring mistake on the part of NVIDIA's marketing team, but we find it hard to believe for a very specific reason.

In fact, April 22 is also the starting date for Warzone and Black Season 3 Ops Cold War, detail that supports the hypothesis of the arrival of the DLSS on the title. In summary, it would seem that among the novelties of the update that will bring the third season of the titles there is also the highly anticipated support for NVIDIA DLSS. Its arrival is certainly nothing new, as Activision had talked about it before, but finding out that the release date is so close is sure to make all Warzone PC gamers happy.

@NVIDIAGeForce I received this week's GeForce newsletter from you guys with this "Warzone DLSS launch on 4/22" text in the subject, but I can't find any news about this on the website, just this text on the email. Is It real? #NVIDIAGeForce #dlss #Warzone

- Leonardo Leal (@LeonardoLeal) April 17, 2021

For the uninitiated, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a function of NVIDIA that increases in-game performance using particular rendering technologies with artificial intelligence, released with the latest cards video. We also remember that Raven Software had already revealed some of the changes that would be made to Warzone with the next updates, including a reinterpretation of the Roze “Near Dark” skin, considered by many to be pay-to-win.

Remember that you can buy Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S.

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