C-Wash, the first automatic “toothbrush” without toothpaste

C-Wash, the first automatic “toothbrush” without toothpaste


It is called "C-Wash" and is a dental cleaning device, made by the Brescia-based company Plus Biomedicals, currently in the crowdfunding campaign. Let's see how it is done and how it works. The idea behind C-Wash is quite simple: a bite is connected and vibrated by an electronic device that generates high intensity vibrations. The complexity obviously lies in the construction and shape of the splint, which must be able to adapt to the different teeth, and in the effectiveness of the vibration transfer system. The cleaning procedure is not unlike that of traditional toothbrushes with vibrating heads.

We tried C-Wash and the experience was very special. We do not hide the fact that it is not easy to evaluate a product of this type, simply because there are no similar products and the only thing we can compare it with is a normal toothbrush. The bite, equipped with many small bristles that have the purpose of reaching all parts of the teeth, is comfortable to bite into. It is made with a special polymer, clearly designed for the type of use for which it is intended, to which substances such as xylitol and menthol have also been added, the first for its antibacterial properties, the second for the sensation of freshness. After positioning the bite, simply insert the electronic device into a special hole and press a button. The vibration will begin and will be transferred to the bite to carry out the cleaning action, which will last thirty seconds.

A tooth brushing time of at least two minutes is usually recommended, even with an electric toothbrush. The reduction in cleaning time, in the case of C-Wash, is clearly linked to the fact that you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, which cannot happen with a normal toothbrush. The company talks about the possibility of using C-Wash without toothpaste and water; if it is true that it does not require toothpaste, you will not be able to use it without having a tap within reach to rinse the bite after use. After the cleaning session, with salivation, you will have to wash it with water before placing it in the special case.

After each use we tried to understand how effective the cleaning action was. It was not easy, especially since the bite we tried was a first production version, without the additives like menthol. Have you ever tried brushing your teeth without toothpaste or with a paste that isn't flavored? The feeling is almost that of not having really brushed your teeth, and we believe it is mainly a matter of habit rooted in years and years of using toothpaste. Our test was therefore to pass a fingertip over the teeth to feel the sensation, and we must say that we perceived a correct cleaning, not different from when we use the electric toothbrush.

However there is certainly a detail to be do not underestimate. The bite does not go all the way to the dentition, or so it was in our case. Clearly this situation can change for each of us.

There is also a smartphone app and the ability to connect the device to keep track of cleaning sessions. To be honest, we don't believe that an application is really useful for such a product, but we think the same for electric toothbrush apps. Not that they cannot, in general, be useful, but because the practice of dental cleaning takes place in those moments of the day when the last thing you think about is to take out your smartphone and connect it to the device. Furthermore, C-Wash is also presented as a product for those who are always in a hurry or do not want to "waste time", although perhaps it is not exactly the correct expression for an important operation such as dental hygiene. In any case, using the app and everything that comes with it is certainly a waste of time for a product of this type.


We cannot express with total certainty the effectiveness by C-Wash, considering that our benchmark was to evaluate the sensation in the mouth after use, and compare it to what we get after using the electric toothbrush. Moreover, with the use of a menthol-free bit, which makes everything more difficult. From what emerged, however, we cannot say that it is not effective, on the contrary the feeling it left us is precisely that of a correct cleaning, or at least not so different compared to the toothbrush.

However, we must note that the effectiveness will depend also by the shape of your teeth and depth. In our case we are quite certain that the bite did not reach the teeth at the back of the mouth.

It remains an interesting solution for those with mobility problems, and cannot or cannot manage cleaning with a classic toothbrush, or anyone who is always in a hurry or often finds himself in situations where using a toothbrush and toothpaste is not easy. Certainly C-Wash, both for the cleaning time and for its brushless operation, would allow cleaning in situations where it is not possible to use traditional methods.

If you are interested in this product, the found now in the Indiegogo countryside.

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