A restaurant owner from Verona was accidentally hit by Trump's sanctions

A restaurant owner from Verona was accidentally hit by Trump's sanctions

Yes, really: due to an identity exchange, Alessandro Bazzoni, owner of a restaurant in Verona, ended up on the blacklist of the US Treasury Department. But luckily everything went well

(photo: Unsplash) Alessandro Bazzoni, owner of a restaurant in Verona, has been blacklisted by the US Treasury Department for an international mess based on an identity exchange . The mistake is the result of the latest sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump before leaving the White House to the current president of the United States, Joe Biden. The absurd story was told by BBC on its website.

The sanctions that hit Bazzoni concerned a harsh crackdown on the Trump administration that began towards the end of 2019 with the aim of forcing the resignation of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro: they had been imposed on the Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to put the economy of the South American country in a tight spot, and force Chavez's heir to cede power.

Nel his last day in office last January, the Trump administration imposed new ancillary measures, indicating Alessandro Bazzoni among the targets as he was accused of being linked to a network that was trying to evade the sanctions imposed against the sector Venezuelan oil: pity that the US Treasury Department has indicated a company linked to Alessandro Bazzoni wrong, hitting the incredibly unfortunate Venetian restaurateur.

So lnly Wednesday 31 March the United States officially reversed the course, recognizing their mistake and removing from the blacklist the company Amg Sas of Alessandro Bazzoni & C., that is the legal name of the property of the Scaligero restaurant.

“They solved the problem. I shouldn't be involved anymore, ”Bazzoni told Reuters. “It was a mistake […] […] luckily it was all resolved in a couple of months”. Also because ending up in the crosshairs of a world superpower must not be a joke for a restaurateur.

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