A ransomware attack knocked out the electronic register of many schools

A ransomware attack knocked out the electronic register of many schools

The Axios company is in the crosshairs, which provides these services to about 40% of schools in Italy and has been the victim of a cyber attack since 3 April

(photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / picture alliance via Getty Images) On April 3, a cyber attack hit the servers of Axios, the software company that provides the electronic register and other services to 40% of Italian schools. A nasty surprise for teachers and students, some of whom returned to class from 7 April, even in the red zone, due to the latest government decisions. The company's latest press release promises to re-establish all services by April 8.

At first it seemed like it was just a "technical malfunction", as reported by the Axios Italia website on the morning of April 3. However, after two days of stop and checks, the company admitted that it had suffered a ransomware attack aimed at extorting money, in exchange for unlocking the services. The attack took place through malware, which led to the seizure of the platform's data and services. It is not yet known whether Axios has paid the ransom, nor how much the requested sum is. The company has made it known that no sensitive data has been lost or stolen.

While waiting to resolve the problem, Axios has provided a protocol for both opening the emergency register and compiling it. and closing. The electronic register is an essential component of class life as it replaces paper documents to record attendance and absences, question marks and assignments, early departures, assigned tasks. In addition, the report cards in electronic format and the notes of the teachers are recorded on the database.

Axios had already been hit by a similar attack exactly one year ago and, currently, it appears to be the only IT services platform for schools to have suffered these problems. The other two platforms active in Italy, ClasseViva and Classroom, are in operation.

Attacks on online educational platforms are becoming more and more frequent. Since March, those in the UK and France have also been targeted by cybercriminals.

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