What are the best Batman video games ever released?

What are the best Batman video games ever released?

One of the most famous and appreciated superheroes in the entire DC Comics universe, and the superhero landscape in general, is Batman, who bases much of his fascination on the characterization of the character and his narrative background. While waiting for the next Gotham Knights, let's see a list of the best Batman games currently on the market.

As happened for many other protagonists of films and comics belonging to the superhero genre, among which we include in particular Spiderman, the Avengers, and in general a large part of those who are part of the Marvel and DC universe, even the Dark Knight has been transported from the big screen and from comics to the screens of gamers all over the world, through a large number of your- in. However, many of these products have never managed to meet the approval of critics and audiences, and few have managed to achieve great qualitative and commercial success. So here are the best games that see Batman protagonist.

Batman Arkham saga

The Batman Arkham video game saga is currently regarded as one of the best series of works based on a comic and / or cinematic universe ever made. The guys from Rocksteady, the developers of the main trilogy of the saga, have in fact managed to create a series of products with all the trappings to be considered worthy of the Dark Knight. Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight all have an extremely dark and at times claustrophobic atmosphere (especially in the first episode), and combine an always successful and engaging plot with an intense and satisfying combat system, which is based on the so-called free-flow system, a system that goes well with a superhero video game and then taken up by many other titles (not least the two Spider-Man chapters published by Sony exclusively for PS4 and PS5). Together with the spin-off Batman Arkham Origins, the Arkham trilogy is therefore a must-have for all fans of the Batman.

Linked to the Arkham saga from the title and the narrative universe in which it is set , Batman Arkham VR is a title for virtual reality viewers that aims, and succeeds well in its intent, to resume the fantastic atmosphere of the titles of the Rocksteady trilogy and use it to give life to a compelling story seasoned with successful gameplay phases and exciting, especially when compared to other virtual reality productions.

Batman by Telltale Games

In this case, as per the Telltale tradition, we are talking about a series of smaller chapters that form the different seasons of the saga. The second season in particular is the one we will focus on, because it had the ability to give life to an extremely well characterized Joker and, in part, original and different from the usual, as well as well interpreted in the original dub. The plot of this second chapter therefore unravels around the clash between Batman and Joker, seen however for once in a different light and with narrative ideas that should not be underestimated. Consequently, this product is also recommended for all lovers of the Batman universe.

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