The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will face PTSD

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will face PTSD

The Falcon &

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, the new Disney + series dedicated to Marvel characters, stars Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, the two faithful friends of Captain America. In addition to this common friendship, Falcon and Winter Soldier have another characteristic in common: a difficult military past. A condition that brings the two superheroes closer to the condition experienced by many veterans, afflicted by PTSD, acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in Italian post traumatic stress disorder.

This particular pathology is often found in soldiers returning from forehead, where experiences and traumatics leave deep psychological scars. A condition that in the MCU was partially addressed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Sam Wilson was the head of a support group for veterans, and in Avengers: Endgame, in which it was Steve Rogers who was supporting people who were struggling. to live with the consequences of the Blip.

In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, this delicate theme will be addressed through the experiences of the two protagonists. In the first episode of the Marvel series, The New World Order, we had a first demonstration of how PTSD will play a role in the life of Sam and Bucky, seeing the latter sleeping on the floor instead of in bed, one of the many easter eggs of ' episode that refers to a dialogue contained in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

PTSD is a very delicate and deeply felt theme in American society, and in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier it will be dealt with tact, making it a central element of the personality of the two protagonists, as confirmed in an interview by Anthony Mackie, aka Falcon:

"The image we have of Sam Wilson, of the character and evolution of the one we know today as Falcon will improve even more for the public. We will have the opportunity to go into his past, delving into his background and getting to know his family. We are at a point where we want viewers to get to know these new characters, as Kevin finally killed Iron Man "

" We have to put ourselves in a position to introduce these new characters to the audience, giving them that relationship , that story that we have been building for ten years. It's always great to learn more and show new aspects of your characters ”

In addition to Mackie, Bucky Barnes' interpreter Sebastian Stan also gave his opinion on the presence of PTSD in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier:

“PTSD and the experience they shared as soldiers, as men who served, is one of the things that unites them. There is a sort of honor code between the two, even if they have different ideas and opinions, there is mutual respect. As everyone knows, PTSD is not something you can quit with. It is something you have to live with, improving the way you manage it. Obviously, it is an important part of the series, and it is an element at the root of these two characters in an extremely realistic way "

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will therefore also address the delicate theme of PTSD, making it central in the definition emotion of the two protagonists.

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