Superman & Lois - record plays, extended episodes arrive

Superman & Lois - record plays, extended episodes arrive

Superman & Lois - record plays

Superman & Lois, the new TV series starring the Man of Steel, is enjoying truly exceptional critical and public success, so much so that it has already deserved the renewal for a second season - details in our dedicated article.

But that's not all because the series would have broken. The 90-minute season premiere last February 23 would have garnered a total of 3.25 million viewers in the key 18/49 age group. This is the best result ever for The CW network which also recorded an increase of about 1.5 million views on its app and on its official website where it is possible to review the episodes (only in the United States unfortunately) the day after the broadcast.

For this reason DC, Warner Bros. and The CW have decided to make the extended cut episodes with additional scenes of varying duration available on the app and on the official website.

For the moment Superman & Lois has no Italian release date.

Superman & Lois - the synopsis

In Superman and Lois, after years of fighting monsters, alien invasions and megalomaniacs in Metropolis, Clark Kent or Superman and his wife the famous journalist Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) face one of the greatest challenges of ever being parents today in a complex and complicated world.

This challenge already exists. in itself unlikely it is still harder because Lois and Clark don't know if their sons Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin) inherited their father's incredible skills. Returning to Smallvile to look after the Kent family's affairs, Clark and Lois meet Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Clark's first sweetheart, now married to fire chief Kyle Cushing (Erik Valdez).

But adults are not the only ones to find each other, the two young Kents will in fact meet Sarah (Inde Navarrette), the rebellious daughter of Lana and Kyle. In Smallville, too, danger will pursue Superman, especially when General Samuel Lane (Dylan Walsh), Lois’s father, is calling him for help. Meanwhile in the small town a mysterious stranger (Wolé Parks) seems to know all the innermost secrets of its inhabitants.

The addition of Clark and Lois' teenage children is one of the consequences of Crisis on the Infinite Earths of the Arrowverse. In Elseworlds, the 2018 crossover, Lois became pregnant with Jonathan and later decided to leave Earth with Clark and settle in Argo City to raise their baby.

In Crisis, Superman, Lois and little Jonathan survived the destruction of Argo City and Terra-38 that fell victim to the wave of anti-matter. However, after Oliver Queen as the Ghost reboots the multiverse, all the characters have become inhabitants of Earth-Prime and, in the specific case of Lois and Clark, the two must deal with the unexpected consequence of having a second child. br>
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Tyler Hoechlin on the importance of Superman: 'He's a symbol of hope'

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Mark Daniell Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Superman & Lois.Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Superman & Lois. Photo by CTV Sci-Fi

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After more than 80 years soaring above Metropolis to keep its citizens safe, Superman is taking on his toughest task yet: Being dad to two kids and husband to the love of his life, Lois Lane.

“We’re not watching this guy discover who he is,” says Tyler Hoechlin, who dons the red cape on the CW’s Superman & Lois. “He knows who he is. He’s done that and he’s become Superman. It’s something he can do in his sleep now.”

Following previous stints playing the Man of Steel on Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, DC’sLegends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, the latest spinoff follows Clark Kent/Superman (Hoechlin) as he juggles trying to keep the world a safer place while raising two teenage sons (Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin) with his wife Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch).

“We’re seeing (Superman) struggle in a different way. It’s more about, how do you do all those things that are asked of you and dedicate time to being a good partner and a good parent?” Hoechlin, 33, says in a video call from Vancouver. “That’s something that we’ve never seen him do before and that’s exciting.”


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While past Superman adaptations have explored different facets of the character’s history, fans haven’t seen the Last Son of Krypton fully embracing his family side.

After the family decides to leave Metropolis and move to the Kent family farm in Smallville, this week’s episode finds Clark sharing some of his Kryptonian history with his sons.

“We’re a family drama that happens to have a father and husband who happens to be Superman,” the former Teen Wolf star says. “To me, this is the perfect time for a show that says, ‘Family is the most important thing.'”

But the show, which was renewed for a second season after the first episode premiered last month, won’t just be rooted in the family and its struggles. Superman is threatened by the arrival of Capt. Luthor (Wole Parks), a mysterious villain who harbours a deadly grudge against the Man of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, Lois continues to dig deeper to uncover the truth about nefarious businessman Morgan Edge, who in the comics has ties to the alien tyrant Darkseid.

“I think the fans will be excited to see where these storylines go,” says Hoechlin, who first appeared as Superman in an episode of Supergirl. “I think we’re set up for a great first season.”

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in a scene from Superman & Lois.Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in a scene from Superman & Lois. Photo by CTV Sci-Fi

After crossing over with other shows in Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse, Superman & Lois will stick to its own storylines. But, looking ahead, Hoechlin would love to see the characters interact with other DC heroes.

“It’s always fun to work on those other shows, and I have great relationships with all of them,” Hoechlin says. “But this is something completely different. These characters are now the focus of the show. So instead of popping in and not really getting time to have a backstory and let the nuances take hold, we have those moments now.”


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Along with newer storylines, Hoechlin is donning a sleeker, more streamlined suit.

“It’s kind of crazy when you put it on and look down and see that symbol on your chest,” he says. “So many people wear it, you see people with tattoos of it, and to look down there and see it on the suit is just incredibly surreal.”

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. Photo by Nino Munoz /The CW

Hoechlin knows he’s just the latest in a long line of actors to play Superman, but he doesn’t foresee a time when audiences won’t need to draw on the optimism the hero stands for.

“He’s a symbol of hope and we never run out of needing that,” Hoechlin says. “Hope isn’t a thing that we can just attain, and everyone has it and we just all move forward forever. People lose hope and you need someone who re-inspires that feeling that there can be a better tomorrow. I think now, more than ever, if we don’t see the world that way, then what’s the point? If you don’t have hope for the future, and what we can do and where we can go and how we can be better, then what are we doing?

“I think that’s a powerful message no matter what.”

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights on CTV Sci-Fi

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