Stardew Valley: Secret Notes - Tips on all puzzles

Stardew Valley: Secret Notes - Tips on all puzzles

Stardew Valley

Receive and decipher all secret notes in Stardew Valley: We offer you tips on the secret notes in the farm adventure. After the 1.3 update, this feature was already available, which is now gaining importance again in the course of the Stardew Valley update 1.5 for consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. But not only consoleos grab the rewards and useful information from the notes. In addition to the preferences of villagers, the Secret Notes also contain localities of buried treasures or small puzzles.

Stardew Valley - Unlock secret notes

We provide you with tips and all the details about all secret notes in Stardew Valley ( buy now 20,92 €). In winter you go - without a horse - in the time window from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from the farm via the bus stop to Pelikan Town. A shadow creature - Krobus - is frightened and runs towards the city. The quest "A Winter Mystery" starts. Now just follow the footsteps and you will reach a bush west of the community center. Interact with the bush and the crobus will jump out and let you do the magnifying glass. This unlocks the secret notes you get for the following:

Activity Chance of a secret note Remove weeds 0.9 percent Kill monsters (mine, forest, skull cave etc.) 3.3 percent cut down trees (per ax blow) 0.5 percent fishing 8 percent (instead of garbage) artifacts (earthworms) 11 percent Mining stones 0.75 percent Mining large tree stump, large tree trunk, meteorite or rock 5 percent Harvesting a giant crop 100 percent

Stardew Valley - Secret Notes Solved - Tips on content and puzzles

We provide you with tips on all content and puzzles in the Secret Notes. Some contain references to item preferences for villagers. Others offer little puzzles. We provide you with a solution for all 25 notes. You can call up all notes in the inventory between the products and letters.

Tips on the Secret Notes in Stardew Valley

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Secret Note 1

This is a page from Abigail's diary

'Things I love: the scent of carved pumpkins, having an amethyst under my pillow, chocolate cake, the challenge of the spicy eel and my mother's blackberry pie (I like to eat!) '

Secret Note 2

This is Sam's shopping list for the holidays

What everyone likes

Sebastian: Frozen Tear, Sashimi

Penny: Emerald, Poppyseed

Vincent: Grapes, Cranberry Candy

Mom: Crunchy Perch, Pancakes

Dad : Risotto, roasted hazelnuts

Me: cactus, maple bar, pizza

Secret note 3

This is Leah's writing

My idea of ​​a perfect meal would be Salad, goat cheese, truffle and wine. I need a poppy seed muffin for dessert. Delicious! If someone gave me that, I would be blown away.

Secret note 4

A note from Maru

Parts that I still need for my greatest invention!

* Gold Bar

* Iridium Bar

* Battery

* Diamond

* Strawberries

Secret ones Note 5

This is Penny's writing:

I want to give everyone something they love!

Mom: Parsnips, glazed sweet potatoes, NO BEER!

Jas : Fairy rose, plum pudding

Vincent: Pink cake, grapes

Mr. Mullner: Leek, fried mushrooms

Grandma Mullner: Turnip, tulip

Secret Note 6

Special orders from the Sternenfall pub

Mayor Lewis: Autumn Fullness

(Double serving of high-fiber bread as a side dish)

Marnie: Pumpkin Pie

(extra whipped cream!)

Demetrius: Bean stew

(Spicy please)

Caroline: Fish taco

(she wants three servings of sauce! Am best one add a few napkins ...)

Secret note 7

This is a page from a diary ...

... There are only a few 'older' bachelors in place and none of them are perfect! Harvey is very nervous and weak, but I know he would be a loyal and devoted husband. He likes coffee and pickled cucumbers.

Elliot is a bit dodgy and melodramatic, but he has a nice chin. He likes crab cakes and pomegranates.

Shane is messy and not very sociable. But I believe his rough appearance is a defense mechanism that he uses to hide the real self from the world. He likes beer, pizza and paprika poppers.

Secret Note 8

To Haley and Emily

Hope you both are fine! We have sent you your favorite things: Pink cake and sunflowers for Haley and gemstones and wool for Emily!

-All love, mom and dad

Secret note 9

Alex 'Diet for strength training:

* Full breakfast

* Salmon meal

(I'm slowly loving this food ... I'm really feeling the protein!)

Secret Note 10

(Unlocked after you reach level 25 in Skull Cave 2)


is waiting for you

on level 100


of the skull cave ...

Secret note 11

Secret note 11 - Old photo with Animals and two characters, which was probably snapped in front of Marnie's house. Does it show Marnie and her daughter? Source: ConcernedApe 2016 solution


Secret note 12

A n good days I found some useful things in the trash cans.

Sometimes you can find the 'dish of the day' behind the bar ... fresh, even!

For dessert, I look in the garbage can of the Mullner family.

Treasures can be found at the blacksmith's and in the museum.

Secret note 1 pm

12 noon. IN TIME. Last day of the season. Look at the bush above the playground.


At 12:00, on day 28 of any season, interact with the bush above the playground to get a plush Junimo.

Secret Note 14

I hid something behind the community center.


Run behind the community center. At the height of the roof on the wooden fence on the right you will find the stone statue Junimo. Use a pickaxe to break it down. If you have decided on the Joja market, there will be no statue here.

Secret note 15

Mermaid show: 1-5-4-2-3


As soon as the night market begins, go to the boat on the far right at the jetty. Here you can find the mermaid show. After the show is over, actuated the clams in the sequence indicated above. Here you press the leftmost switch, then the second from the right, then the far right and so on. The reward is a pearl.

Secret note 16

The picture shows a spot at the train station in the north-westernmost corner. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 Solution

As soon as you have access to the bathhouse and the train platform, go to the far northwest corner of the station and use the hoe to dig and get a treasure chest.

Secret note 17

The picture shows a place to the left of the river on the side of the Joja market. In the far north on the east bank of the river. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 Solution

Run up to the right of the river at Joja-Markt and dig in the place with the hoe to get a strange doll (green).

Secret ones Note 18

The picture shows a place in the desert south of the bus arrival to the left of the bank. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 solution

Dig at the indicated location with the pickaxe to get a strange doll (yellow).

Secret note 19

The picture shows the house Weidengasse 1, where Jodi, Kent, Sam and Vincent live. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 Solution

Stand in front of the front door of the house and then walk in the directions indicated until you reach an obstacle and stop. Then you change the direction with the next arrow and keep walking until you reach the next obstacle and so on. In the end you will reach Lewis' house, behind which a gold Lewis statue is hidden. Simply collect them with the tool button.

If you place the statue anywhere in the city, you will receive a mysterious letter with 750 gold the next morning, the statue has disappeared and a rotten plant remains. Attention: The statue can be destroyed if it is on a running route of an NPC. You repeat the process as often as you like. However, you will only receive the letter once.

Secret note 20

The picture shows another puzzle, similar to the secret note 19. It is in the middle of the market square. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 Solution

You go to the marketplace in the middle of the reddish ring. Attention: First unlock the rabbits on your farm and take a rabbit's paw with you. Now you follow the first arrow until you hit an obstacle. Then you follow the next direction arrow to the next obstacle and so on. You get to the Joja market, more precisely, the truck next to it. Interact with the truck and exchange a rabbit's paw for the special amulet. This increases your luck in finding objects in the mines, in the skull cave, in defeating enemies or digging in earthworms and so on.

Secret Note 21

A picture puzzle that you recommends a specific place at a specific time. Source: ConcernedApe 2016 Solution

Go to the southern exit of Pelikan Town towards the beach. Shake the indicated bush. Marnie and Mayor Lewis jump out of the bushes.

Secret Note 22

Greetings, "Player Name"

Did you find my 'secret' in the dark tunnel?

I'm already looking forward to you!



You get a battery and run to the bus stop on the road to the west. Here you enter the tunnel. You should have a ring of light or carry a torch. You will find a box in the middle of the tunnel on the upper wall that is missing a battery. Use it and the quest "The Mysterious Qi" starts. (By the way, you can start the quest without the note)

Secret note 23

If you start reading this ... come to Walt. Please bring Ahonsierub.


Get the maple syrup from a maple tree and go to the secret forests between 6:00 and 19:00. A talking bear appears and shares with you the knowledge about berries. Blackberries are now worth three times!

Secret Note 24

It is a page from M.Jasper's book:

The creatures, which some call "forest spirits" or "Junimos" are said to appear in abandoned buildings after they have "become seeds".

As a general rule ... when people leave and nature begins to reclaim their territory, the Junimos will no doubt

Popular wisdom has it that the Junimos display some kind of resonant affinity for gemstones placed in their little huts.

Of course, all of these claims come from dubious, unconfirmed sources .. As far as I know, even the very existence of these creatures has never been proven.


Place a gem in Junimo's hut to match their color.

Secret note 25

I "borrowed" a necklace from mom, but it is somewhere nearby lost the bathhouse ... she'll freak out if she finds herself missing.


Fish in the pool in front of the bathhouse at the train station and you get the necklace. Give the necklace to Caroline or Abigail for friendship points. With Caroline you get 50 friendship points, with Abigail even 100.

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