Amazon has cut the mustache on the app icon

Amazon has cut the mustache on the app icon

In January, Amazon introduced a new icon for the mobile application of its e-commerce, abandoning the previous one in favor of a stylized image depicting a package and a blue ribbon. It wasn't long before someone noticed a certain, strange and disturbing resemblance.

The new Amazon app icon to avoid misunderstandings

Today another restyling, introduced in all probability to clear the field from any possible doubt or misinterpretation. Already in the rollout phase on the Android and iOS stores the new version in which those that have been defined by many have been defined as something very similar to a toothbrush mustache disappear. No need to specify who belongs to (spoiler: not Chaplin's).

lmao I completely missed that amazon quietly tweaked its new icon to make it look… less like hitler Jh8UC8Yg3u

- alex hern (@alexhern) March 1, 2021

As you can see from the tweet above, there is now no more room for any misunderstanding. Below, in translated form, is the brief statement attributed to a spokesperson for the group.

Amazon is constantly experimenting with new ways to satisfy customers. We designed the new icon to arouse anticipation, enthusiasm and joy when starting their shopping experience on the phone as well as when they see their packages on their doorstep.

In the design, now the blue ribbon with an upward bent corner seems to represent the moment in which the buyer prepares to open the package ordered online and received directly at home. Everything perfect, except that once again someone has already managed to identify a similarity, fortunately of a completely different kind.

i know the new amazon app icon is supposed to represent their packages but every time i see it i just see Aang from Avatar smiling at me lololol

- flipboitamidles (DAMN%) (@flipboitamidles) February 26, 2021

Source : The verge

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