Rainbow Six Siege Shock Retreat: The scene loses another champion

Rainbow Six Siege Shock Retreat: The scene loses another champion

Rainbow Six Siege Shock Retreat

The news came in the night. With a Twitlonger Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski, IGL of Spacestation Gaming, has formalized his retirement, specifying that he will now look for other opportunities and, for quite some time, will not consider job offers (such as coaching) within the scene of R6.

Exactly as happened for the colleague Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen, also for Canadian the reasons for the withdrawal seem to be the same. In fact, it seems that the popular Canadian player no longer had the motivation to play competitively.

Fans of the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene will already be familiar with Canadian's career. We will try to summarize. The player has already competed since Year 1 (we are talking about 2016) and, over time, has achieved great milestones: from the finals of season 2 to victory at the season 3 finals of the Pro League NA, together with teammates already retired for some time like Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley.

Just a few months after that victory, Canadian managed to consolidate its presence among the great icons of Siege by winning the first, historic edition of the R6 World Championship: the Six Invitational 2017 (on PC) with the Continuum organization.

Moving on to the Evil Geniuses, Troy began a complicated period, crowned only by “half failures”. The EGs, in fact, for a long time were considered tenacious losers. Almost always in second place at all major events, in the shadow of the G2 dynasty and the Empire.

Canadian also collected second places at "minor" events, such as DreamHack Austin, the US Nationals of 2018, and then at the finals of Season 9 until the definitive break with EG: the Raleigh Major of 2019 . Immediately after moving to Spacestation Gaming, Canadian managed to take home the NA championship, presenting himself at the Six Invitational 2020 as the leader of the favorite team for the title.

Fully respecting the predictions, for the second once in his career the boy managed to lift Sledge's hammer, symbol of world primacy.

Now, as we said, a few days before the start of the season and with the player-market officially closed, the situation of the SSG is getting complicated, especially since the announcement of the retirement took place without great warning.

Do you think that the team will be able to look for a new player only during the transfer window in May. Meanwhile, he will play with analyst Luke "Luke" Slota as a replacement for Canadian.

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