Outpost 31: comics and cartoons to save the planet!

Outpost 31: comics and cartoons to save the planet!

Outpost 31

Outpost 31 is the weekly appointment conducted by Andrea Artusi dedicated to the world of the drawn image and everything that goes around it, broadcast live every Friday from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm from the IUSVE Cube Radio studios on the CulturaPopITA channel by sportsgaming.win on Twitch. Comics, cinema, TV series, video games become protagonists thanks to the contributions of the editorial staff made up of a cast of exceptional permanent collaborators including Loris Cantarelli, Andrea Voglino, Diego Cajelli and Manuel Enrico. Directed by Marco Sanavio with Aurora Simionato and a guest in the studio who this week will be Marco Monzani director of the University Master in Criminology, Investigative Psychology and Forensic Psycho-pedagogy at the Salesian University Institute of Venice IUSVE.

Outpost 31 - 26/03/2021

Professor Monzani is back by popular demand in this new episode of Outpost 31 to continue talking about crime, but this time against the environment. A theme very dear to fiction that is increasingly sensitive to the issues of respect and safeguarding the planet, especially when it is aimed at younger audiences. It landed in recent days on Rai Play on the occasion of the World Water Day "AcquaTeam - Missione Mare", a special TV in animation and live footage produced by Rai Ragazzi and Graffiti in which the "super-biologist" Marina Marysun, animated version of the expert oceanographer Mariasole Bianco known to the television audience, and her inseparable assistant, a resourceful octopus named Otty, fight to defend the treasures of the sea from the threats of pollution.

Outpost 31 - 03/26/2021 To talk about it we will have a telephone connection with the creator of the short film Federico Fiecconi together with the voice actors Marco Lui and Riccardo Mazzoli, recalling that Andrea Voglino, editor of Outpost 31, also appears among the screenwriters. From a cartoon dedicated to the environment in 'Beaver's Tail', a children's book on the same theme published in recent days by Mondadori Ragazzi, written by Daniele Mocci and illustrated by Luca Usai. Two comic book authors 'loaned' to children's publishing that we will both have connected live. And to conclude a dreamy graphic novel entitled 'Umberto' which has as its protagonist an inhabitant of Uranus, a planet that the earth exploits for its energy resources while at the same time demonizing its inhabitants. Holdenaccio's first graphic novel published by BAO Publishing, a guest who will close the episode.

Where to see Outpost 31?

To follow the episode of Outpost 31 live, just connect every Friday to Cultura POP's Twitch channel starting at 5:30 pm or retrieve an excerpt from the live broadcast on CulturaPOP's Youtube channel.

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