Image Comics will publish a graphic novel about Jim Morrison

Image Comics will publish a graphic novel about Jim Morrison

July 3 in the summer of 2021 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the tragic and untimely death of the legendary The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison. The circumstances of Morrison's death in Paris at the age of 27 have always been the subject of speculation and even conspiracy theories by fans, many of whom believe Morrison faked his death to escape the fame he had amassed. during his life. We can find all this in the graphic novel by Image Comics entitled Jim Lives: The Mystery of the Lead Singer of The Doors and the 27 Club, created by the team composed of Paolo Baron and Ernesto Carbonetti, out in the United States this summer. >
Baron and Carbonetti had already addressed a similar topic in Paul is Dead (The Italian title is Ask John. When the Beatles lost Paul) released last year, a reference to the conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney is actually dead in 1966 and the man we all know and love is an imposter. The writer of the story, Baron, describes the idea behind the graphic novel as follows: "Would you believe me if I told you that right here, in the small southern Italian village where I set the story, I met Superman jogging on the beach. ? Baron said, referring to his meeting with Superman star Henry Cavill on the beach in 2019.

“So why couldn't Jim Morrison be here too? ". Carbonetti then added: "Drawing stories like Jim's, I mean stories of rock legends, is a much more intimate experience than listening to their records. They are no longer the ones who give you emotions, but it is as if you were giving them something back “. Below you will find the trailer and the official synopsis of the comic.

In the intense colors of a foreign land, Jim Lives is the story of a man looking for his son, a correspondent for a popular American newspaper, who vanished into thin air after sending one last, enigmatic message: “Jim Morrison is not dead. He is hiding in Italy. I saw it with my own eyes ".

A fascinating new vision of the most mysterious legend in rock history who imagines what happened "When the Music's Over".

If you want to deepen the collaboration between Baron and Carbonetti, we recommend purchasing the comic. Ask John at this link.

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