Nintendo Switch: New Games in K09 + Highlights + Sale

Nintendo Switch: New Games in K09 + Highlights + Sale

Nintendo Switch

In the current week (week 09 from March 1 to 7, 2021), as always, many new games will appear for the Nintendo Switch, sometimes on cartridges in stores, and in any case for digital purchase as a download in the eShop of the hybrid console. Remakes, remasters, ports, exclusive games, indies, AAA titles and much more from a wide variety of indies, developers and publishers will find their way onto the Switch. For example, the Wii-U port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury was recently released by Nintendo itself - you can find our big test with a review video here!

Table of contents

1 New games for the Nintendo Switch in KW09 2 New demos for the Nintendo Switch in KW09 3 Highlights from the current Switch sale in KW09 Almost 40 new games are coming in the ninth Calendar week 2021 for the Nintendo Switch on the market, also new demo versions of individual titles go to the eShop. There are many exciting bargains on sale again. The new releases, a link to all the bargains in the eShop and a selection of particularly exciting deals can be found below in the article.

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New every Wednesday: The Nintendo podcast!

You can find the latest episode of our weekly podcast on Nintendo here: The Nintendo Podcast! Lukas, Johannes and Katha always speak in varying compositions on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. about current topics from the world of Nintendo and Co. and much more. The Nintendo podcast appears wherever there are podcasts, for example on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The current issue # 133 is this time - among other topics - about Pokémon Presents with the remakes of the fourth Pokémon generation and the new Pokémon adventure called Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the next livestream for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the crazy ones Hype about the Pokémon TCG. In addition, as always, we will discuss the most exciting new games for the Switch (buy now € 449.00), present interesting eShop deals and answer questions from our great community - and much more!

New games for the Nintendo Switch in week 09

3 out of 10: Season One (9.99 euros) Ace Strike (3.99 euros) A Glider's Journey (8.90 euros) America Wild Hunting (3.99 euros) Ayakashi : Romance Reborn Dawn Chapter (39.99 euros) Cave Bad (4.99 euros) Counter Recon: The First Mission (16.99 euros) Doug Hates His Job (5.79 euros) Dreming Sarah (4.99 euros) Duel ob Board (6.59 euros) Estranged: The Departure (4.99 euros) Everhood (14.99 euros) Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg (9.99 euros) Give It Up! Bouncy (9.99 euros) Gnosia (24.99 euros) GraviFire (4.99 euros) Gunslugs 2 (7.99 euros) Harvest Moon: Eine Welt (49.99 euros) Into A Dream (11.59 euros) Kill It With Fire (14.99 euros) Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Lake Motosu (20.99 euros) Mail Mole (14.99 euros) Mexican Train Dominoes Gold (4.39 euros) Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 (39. 99 euros) Multi Quiz (9.99 euros) Nena (4.12 euros) Pako Caravan (6.99 euros) Pixel Game Maker Series Puzzle Pedestrians (12.49 euros) Robotech: The Macross Saga HD Edition (8.29 euros ) Rock 'N Racing Bundle Off Road & Rally (19.99 euros) Ruinverse (14.99 euros) Sea of ​​Solitude: The Director's Cut (19.99 euros) Sir Lovelot (9.99 euros) Super Metboy! (9.99 euros) Task Force Delta - Afghanistan (9.99 euros) The True (9.50 euros) Wind Peaks (11.99 euros)

New demos for the Nintendo Switch in week 09

No new ones Demos

Highlights from the current switch sale in week 09

Bridge Constructor Portal (5.99 instead of 14.99 euros) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (19.99 instead of 39.99 euros) Moving Out (14 , 99 instead of 24.99 euros) Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas (7.49 instead of 14.99 euros) Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (29.99 instead of 39.99 euros) The Escapists: Complete Edition (3, 74 instead of 14.99 euros) The Escapists 2 (4.99 instead of 19.99 euros) V-Rally 4 (14.99 instead of 49.99 euros) Worms WMD (7.49 instead of 29.99 euros) Yoku's Island Express (4.99 euros) Yooka-Laylee (9.99 instead of 39.99 euros) Yooka-Laylee and the unreachable hiding place (11.99 instead of 29.99 euros) Here you will find an overview of all the games currently on sale from the Switch eShop!

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