J-POP Manga: 10 new titles for its first 15 years and debut on Twitch

J-POP Manga: 10 new titles for its first 15 years and debut on Twitch

J-POP Manga

J-POP Manga celebrates its first 15 years by debuting on Twitch, the new digital home of Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga. During the course of the Quinceanera Marco Schiavone, Georgia Cocchi Pontalti and Jacopo Costa Buranelli did the honors, welcoming friends and collaborators of the publishing house and surprisingly "giving" 10 new titles that will be released in 2021 including Le Rose di Versailles Extra, Mission: Yozakura Family, 86, Shadows House and the highly anticipated Korean webtoon, BJ Alex. Here are all the announcements of J-POP Manga.

86 - Eighty-Six

By Asato Asato and Motoki Yoshihara

Expected release: May

Volume numbers: 2 - ongoing

The Republic of San Magnolia is a nation united under a five-colored flag, with a solid government dedicated to maintaining the well-being of its proud citizens. For 9 years this country has been at war with its neighbor, the Giad Empire, which has advanced warfare technology consisting of a series of self-guided military droids called the Legion. In response to the threat, the Republic erects a defensive wall around its 85 districts and repels enemy attack using Juggernauts, remotely commanded by the Handlers, military strategists located in the capital's command center.

Officially the Republic obtains victories without losses but the truth is very different ... each Juggernaut is in fact driven by abandoned citizens in the 86th district: the Colorata, a minority discriminated and persecuted by the government in the hands of the Alba majority. Abandoned outside the walls and forced to fight for the defense of the Republic which does not even consider them human, Shin "The Undertaker" and his comrades in arms will have to rely on the guidance of the young Handler, Lena Milìzé, belonging to a noble lineage of the Alba. Will the two commanders be able to change the tide of the war and stop the discrimination of the San Magnolia government ?!

Shadows House

Di Somato

Expected release: April

Volumes numbers: 6 volumes - in progress

Emilico is a young and cheerful living doll, personal assistant of the noble Kate Shadow. The latter is one of the regal faceless shadows that live in a vast mansion, where living dolls, like Emilico, spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.

What dangers and dark secrets will she and Kate encounter as they become deeply involved in the inner workings of the society of shadows?

The Roses of Versailles Extra

By Riyoko Ikeda

Expected release: summer

The mythical adventure of Oscar and the other protagonists of Riyoko Ikeda's Versailles continues and is completed in this new essential box of the Lady Oscar Collection!

After concluding the 1973 supporting saga, from 1984 to 2018 the Ikeda returned on several occasions to tell new stories of the "Roses of Versailles", in a long sequence of stories that deepen and continue the events of the original series: "The Duchess in black", "The Gothic Stories ”and the“ Episodes ". Also for these splendid extras the definitive edition is finally here, with color pages, in Italy!

BJ Alex

Di Mingwa

Expected release: autumn

After Killing Stalking and Blood Bank, comes the new BL from Lezhin that has driven the world crazy! Every evening at 10pm, Dong Gyun locks himself in his room and watches a live Cam Boy show hosted by his favorite BJ (Broadcast Jokey): Alex.

Alex, wearing a mask to protect his privacy , undresses in exchange for donations by showing off her sculptural physique and much more ... causing turmoil in the heart of the shy Dong Gyun, who finds himself the victim of an inevitable crush on a boy whose face or identity he does not know. One night, Dong Gyun drinks too much at a hangout with his college colleagues, and when he wakes up, there's a handsome shirtless guy with him who looks a lot like his Alex…

Mission: Yozakura Family

By Hitsuji Gondaira

Expected release: autumn

Volume numbers: 6 volumes - in progress

The new shonen by Shueisha! Taiyo Asano is a very shy high school student and the only person he can talk to is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura, the most popular girl in the school. The relationship between the two proceeds normally until the day Taiyo discovers the truth about Mutsumi's family. The Yozakura house is in fact a family made up of the best spies in the world!

Not to mention that the head of the family, the elder brother Kyoichiro, has developed an obsessive protective instinct towards his sister and considers the boy as a threat to the safety of Mutsumi. How far will Taiyo go to save her best friend from the crazy missions her family carries out on a daily basis ?! Adrenaline-pumping action, family comedy and more - the mission begins!

Kusuriya no Hitogoroto - The Pharmacist's Monologue

By Hyuuga Natsu, Ikki Nanao and Nekokurage

Expected release: summer

Volume numbers: 7 volumes - in progress

Maomao, a girl trained by her father in the art of medicinal herbs, is kidnapped and sold as a servant in the Emperor's internal palace. Determined at all costs not to be noticed more than necessary, she hides her intelligence and her skills, but fails to deceive the chief eunuch Jinshi, who watches her unveil the "curse" behind the mysterious deaths of the newborn imperial heirs.

She is thus promoted to assistant taster of food for the emperor's noble wives, and her quiet days are destined to end…

Daisy Jealousy

By Ogeretsu Tanaka

Expected release: summer

Volume number: Single volume

A new work by the Goddess of the yaoi, Ogeretsu Tanaka (Yarichin Bitch Club, Neon Sing Amber, Escape Journey) who with his unmistakable drawing style continues to explore the facets of love, never forgetting a good dose of eroticism. Misaki, who has loved video games since childhood, aspires to be part of the Gold Games company and for this reason she enrolls in a design school.

There she meets Kaname, talented up-and-coming designer, a rival on whom she wants to prevail; the frustration generated by his difference in abilities grows in Misaki until he explodes with jealousy ... Is Kaname just making fun of Misaki or does he not perceive his true feelings?

Pornographic Pictures

By Osamu Tezuka

Expected release: summer

Volume number: Single volume

One of Osamu Tezuka's autobiographical manga, against the backdrop of Japanese society from the end of World War II to after the war.

This collection tells the story of some men from Osaka, devastated after the conflict, who resist undeterred the desperation of those disastrous days. An orphan seeking revenge, a food thief, a businessman who takes advantage of the national crisis to make money and many others. Tezuka himself becomes the protagonist of his work through the character of Osamu Takatsuka.

Yakeppachi no Maria

By Osamu Tezuka

Expected release: summer

Volume number: Single volume

Yakeno Yahachi, a lively boy known as “Yakeppachi” gives birth to a beautiful girl named Maria while in a trance; his personality of him is identical to Yakeppachi. Mary is actually Yakeppachi's "ectoplasm", a filamentous and mist-like substance that is generated by the spiritual medium during a séance, also called the "astral body". Taking the form of a doll given to her by Yakeno's father, Maria begins going to school with the boy, bringing chaos and oddities to the institute.

The two will be able to live together and overcome the tide of problems what their relationship will cause? A bizarre sex education manga created by the "God of Manga" belonging to the period of the Hero Guru Nonsense (late 60s and early 70s), in which manga authors began to break down the taboos of the time to demonstrate a once and for all that the manga could prove to be much more than just a comic for kids.

Kaori No Keishou - The Inheritance of Aroma

By Asumiko Nakamura

Expected release: summer

Number of volumes: 2 volumes

Asumiko Nakamura, as you've never seen her before! Shinobu and Takezo are half-siblings, both heirs to the prestigious financial empire of the Hiraki family. Their relationship never manages to consolidate as Shinobu, once inheriting his father's company, increasingly distances himself from Takezo.

Once adults, the two reunite thanks to Shinobu's wife, who tries to make the latter understand how much his half-brother admires him, but it will finally be Kaname, the couple's son, who will give a real change to the relationship of the two half-brothers ... a strong and forbidden story, full of twists!

One of the latest arrivals of J-Pop is Neun Tsutomu Takahashi, here is the Amazon purchase page.

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