In anticipation of Google's pro-privacy revolution of 2022, what can be done to manage cookies right now

In anticipation of Google's pro-privacy revolution of 2022, what can be done to manage cookies right now

In anticipation of Google's pro-privacy revolution of 2022

Big G already has settings that can be used to block third-party cookies and data tracking for personalized advertisements: here's how to activate and adjust them on Google Chrome and in the Google account settings

(photo: Alex Tai / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) From 2022 Google will change its rules for targeted advertising of its services, stopping data tracking and gradually eliminating the use of third-party cookies. Until then, however, users could still run into targeted advertisements that Big G will show based on the analysis of browsing data. To stem this problem and protect your privacy more, it is possible to take advantage of tools and settings already made available by Google itself.

What to do on Google Chrome

First of all, by browsing the browser of the Mountain View giant you can take advantage of the privacy and security settings that allow users to maintain greater control of their safety while browsing. By accessing these controls you can take advantage of a tool that allows you to manage cookies more easily. In this way a user can already decide to block third-party cookies during normal browsing, while browsing incognito, to block all cookies on all websites or, finally, only in some selected ones.

How to adjust the Google account

Similar tools in favor of a more restricted privacy can also be implemented in the user profile settings. Anyone with a Google account can access it from Maps, the Play Store, YouTube or directly from the tools on their device, by going to the Google account settings. Here you will easily find the item "Ads", which will allow the user to disable the monitoring of navigation data, activities on the Play Store or in other apps. By clicking on "Disable ad personalization", the user will prevent Big G from sending data to third-party customers, thus stopping personalized advertisements.

Certainly these tools will not completely solve the problem related to sharing data with Google but, while waiting for the new rules, they could prove to be a useful tool for a more careful and aware control of your privacy.

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