How the blocking of paid telephone services works

How the blocking of paid telephone services works

This was imposed by Agcom to prevent the unwitting activation of premium services in the tariff plans. Here's how the stop announced via sms works

(Photo: Pixabay) Block or unblock premium paid services with your own telephone rate plan? This is the question that some users are asking themselves, after receiving a text message from their manager. It all stems from a resolution of the Communications Authority (Agcom) which aims to guarantee the consumer the possibility of making an informed and documentable activation of all premium subscription services. With the aim of "eliminating the unconscious activation of premium services at the root", Agcom asked companies to set up a preventive block on new sims and activate it on old ones already in use. Therefore, if the user does nothing once the message is received, the announced block will remain activated on his number.

The new rules were approved in January after a public consultation and concern the services provided via sms, mms and data connection on mobile networks. There are two measures to deploy the block and user authorization. The first involves a barring (block) of the premium services on the sims, set by default on the newly issued cards, which can only be removed through a prior and express manifestation of the user's will. The sims already in circulation will instead receive the information message in circulation. Once thirty days have elapsed, the lock will be active, unless the user communicates a different will to the operator, authorizing them to unlock these additional features, in the manner indicated.

The second measure serves to reinforce the proof of acquisition of consent and to make it documentable for the activation of premium subscription services. The mobile phone number is then entered followed by a one time password (Otp) of at least five digits, which the customer must type manually, to acquire documented proof of the consent expressed.

Some additional services, however. they are excluded from the block, such as those that allow solidarity donations, access to banking, postal, mobile ticketing and televoting services. The resolution, published on February 5, requires operators to adapt within 45 days for blocking and 120 days for activation, also informing users on their web pages. Hence the round of sms in circulation in recent weeks.

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