Free energy market? All postponed to 2023

Free energy market? All postponed to 2023

The free energy market, an element that was already seen as a dogma in 2018, risks slipping further under the pressure of consumer protection associations, under the blows of the pandemic and - perhaps above all - under the blows of price picks. never got off as much as desired. Next deadline set for 2023.

Free market, doubts and delays

The numbers indicate that more than one in two Italians has already made their choice, abandoning the market for greater protection to manage their own tariff profile and the operator to rely on. To say this are the latest Arera data on retail monitoring:

The families who in December 2020 chose the free electricity market are over 56% of the national average, but with strong differences in the country: from 70% of some 38% of the northern areas of the province of South Sardinia.

Since recent months, however, it has emerged that the economic advantage for those who have switched to the free market has been anything but evident. In many cases, indeed, the choice has even turned out to be disadvantageous compared to the free market, which has raised the attention of the antitrust and cast long shadows on what should have been a project designed for the benefit of the end user.

The amendment to the Milleproroghe therefore represents in many ways a defeat, but at the same time it represents a pragmatic approach in the face of a now overt fact: if we really want to talk about a "free market", this definition must include also a substantial benefit to the consumer. Otherwise, the conditions of the "enhanced protection" market are lost and users are thrown into the arms of an oligopoly devoid of virtuous dynamics.

We will talk about it again when the urgency is no longer the pandemic, in the meantime each individual user has the possibility to choose and evaluate for himself the electricity & gas tariff profiles available to really get an objective advantage from what he professes promises itself as a “free market” made up of supply, demand and free choice.

Source: La Repubblica

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