Fortnite: Update 16.00 starts Season 6 - Patch Notes with the changes

Fortnite: Update 16.00 starts Season 6 - Patch Notes with the changes


Season 6 starts in Fortnite: The new season comes into play with the 16.00 update, which is available for download this morning after a server downtime. Epic Games will provide the first details on the patch notes via its website - and will go into the changes and innovations. "In the finale of the zero point crisis, Agent Jones and the Foundation locked the zero point in a stone tower. When the zero point was contained, a mysterious impulse shook the island that destroyed any advanced technology in its path and reshaped the island's landscape," the developers write .

The theme of Fortnite Season 6 (buy now € 14.60) is called "Primeval Times": A primeval landscape, untouched by modern technology, awaits you - so there are a number of map changes pending. In the center is The Spire, which is surrounded by a village. In the shadow of The Spire, the wilderness has prevailed in the scenes. This has created new places like Colossal Crops and Boney Burbs. On the edge of the landscape you can make out watch towers that are guarded by mysterious forces. In Season 6 you will use animal and technical parts to make weapons yourself. With it you can build, among other things, the prehistoric rifle and high-precision weapons, the revolver or powerful bows.

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Fortnite offline: Server downtime for update 16.00 - Season 6 is about to start

Fortnite offline: The servers for the Battle Royale shooter are currently down. Today the start of season 6 and the update are scheduled for 4 p.m. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Season 6 shortly before the start - fans analyze mysterious teasers

The activation of Fortnite Season 6 is imminent: The start is planned for March 16. Teasers get fans in the mood for the launch. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Teaser image for season 6 leaked

A first teaser image for the upcoming season 6 of the online shooter Fortnite has appeared. But this doesn't really reveal much. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1368654,1368643,1368616,1368463'; On the island you will discover a lot of animals - from chickens to wolves. You can choose to hunt or tame the animals. Also open the bunker chests to get powerful weapons like the rocket launcher. For the rest of the season, the developers promise additional improvements in the form of weapons and upgrades. There are, for example, new off-road tires with which you can ride off the road properly. With the start of the new season, of course, a new Battle Pass comes into play, in which you can unlock a number of items on over 100 levels.

Changes are also pending for Save the World with the Fortnite Update 16.00. As the developers announce, the Wohlwiese-Unterfangen season and the associated content in the item shop are still available until April 4th. On March 14th, the event "On the last minute" started, where you will be rewarded with additional EP, further development materials, VORTEIL-FIX or VORTEIL-PLUS. In addition, mini boss mission alarms will continue to issue tickets. On March 21, the heroine Lucky Clover Wildcat and the simulation banner Double Trouble will return. The Highland Warrior Wildcat will be available from March 28th.

'Fortnite': Find Golden Artifacts Near the Spire Locations for Week 1 Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 begins today, so the latest round of Weekly Challenges has arrived a little early. In this guide, we reveal all three locations you can use to find three Golden Artifacts near the Spire. Want to know where to go to get those new tiers easily and fast? Then you've come to the right place.

Fortnite Golden Artifact near the Spire locations

Before getting to the locations of the Artifacts themselves, it's worth getting acquainted with where the Spire is. The Spire is a new addition to the Season 6 map that essentially takes the place of the Authority or center island in previous seasons.

Golden Artifact location 1: Start by landing at the tiny yellow square in the bottom-right corner of the Spire structure on the minimap. You'll come to a tower that looks like this.

'Fortnite' Week 1 Challenges send players on a search for Golden Artifacts. Your quest starts by going up this staircase in the southeast corner. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Epic Games

Go up the stairs, take a left and then a right. You'll see a little tent with a light coming from it. Under the tent is this llama statue that you can collect.

This is what the first Golden Artifact looks like. Epic Games

This is what your map should look like when you get here.

It's located in the northeast corner of the Spire. Epic Games

Golden Artifact location 2: The next Golden Artifact is located here on the updated Battle Royale map.

This the location of the second artifact. On the minimap, it's very close to the first. Epic Games

To get there, backtrack the way you came in and go up the staircase. Enter the door you see on the right after going up a single flight. Straight ahead you'll see another glowing spot with a Meowscles Artifact.

This is what the second artifact location looks like. Epic Games

Golden Artifact location 3: The third and final Golden Artifact is located here on the map.

The third Artifact pushes you closer to the center of the structure. Epic Games

To reach that location, go out the door you just entered and go up the staircase in front of you. Once you get there, take the other, smaller staircase to your left and you'll come to a door and window with Y-shaped symbols on them. Pass through that door, go past the staircase and through the entryway straight ahead. You'll see another staircase on your left. Go up it.

This is what the third Artifact location looks like. Epic Games

Immediately to your left, at the top of that staircase, is an entryway that may be boarded up. Whack through the wood with your Pickaxe, and you'll find a Chest and the third Golden Artifact here. It's another llama head statue. All you need to do is collect the Artifacts at these three locations, and the free XP is yours.

Fortnite Week 1 Challenges

Finding Golden Artifacts near the Spire accounts for just one of the challenges going live in Fortnite to kick off Season 6. For the most part, this week's tasks ask players to get used to the game's new wildlife and crafting mechanics. Here's the full list of objectives for those who've yet to see it:

  • Hunt Wildlife
  • Craft Primal weapons using bones and makeshift weapons
  • Craft a hunter's cloak
  • Talk to characters
  • Collect mechanical parts from vehicles, trailers, buses, or tractors
  • Craft mechanical weapons using mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon
  • Find golden artifacts near The Spire
  • Fortnite is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

    Were you able to find all three Golden Artifacts using this guide? What are your thoughts on Fortnite Season 6 so far? Tell us in the comments section!

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